Secret of: Prevailing in Prayer

AuthorHouse, 2005 - 148 pagina's

(one company, one civilization)

. . . is a peculiar account about China framed in the fickle business adventures of an expatriate general manager of the Beijing subsidiary of the world's largest grain company but set in the unchanging mind and psyche of the Chinese nation. In this first-of-its-kind, history-parsing look into the Chinese civilization, Chineseness is decrypted; answers are given to questions like: What makes China China? What is the essence of the Chinese? What is the force that holds the Chinese civilization together? and the whole complex Chinese past and present are linked together in a singular and piercing story.


An ambitious American executive of the world's largest grain company hurriedly entered China to turn around a foundering subsidiary in Beijing. No sooner had he pitched himself into the troubled operation than he discovered that it was not so much hampered by business problems as inscrutable cultural and moral perplexities before which his managerial know-how and previously-acquired knowledge of China seemingly turned irrelevant. He struggled, kept being baffled and agitated by the people and happenings in his microcosmic company, asked questions, and picked up whatever threads of understanding that came his way. These eventually gathered together as if someone knew he would have to tell this story later and began to weave into an ever-more complete image that at last evinced, to his awe, the essence of the Chinese, and that which explicated the vicissitudes of the tumultuous but somehow indestructible Chinese civilization.

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