38 "Bless me, and make me a Blessing."

And then in the deepening twilight
I seemed to be clasping a Hand,
And to feel a great love constraining me
Stronger than any command.

Then I knew by the thrill of sweetness
"Twas the Hand of the Blessed One,
Which would tenderly guide and hold me
Till all the labour is done.

So my thoughts are never more gloomy,
My faith no longer is dim;

But my heart is strong and restful,
And my eyes are unto Him.


My Father! many, many prayers

My heart has breathed to Thee;
But this, when other words were weak,
Has sought Thee constantly;
Whate'er Thou shalt deny, oh give

Thy blessing unto me.

Bless me, and make me a Blessing."

I ask Thee not that fame or power
May make me high or great;
Nor e'en that other joys than these
Around my path may wait,
Nor any earthly sphere or boon,
My spirit may elate.

No, Father, no; I turn from all,
And only ask Thee now,
That Thy rich blessing ever be
Around me as a bow,

Thy precious peace within my heart,
Thy light upon my brow.

Seal me as Thine, and own me Lord,

Wherever I may go;

Let all who know and love me here,

More of my Father know:

And grant that naught but love from mine
To other hearts may flow.

Make me a blessing; Thou canst light

The eye with heavenly fire;

And Thou this lisping tongue of mine,

With life-like words inspire;




"In whom all Fulness Dwells."

Oh! bless my mission every-where,
Grant me my heart's desire!

Oh! that some spirit to Thy love
May through my prayers awake,
Some drooping sufferer cheerfully
The sacred pathway take;

Make me a blessing, God of Love!
Bless me for Jesus' sake.


THE love of Jesus toucheth

This careless heart of mine;

A light of purest radiance

Within its depths doth shine!

I cannot tell how lonely

And desolate it seems,

When some dark earth-cloud passing
Shuts out the heavenly beams.

Yet deep, and ever deeper

Doth this love of Jesus grow,

That at times it almost seemeth

My cup doth overflow.

"In whom all Fulness Dwells."

The blood of Jesus cleanseth

My heart from every sin,
A fountain freely flowing,
To make me pure within.
Sometimes the Tempter whispers,
Can such be saved as I?
Hath He indeed redeemed me,
And heard my feeble cry?
But I cling to Him the closer,
And brokenly I plead
His own Almighty mercy,
And my exceeding need.

The joy of Jesus filleth

My heart with gladness true;
It makes me calm in trouble,-
Yes, and thankful for it, too.
And though at times the pleasures
Of this poor earth awhile,
Seem to hide the heavenly radiance,
And the beauty of His smile;
Yet I thank Him for the comfort

That in the thought doth lie:



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"In whom all Fulness Dwells."

Though earth's joys may charm a moment,
Yet they never satisfy.

The strength of Jesus crowneth

Me daily for the fight;

It clothes me in the battle,

And keeps my armour bright;
And yet sometimes in weakness,
In an unguarded hour,
The Tempter takes advantage,
And I fall beneath his power;
But when in Jesus trusting,

His strength my mighty shield,

I always am victorious,
A conquerer in the field.

The peace of Jesus floweth

On like some calm, deep river,

Which in its heaven-ward progress

Still floweth on for ever.

And though rough storms may threaten,

And the night-winds darkly roar,

Yet with purpose true it tendeth

To the far-off crystal shore.

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