Navarasa by Lotus

Leadstart Publishing PvtLtd, 12 okt. 2011 - 166 pagina's

†Every pen name comes with a story... 'Navarasa by lotus' tells delicately-interlinked stories of a fading movie star; a youth accidentally taking form of a masked vigilante; a mosquito determined to fight human domination; an unmarried couple on the verge of break up; a woman, Lucky, who is terrified of her dream; a school kid struggling to vent his anger; Fate of our society post 2012; Rajiv's addictions; and Anand's redemption... The result is a collection of nine stories of different genres, each being a tribute to the rasa: humour, love, disgust, heroism, wonder, fury, horror, peace and compassion. These nine stories are interwoven with recurring characters and situations. There are surprises galore in each of the stories that will take your breath way... With this book, prepare yourself to experience a rollercoaster ride through nine distinct emotions!


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Over de auteur (2011)

†Rajiv Kumar hails from Bangalore. He is an engineering graduate of B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bangalore and is currently working in Bangalore. He maintains a list of Ôdirectors; and he dreams he would someday write stories and screenplays for them. He believes that creativity is beyond languages. He has been heavily influenced by almost everything „from his memory of watching cartoons on Doordarshan as a kid, school days' gossiping, comic books, dreams, nightmares, movies...After reading many short stories, he felt that readers' minds have been tuned to perceive short stories as a stand-alone tale, which can be read in one sitting, waiting for the twist in the end. Craving to create a niche for himself, his collection of short stories, have the essence of entertainment, taking the experience of reading a short story to a new level. The result is ŮNavarasa by lotusÓ. He is currently writing a thriller novel; it's a story set in an alternate universe. Rajiv can be contacted at

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