Holy Scriptures.

EDWARD CROOK's Counsel to his Sons, composed according to the Holy Scriptures, of Wisdom and Instruction, adapted very easy and suitable for the learned and those of little learning; and he ventures to say, that even all his Works, that is, all his Books when rightly considered upon, must be allowed to be very useful and profitable for all classes of People. Because, his Books contain in each of them such a variety of most important texts and passages of Scripture which relate or correspond with each other, and yet every Book is divided according to the subjects treated of, with some easy and plain explanations thereto. Written by


Of Waddesdon, near Aylesbury, Bucks,

A hard labourious man, and one who hath experienced many trials in his Life.

Not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called; but God hath chosen the foolish things of the World to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the World to confound the things which are mighty; aud base things of the world, and things which are dispised, hath God chosen; yea, and things which are not to bring to naught things that are; that no flesh should glory in his presence: that, according as it is written, he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord. 1 Corin. c. 1, v, 26 and 31. Jerem. c. 9, v. 23 and 24.









THESE Books have been written by EDWARD CROOK, of WADDESDON, near AYLESBURY, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, who has been a hard labourious man, and one that has experienced many trials in this life of temptations and adversity, severe troubles and afflictions. I have been brought up to hard labour, even from a child as it were, at the plough tail, and have also been exposed to hunger and the cold: so that I have never had a day at school to learn to write, neither but very little to learn to read. I have been exposed to a wide world of vanity, folly, and trouble. But yet although it hath been so with me, still I have been taught of God, and that's to love and fear him even from a child, and I believe that I found the operation of His grace working within me when I was about six or seven years of age, and although I had but very little learning yet my delight hath been in the Holy Scriptures, even from a child. But still I do confess that I have oftentimes offended, but yet to the best of my knowledge I never utterly despised the day of his Grace, nor his Heaveuly calling. Now I hope and trust through Grace I have believed in Him, with the desire of my soul unto rightousness, and that he hath pardoned my sins and hath comforted me, and hath led me on step by step, and hath shown me the way of salvation through Christ. Therefore, trust that my calling is of God, not of Man, and that he hath given me something to do. Now I believe that it is my duty that whatsoever my hand findeth to do, I must do it with all my might, and that whilst it is day, because there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom in the grave, were we are all hastening. Eccles. ix, v, 10. And now, my dear friends and fellow sinners, my design by this work is to do good, and through the divine assistance of the grace of God, so that the Churches of Christ which are upon the Earth, may be more united together in unity and love, in one mind, in one right, true, and holy spirit: even like the blessed oues, which are in Heaven. Therefore, this book is written for the revival of Holy Religion, and for the benefit and good of families in general, so that they may learn how to avoid errors, and in this book you may find subjects or something suitable to every case or condition of life, let you be in what trying circumstances you may. Therefore, if you want to find any subject or passage of Scripture that you think would suit your case and ease your mind, then if it be

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