Short Sketches of Some Notable Lives

Seeley, Jackson, and Halliday, 1855 - 420 pagina's
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Pagina 341 - In vain thou strugglest to get free, I never will unloose my hold; Art thou the Man that died for me? The secret of thy love unfold: Wrestling, I will not let thee go Till I thy name, thy nature know.
Pagina 367 - Here then I am, far from the busy ways of men. I sit down alone : only God is here. In His presence I open, I read His book; for this end, to find the way to heaven.
Pagina 374 - I firmly believe I am a scriptural ETTICTXOTCO? as much as any man in England or in Europe; for the uninterrupted succession I know to be a fable, which no man ever did or can prove.
Pagina 91 - Serene will be our days and bright, And happy will our nature be, When love is an unerring light, And joy its own security. And they a blissful course may hold Even now, who, not unwisely bold, Live in the spirit of this creed ; Yet seek thy firm support, according to their need.
Pagina 341 - What though my shrinking flesh complain, And murmur to contend so long ? I rise superior to my pain : When I am weak, then I am strong ! And when my all of strength shall fail, I shall with the God-Man prevail...
Pagina 406 - John Wesley's conversation is good, but he is never at leisure. He is always obliged to go at a certain hour. This is very disagreeable to a man who loves to fold his legs and have out his talk, as I do.
Pagina 110 - Him; therefore your letter and your friends visit have been both very welcome to me. I shall follow their and your counsel as far as God will afford me light and unction; remaining still your loving friend, ELIZABETH.
Pagina 46 - Priestman, you style this a dull conversation, and endeavour to divert my mind from dwelling upon death, but I entertain very different sentiments. Death has no terrors for me : it is an event I always look to with cheerfulness, if not with pleasure ; and be assured, the subject is more grateful to me than any other.
Pagina 204 - doing so much, and living so good a life," I doubted not but I was a good Christian.
Pagina 162 - My love and my life is to you, and with you, and no water can quench it, nor distance wear it out, or bring it to an end. I have been with you, cared over you, and served you with unfeigned love ; and you are beloved of me, and near to me beyond utterance. I bless you in the name and power of the Lord, and may God bless you with his righteousness, peace, and plenty, all the land over...

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