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Dramatists Play Service, Inc., 1987 - 32 pages
"Things at Cabrini Catholic Academy, a private boys high school, are as stifling as usual until Sister Beatrice asks the bookish Vincent (a problem student because of boredom) to tutor his Adonis-like classmate, Rob (a problem student because, unfortunately, he is on the dumb side). As it happens, Vincent leads a rich fantasy life (that is explored in hilarious asides) and also has a homosexual crush on the dazzling Rob. The good Sister's assignment proves to be both tantalizing and, in the end, a sobering lesson in life, as the enthralled Vincent attempts to reveal the arcane mysteries of poetry and philosophy to the doltish Rob, while subtly sounding him out on other possibilities. But, in a series of deftly comic scenes, Vincent becomes well aware that discretion is indeed the better part of valor--particularly when the object of your sublimated passion can think of nothing but sports, girls and getting through school without cracking a book."--

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