Georgia in the Mountains of Poetry

Gerald Duckworth & Company, 4 jan. 2018 - 352 pagina's
Travelling extensively across Georgia for twenty years, Peter Nasmyth is exceptionally qualified to provide a first-hand guide to Europe's most diverse landscape. Georgia - no larger than Switzerland - ranks in the world's top twelve countries for geographical diversity. It contains the heart of the Caucasus mountains - larger and more dramatic than the Alps - subtropical wetlands, a Black Sea coast, semi-desert, with stone towers attesting to its ancient recorded history that goes back 3,000 years. But this paradise remains virtually undiscovered despite a rich cultural history that has witnessed the 1,000 year reign of the Bagratuni monarchy, the rise and fall of Soviet occupation, a bitter civil war, and the celebration of Georgian independence in 1991. Georgia in the Mountains of Poetry is essential reading for anyone interested in this fascinating region as well as for students and researchers who want an insight into life after the collapse of the old Soviet order in the richest and most dramatic of the former republics.

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Georgia: in the mountains of poetry

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"All voyages are searches in disguise," says Nasmyth as he opens this disquisition on his travels through the former Soviet republic of Georgia--and at first readers may find this too annoyingly true ... Volledige review lezen

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Peter Nasmyth is a writer, photographer and former arts journalist published in most major UK magazines and newspapers, along with American publications such as the Washington Post. He has lived between Tbilisi and London for the last twenty years and co-founded the first English language bookshop, Prospero, in Tbilisi. He is currently involved in forming the National Trust in Georgia.

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