Ghosties And Ghoulies And Long-legged Beasties And Things That Go Bump In The Night: Christian Basics For The Twenty-first Century

iUniverse, 2004 - 208 pagina's
In matters of faith we generally accept what parents, Sunday school teachers, friends or ministers tell us. That was certainly the story of my youth and early years in the ministry. Given the fact that such matters are non-scientific and un-testable by traditional scientific means and that there is a wide range of Christian beliefs, it is perfectly understandable that people are either puzzled or uninterested when trying to make sense of it all.

Ghosties & Ghoulies peels away the extraneous ideological debris that encumbers so much Christian thought in order to more clearly reveal the historic God-man Mystery. Undoubtedly some will find a few of their taken-for-granted Christian views challenged. We all need to pull up our theological ideas by the roots from time to time and rethink them. Much of our contemporary Christian beliefs are hand-me-downs from medieval lore and superstition.

A Christological thread seeks to tie Ghosties & Ghoulies together. Minimally I hope my thoughts and observations will make one's study of Christianity easier.


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