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Nor those alone whom Jesus bids,
"Go work for Me to-day;

Go point lost sinners to My cross,
And tell them I'm the Way;"
Oh! not alone these chosen few

The victor's palm shall bear,
The gold-paved streets with rapture tread,
And crowns of glory wear!

"Tis not alone when days are bright,
And happiness complete,

When heaven seems bending low to bless,

And life is full and sweet;

Not then alone the loving Lord

His heavenly blessings sheds;
Not then alone the oil and wine
Are poured upon our heads.

The cheerful givers are not all
Among the rich of earth;

Jesus Knows.

The Master reckons not our gifts

By their intrinsic worth.

"Give Me thy heart!" oh! gracious word,

That I, too, may obey!

And glad I come, and at Thy feet,

My life, my all, I lay :

Content if Thou alone, my Lord,
My life of love shalt see;
A life that finds its sweetest joy
In trusting all to Thee;

A life whose secret springs are hid
In Thee, in Thee alone,

"For the footstool of humility,

Sits close beside the throne."

Others may gird their sandals on,
Christ's heralds to become,
To tell the tale of wondrous love,
And lead lost sinners home:
But though He call me not to toil
Where any eye may see,

He noteth still the sparrow's fall,
And He remembers me.



Breaking Stones upon the Road.

Then, dear Lord Christ, take Thou my hand,

For Thou art still the Way.
My eye of faith on Thee I fix,
And will not let it stray.

And if Thou bid'st me go or stay,
If friends be mine, or foes,

My humbled heart I'll lift to Thee,

And whisper, Jesus knows.

L. G. R.


NEAR a path where stood embowered

Many a sumptuous abode,

Sat an old man, with a hammer
Breaking stones upon the road.

Curiously I oft had noted

How absorbed he seemed to be,
Heeding not life's busy pageant

Passing round him constantly.

Breaking Stones upon the Road. "Your's must be an irksome business,

Void of interest, poorly paidBreaking stones from morn to even ”Once, inquiringly I said.

And his toil he did not slacken,
Move his head or raise his eye,
Keeping time with voice and hammer
As he briefly made reply;

"What you say about my calling
Would undoubtedly be true,

If my wants were great or many:
But my wants, thank God, are few.

"To my mind, men do not differ Very greatly, after all,

And 'tis little more than fancy

Makes us think one great or small.

"To one end we all are toiling, Varying only in the mode,

Making smooth the path before us

Breaking stones upon the road!



Breaking Stones upon the Road.

"All our boasted men of science,
Learned and wise as they may be,
Are, upon the road to knowledge,
Only breaking stones like me.

"Are not men whose earnest preaching
Eases life of half its load-
Making plain the way to heaven—
Breaking stones upon the road?

"Skilled inventors, great explorers,
All our merchants-are not they,
For the brotherhood of nations,
Breaking stones upon the way?


No; men do not greatly differ,
High or low as they may be;
All are, on life's various pathways,
Only breaking stones like me."

This was all the old man uttered,
And, as I'd no more to say,
For the lesson he had taught me

Thanking him, I went away.

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