The Sandmann's Journal, Volume 5

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The Sandmann's Journal Volume 5 is another part of this seven-book series. Unlike all the previous publications under this title, this edition talks about our differences of ideas concerning subjects like misandry, social justice, gender disparities, and bigotry in today's mainstream society. We live in a time when social media has created a platform for the court of public opinion. Our educational faculties assert themselves above the cultural norm, tradition, religious belief, national background, social status, or even law enforcement and the judicial system. In this volume, I ramped up my observation of particular behaviors that the government, mainstream media, major corporations as well as the entertainment industry have supported while using social media and other spotlights to force feed to the public. Like the other volumes from this series, this book places a high focus on the psychological frictions encompassing gender arguments. I identified the "Me Too Movement" as the sixth and most radical wave of feminism to date, that has set its center on the dick shaming of heterosexual males. I also call out the double standard riddled suggestion that although the media has declared that all women are potential victims of sexual abuse, they are also praised as equal in independence You will grasp the beauty of this book in its nearly prophetic tone. Taken from my blog posts in 2017 where I deciphered many of the circumstances which have become fever pitched debates in 2016. You will find one of such examples in the chapter about the dick shaming of Bill O'Reilly of whom I was never a fan. Despite that, I used his case to identify the new pattern. The government, law enforcement, major corporations, mainstream media, entertainment, and educational industries appear to use the court of public opinion and social media to throw heterosexual males under the sexual allegation bus of dick shaming. Yes, Volume 5 is a radical feminist's nightmare. It pushes various corners in every misguided position that the government, major corporations, mainstream media, and the educational faculties now apply to substitute the world's patriarchal conformity with that of a matriarchal totality. Therefore you will see subjects concerning the disregarded captions of men's rights. I outline, philosophically, the conscious effort to block the resistance against new ameliorations that infringe on the freedom of speech, freedom of information and the right for individuals to gather and discuss how to approach this global domination of socio-political pedigree. And finally, The Sandmann's Journal Volume 5 touches on some trending concerns in the Kulture. You will read about why Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Kanye West and Chance the Rapper are potential G. O. A. T. emcees of this generation and why Rick Ross should also fall in that category. There is a discussion on the social engineering against nobility in Hip Hop and an in-depth look at how police brutality instills fear in the psyche, how the NFL clapped back at Collin Kaepernick's supporters and the image of icons as potential rapists or perpetrators of other felonious crimes. The question is why are celebrities disgraced as an addict or sex offender/ The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 5 takes in the contexts that the mainstream media does not speak on. It starts with a highlight on the West Indian island of Grenada with some realities of the Rastafarian movement. Then it swerves into the affixes of today's Hip Hop Kulture. Here you will find inquiries like how I became a Mobb Deep fan. The hardcover and eBook breaks down the topic of locker room conversations and the increasing number of young men who evade marriage today. The Journal burns into social and political concerns like the growth of feminism in Africa and the growing number of sexually restrained men who the mainstream media seems to ignore. You will find my twisted arguments after reading the Masoretic Text and the Septuagint a

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