ral letters of his name, and makes them shine in glo. ry. Wherein lies the glory of God's wisdom, power, mercy, &c.? Why? it is in this, that his infinite wil. dom is holy wisdom, this infinite power is holy power, &c. It is observed, that above thirty times in scripture God is called The holy One. And when the angels would pick out an attribute to glorify God most by, it is that of his holiness, Jl. vi. 3.

2. Because it is the manifesting of his holiness, in the communicating of it to the creature, that brings in the greatest revenue of glory from the creature to God. The truth is, none are fit to 'glorify him but those who are holy, 1 Pet. ii. 9. God stamps the image of his power and sovereign dominion upon one man, and sets him upon a throne ; hence is the phrase, Ye are gods. He ftamps the image of his holiness on another, and fets him on a dunghill. I say, God's name is more glorified by the holy poor man, than by the "unholy monarch, The unholy man may glorify God passively, but the holy glorifies him actively, And in no other way can God be actively glorified, but by the creature's first receiving a stamp and impression of his holiness on the heart.

IV. I proceed to sew what is the import of this petition. To clear this, consider that God's name is hallowed two ways.

1. By himself, manifesting the glory of his own holy name. And this he doth in all the discoveries which he makes of himself to his creatures.

2. By his creatures, they contributing to his glory, by shewing forth his praise, and declaring the glory of his name. So we pray in this petition,

ijt, That God would by his over-ruling providence hallow his own name, and glorify himself, John xii. 28. The fins of men and devils are opposite to the honour of his name; the children of God in this pe. tition put it in his own hands to cause it shine forth

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notwithstanding, to dispose all things to his glory. Which may be taken up in three things.

(1.) That he would make the honour of his name to break through all impediments in the way of it, laid by men or devils, Plal. lxxix. 9. Help us, o God of our salvation, for the glory of thy name, says the church; that he would drive bis triumphal chariot over all the opposition made to it in the world, and appear unto men in his majesty and glory.

(2.) Thạt he would make the honour of his name break forth from these impediments themselves, overruling the dishonour done to his name, to his honour, so bringing meat out of the eater, and sweetness out of the strong. This he will do, Psal. Ixxvi. 10. Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee. And this his people pray for, Pfal. Ixxxiii. 17. 18. Let them be confounded and troubled for ever, yea, let. them be put to shume and perish: that men-may known that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the Most High over all the earth.

(3.) That God would remove all these impediments, and shove off all the rubbish which the fins of men and devils have cast upon the honour of his name, that it may. fhine forth for ever without let or hinderance. And so it looks as far as the accomplishment of that passage, Rev. xx. 14. And death and bell were cast in. to the lake of fire.

2dly, That God would by his powerful grace cause the fons of men, ourselves and others, to gloriíy him and hallow his name : 9. d. Let thy name be hallow

This fuppofes, (1.) That it is our duty to glorify God, 1 Cor. x. 31. Whether therefore je ent or drink, or whatsoever je do, do all to the glory of God. It is our main duty, and the chief work we have to do in the world. And whoto neglect it, are useless in the world; for their main work is neglected. They answer not the end of their creation.

(2.) That we cannot of ourselves do it, 2 Cor. iii. 5. We are not sufficient of ourselves to think any ibing as of ourselves ; but our juficiency is of God.

We are

ed by us:

weak and p werless, and so unfit for it; we are perverse ander

th, and so unwilling to it. Our strength for it is in God himself.

(3.) That God can fit and dispose us for it, Phil. iv. 13. I can do all things, says the apostle, through Christ which prengtheneth me. Grace can make us both able and willing. There is no person in any ftation whatsoever, but free grace can make of them happy inftruments for honouring of his name : which should be a powerful motive to induce us to pray fervently for it, otherwise we will never actively glorify him.

Therefore we pray here, that grace may be bestow. ed on ourselves and others, whereby we and they may glorify him, which is the leading duty we have to mind in this world, and that,

[1.] Internally, by knowing, acknowledging, and highly esteeming him, his names, titles, attributes, ordinances, words, and works, and so every thing whereby he makes himself known, Pfal. lxxvii.

