The Romance of the Feudal Châteaux

G.P. Putnam's sons, 1899 - 436 pagina's

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Pagina 336 - Ten of them were sheathed in steel, With belted sword, and spur on heel : They quitted not their harness bright, Neither by day, nor yet by night...
Pagina 4 - My good blade carves the casques of men, My tough lance thrusteth sure, My strength is as the strength of ten, Because my heart is pure.
Pagina 144 - They entered now the chancel tall; The darkened roof rose high aloof On pillars lofty and light and small; The keystone, that locked each ribbed aisle, Was a fleur-de-lys, or a quatre-feuille : The corbells were carved grotesque and grim : And the pillars, with clustered shafts so trim, With base and with capital flourished around, Seemed bundles of lances which garlands had bound.
Pagina 144 - Showed many a prophet and many a saint, Whose image on the glass was dyed ; Full in the midst, his cross of red Triumphant Michael brandished, And trampled the Apostate's pride. The moonbeam kissed the holy pane, And threw on the pavement a bloodv stain. XII. They sate them down on a marble stone...
Pagina 32 - Who reverenced his conscience as his king; Whose glory was, redressing human wrong; Who spake no slander, no, nor listened to it; Who loved one only and who clave to her...
Pagina 28 - Que j'aime à voir dans la vallée Désolée Se lever comme un mausolée Les quatre ailes d'un noir moutier! Que j'aime à voir, près de l'austère Monastère , Au seuil du baron feudataire, La croix blanche et le bénitier! Vous, des antiques Pyrénées Les aînées, Vieilles églises décharnées, Maigres et tristes monuments, Vous que le temps n'a pu dissoudre, Ni la foudre, De quelques grands monts mis en poudre N'êtes-vous pas les ossements?
Pagina 39 - For herein may be seen noble chivalry, courtesy, humanity, friendliness, hardiness, love, friendship, cowardice, murder, hate, virtue, and sin. Do after the good and leave the evil, and it shall bring you to good fame and renown. And for to pass the time this book shall be pleasant to read in, but for to give faith and belief that all is true that is contained herein, ye be at your liberty...
Pagina 28 - Oh! lorsque l'ouragan qui gagne La campagne, Prend par les cheveux la montagne, Que le temps d'automne jaunit, Que j'aime, dans le bois qui crie Et se plie, Les vieux clochers de l'abbaye, Comme deux arbres de granit ! Que j'aime à voir, dans les vesprées Empourprées, Jaillir en veines diaprées Les rosaces d'or des couvents! Oh! que j'aime, aux voûtes gothiques Des portiques, Les vieux saints de pierre athlétiques Priant tout bas pour les vivants ! SONNET 119 j'aime le premier frisson d'hiver!
Pagina 315 - And where the mingled strife is spread, The noblest warrior's care Is to cleave the foeman's limbs and head, The conqueror less of the living than dead. " I tell you that nothing my soul can cheer, Or banqueting or reposing, Like the onset cry of ' Charge them ! ' rung From each side, as in battle closing : Where the horses neigh, And the call to
Pagina 38 - I, according to my copy, have done set it in imprint, to the intent that noble men may see and learn the noble acts of chivalry, the gentle and virtuous deeds that some knights used in those days, by which they came to honour; and how they that were vicious were punished and oft put to shame and rebuke...

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