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For the publication of these selections, the Rajah was unexpectedly attacked in the twentieth number of a work called the "Friend of India," by a person under the signature of "A Christian Missionary.” From the remarks of this writer the Rajah defended himself, in a First "Appeal to the Christian Public," a pamphlet of about thirty pages. This appeal was noticed in a different style in the first number of the Quarterly Series of the "Friend of India," wherein the Reverend Editor, in his review of the Rajah's publications, laboured to establish the insufficiency of the compiled Precepts of Jesus alone to lead to salvation, unless accompanied with the important doctrines of the Godhead of Jesus and his Atonement; and the Rajah then published this admirable Treatise, under the title of "Second Appeal to the Christian Public, in defence of the Precepts of Jesus."


THE contents of the following Treatise are included under these two propositions:-1st, That the Precepts of Jesus, which teach that love to God is manifested in beneficence towards our fellow-creatures, are a sufficient Guide to Peace and Happiness; and 2ndly, That that omnipresent God, who is the only proper object of religious veneration, is one and undivided in person.

Though these doctrines, as I conceive them to be alike founded on reason and revelation, appear to me to be almost as obvious truths as any abstract axiom, yet they are opposed in fact by a very large body of writers and teachers. I must therefore leave them to be decided upon by those who will be pleased to bestow their candid and liberal attention on the arguments I have used in the succeeding pages; and on their impartial judgment I confidently rely.


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30, line 1, for "ch. ix," read ch. xi.

47, line 25, for "ver. 23," read ver. 33.

49, line 4, for "ver. 60," read ver. 69.

83, line 23, for "xiv.," read xvi.

138, line 7 from bottom, for Isa. "xiv.," read xlv.

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