The Works of Samuel Richardson


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Pagina 361 - His poppy grows among the corn. The halcyon sleep will never build his nest In any stormy breast. 'Tis not enough that he does find Clouds and darkness in the mind ; Darkness but half his work will do : 'Tis not enough ; he must find quiet too.
Pagina 319 - And the pacifying of her, and endeavouring to reconcile the lady to her, took up till near one o'clock. And thus, between terror, and the late hour, and what followed, she was diverted from the thoughts of getting out of the house to Mrs. Leeson's, or any where else. LETTER XII MR. LOVELACE, TO JOHN BELFORD, ESQ. Tuesday Morning, June 13. AND now, Belford, I can go no farther. The affair is over. Clarissa lives.
Pagina 333 - I forget which — but a bear, or a tiger, I believe it was. It was made her a present of when a whelp. She fed it with her own hand : she nursed up the wicked cub with great tenderness; and would play with it without fear or apprehension of danger: and it was obedient to all her commands: and its...
Pagina 334 - But mind what followed: at last, somehow, neglecting to satisfy its hungry maw, or having otherwise disobliged it on some occasion, it resumed its nature ; and on a sudden fell upon her, and tore her in pieces. And who was most to blame, I pray ? The brute, or the lady ? The lady, surely ! For what she did was out of nature, out of character, at least: what it did was in its own nature.
Pagina 338 - Sir, if possible, Lead me where my own thoughts themselves may lose me, Where I may doze out what I've left of life, Forget myself and this day's guilt and falsehood. Cruel remembrance, how shall I appease thee ! [Exit guarded.
Pagina 314 - ... vows, and poured forth new ones. At last, with a heart-breaking sob, I see, I see, Mr. Lovelace, in broken sentences she spoke — I see, I see — that at last — at last — I am ruined ! — Ruined, if your pity — let me implore your pity! — and down on her bosom, like a half-broken stalked lily top heavy with the over-charging dews of the morning, sunk her head, with a sigh that went to my heart.
Pagina 311 - I'll teach the dear, charming creature to emulate me in contrivance; I'll teach her to weave webs and plots against her conqueror ! I'll show her, that in her smuggling schemes she is but a spider compared to me, and that she has all this time been spinning only a cobweb.

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