Those, who, with me, regard the Church of England as possessing an important mission to mankind, will feel a lively interest in tracing the circumstances and the characters, which have influenced its course.

For our Church has often drawn her best resources from the obstacles which have beset her, and the stern discipline of attack has been the instrument in God's hands of recalling her to principles which were her foundation and strength. Thus the Biography of her opponents becomes a chapter in the history of her life, and their fidelity to truth is the earnest and precursor of her revival.

But these thoughts, full of interest, of which the following narratives present some illustrations, I leave to the judgment of my Reader, satisfied if I can suggest any topic for reflection, or supply any pleasant occupation for leisure : unless indeed I may indulge the hope that, through subjects of common interest, writer and reader will be drawn into sympathy, and, greeting here at the threshold as strangers, we may, in the end,

part as friends.

Chartwell, June, 1855.

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