2. 3. This is to hallow that name in our hearts.

[] Externally, in our words and actions, speaking and living to his praise, Phil. i. 11. Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jejus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.

V. Why is this the first petition put by our Saviour in our mouths? The reason is, because the glory of God, or honour of his name, is the chief end of our being, and of all others. And therefore it should Jie nearest our hearts, Rom. xi. 36. For of bim, and through him, and to him are all things. To whom, be glo- . ry for ever. God's glory is his own end in all his works, and it ought to be ours. We can no other way approve ourlelves to him.

I shall conclude with some inferences.

Inf.' 1. The dishonour done to God, by one's own fin and the fins of others, must needs" go near the heart of a faint, Plal. li. 4. Against thee, thec only have I

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finned, says David, and done this evil in thy fight

. And again, Psal. cxix. 136. Rivers of waters run down mine eyes ; because they keep not thy, law. And to be grieved for our own loss by sins, and not for the dishonour done to God thereby; and to be unconcerned at the difhonour of God in the world by others, does not look like the disposition of a child of the family of hea.


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2. Habitual profaners of that holy name are none of the children of God, whose main care is to get that name hallowed. And how many such profaners of the facred name of God are to be found in our day! They are so far from making conscience of hal: lowing that dreadful and fearful name, that they are daily employed in dishonouring it by the most horrid oaths and imprecations, and pouring upon it all the contempt they can, in open 'violation of the third commandment. How many do profane it by Atheisin, Sabbath-breaking, uncleanness, perjury, intemperance, injustice, oppreflion, lying, stealing, backbiting, and other grofs abominations, as if they bad fold

thein. selves to commit open hoftilities against the King of heaven, and run defperately upon the thick bosses of his buckler! They wear the devil's mark on their foreheads, and openly declare to the world, that they are none of God's children.

3. Holiness is the creature's glory, and its greatest glory, for it is God's glory; and therefore unholiness is its disgrace and dishonour. Ah ! unholy sinners, ye have lost your glory.; sin has disgraced you, and made you contemptible to God and all his holy family. O seek to be fanctified by the Holy Spirit Christ, that so ye may recover your forfeited glory, and no more lie under disgrace. It is only the faints that are the most excellent in the earth. Seek ye to be like them, by having the image of God drawn on your hearts, and walking holily as God is holy.

4. It is not the language of a child of God to say, Am 1

my brother's keeper? as wicked Cain did : What



is my businefs, how such an one live or die? Why truly, if thou belongest to God, it will be matter of thy hearty concern and prayer, that God may honoured by others as well as by thyself. Without this concern a man cannot be a Christian ; he is not a child of God; for every true believer ardently wilhes and prays that God may be glorified; and as far as his power, authority, influence, and example can reach, he will use his utmost endeavours to induce others to glorify the name of his God. Were it in his power, he would leave no means uneflayed to cngage

the whole world in this delightful work, that songs might be heard from the uttermoft parts of the earth, even glory to the righteous.

5. It is the disposition of a child of God, to submit his lot and condition in the world, to the Lord, to be cut and carved as may serve his glory. Without this one cannot be a child of God. For it is inseparable from the character of such an one, in whatever ftate he is, therewith to be content. Hence the apostle Paul could say, As alway, so now also, Chrift. Shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life or by death,

6. It is the duty of all men to sanctify the holy name of God, to reverence, adore, and honour it in their hearts, lips, and lives. O let us then be excited to the practice of this duty, considering that it is the end for which God gave us a being; that if we do not hallow it, we contradict this very petition, praying for a thing we have no mind to comply with ; that if we live in the neglect of this duty, God will get honour to himself by inflicting heavy judgements upon us in this life, and by makiug us eternal monuments of his vengeance in the next; that when we come to encounter with the king of terrors, it will tend to sweeten the awful prospect, that we have made it our business to glorify the name of God; that we will lose nothing, but be great gainers, by honouring the name of the Lord, tur

Phil. i. 20.

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