The Philobiblion: A Monthly Bibliographical Journal, Volume 2


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Pagina 152 - The Tenth Muse lately sprung up in America; or, Several Poems, compiled with great variety of wit and learning, full of delight; wherein especially is contained a complete discourse and description of the four elements, constitutions, ages of man, seasons of the year; together with an exact epitome of the...
Pagina 152 - ... of the four monarchies, viz., the Assyrian, Persian, Grecian, Roman; also, a dialogue between Old England and New concerning the late troubles; with divers other pleasant and serious poems. By a gentlewoman in those parts.
Pagina 63 - O! if Elizium be above the ground, Then here it is where nought but joy is found. Many other poems and epigrams in that chamber's patient alabaster inclosure (which her melting eyes long sithence had softened) were curiously engraved.
Pagina 67 - But his Fame is gone out like a Candle in a Snuff, and his Memory will always stink, which might have ever lived in honourable Repute, had not he been a notorious Traytor, and most impiously and villanously bely'd that blessed Martyr, King Charles the First.
Pagina 275 - TRAIT… des Eunuques, dans lequel on explique toutes les diffťrentes sortes d'eunuques, quel rang ils ont tenu, et quel cas on en a fait, etc.
Pagina 239 - Another told of three ions of marriage ; of God's making, as when Adam and Eve, two young folks, were coupled ; of man's making, when one is old and the other young, as Jofeph's marriage ; and of the devil's making, when two old folkes marry, not for comfort, but for covetoufnefs, and -fuch they faid was this.
Pagina 239 - The freaks, and humours, and spleen, and vanity of women, as they embroil families in discord and fill houses with disquiet, do more to obstruct the happiness of life in a year than the ambition of the clergy in many centuries.
Pagina 152 - Is it possible ? If any do, take this as an answer from him that dares avow it; It is the Work of a Woman, honoured, and esteemed where she lives, for her gracious demeanour, her eminent parts, her pious conversation, her courteous disposition, her exact diligence in her place, and discreet managing of her Family occasions, and more...
Pagina 89 - ... leaves, sprinkled over with brimstone, was placed upon his head. His body was bound to the stake with an iron chain, and a coarse twisted rope was loosely thrown round his neck. His book was then fastened to his thigh ; and he requested the executioner to put him out of his misery as speedily...
Pagina 266 - The Theory of Dreams, in which an Inquiry is made into the Powers and Faculties of the Human Mind, as they are illustrated in the most remarkable Dreams recorded in sacred and profane History.

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