Commit thy way unto the Lord.

Often since, as I have pondered

O'er the old man's quaint conceit,
I have thought how very many

Of the busy throng we meet,

All their time and all their labour
On ambition's schemes bestowed
After all, like him, are only

Breaking stones upon the road!


COMMIT thy way unto the Lord,

Trust in His gracious Power,

And He will help and strength afford

For every needful hour.

He'll succour thee in deep distress,

And guide thee through the wilderness.

What though the furnace heated be?
He'll bid the flames retire,

And brighter will the gold become
That's purified by fire;



Commit thy way unto the Lord.

"Till God's dear image, all Divine,
Reflected in thy heart shall shine.

Distrust Him not, nor doubt His plan,
His purpose all complete ;

And bring thy burden and thy care
And lay them at His feet,

And He will prove, e'en to the end,
Thy faithful Counsellor and Friend.

And brighter still thy path shall shine,
More glorious thy way;

He'll lead thee through the darksome night
Unto the perfect day.

Thy cross and burden then laid down,

Thou shalt receive the promised crown;

And there upon those golden shores
The song of triumph sing,
The blessed song of praise to God,
And Jesus Christ our King.

Thy tears all shed, thy trials o'er,
In Jesus' arms for evermore.

Muscatine, Iowa.





I KNOW not if the dark or bright
Shall be my lot;

If that wherein my hopes delight
Be best or not.

It may be mine to drag for years
Toil's heavy chain;

Or day and night my meat be tears
On bed of pain.

Dear faces may surround my hearth
With smiles and glee;

Or I may dwell alone, and mirth
Be strange to me.

My bark is wafted to the strand
By breath Divine ;

And on the helm there rests a hand

Other than mine.

[blocks in formation]

One who has known in storms to sail
I have on board;

Above the raging of the gale

I hear my Lord.

He holds me when the billows smite;
I shall not fall;

If sharp, 'tis short, if long, 'tis light,—
He tempers all.

Safe to the land-safe to the land!

The end is this;

And then with Him go hand in hand

Far into bliss!



(From the French of Th. Monod: "Sur toi je me repose.")

ON Thee my heart is resting:

Ah! this is rest indeed!
What else, Almighty Saviour,
Can a poor sinner need?
Thy light is all my wisdom,

Thy love is all my stay ;


Our Father's home in glory
Draws nearer every day.

On Thee my heart is resting;
Ah! this is rest indeed!
What else, almighty Saviour,
Can a poor sinner need?

Great is my guilt, but greater
The mercy Thou dost give;
Thyself, a spotless offering,

Hast died that I should live.
With Thee my soul unfettered
Has risen from the dust;
Thy blood is all my treasure;
Thy word is all my trust.

Through me, Thou gentle Master,
Thy purposes fulfil:

I yield myself for ever

To Thy most holy will.

What though I be but weakness?
My strength is not in me;

The poorest of Thy people
Has all things, having Thee.


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