verting the Opera House into a ball. Bæuf Gras, in an ornamented triumphal room, for which he received a pension of car, but without the sceptre and sword. six thousand livres; and a Carmelite This innovation on the ancient custom Friar, named Father Sebastian, invented first took place in 1822. the means of elevating the floor of the

to a level with the stage, and lowering at pleasure.

THE WARRIOR FAIR. The first ball was given on the 2nd of

(For the Mirror.) January, 1716. They now commence

YOUNG Delia once, a soldier's bride, about the end of January, and continue Assumed the soldier's garb; on fixed days throughout the Carnival. But yet not hers the warrior's stride, The most select company is found at the

Nor hers the snaffled barb:

A cap and feather graced her brow, Opera House, but balls are also given at

Her form the highland plaid--the Odeon, the Theatre de la Porte St. In vain---her voice so faint and low Martia, Franconi's Circus, and various The trembling fair betrayed. other places.

A ceremony which has The distant camp her Henry sought been observed for ages at Paris, upon the

His country's foes t'engage... last days of the Carnival, is the proces

"Why cannot 1, delightful thought!"

She cried, “ be Henry's page?" sion of the Bäuf Gras, designated in Love urged the fond deceit, and love other parts of France Le Beuf Ville, or First too belied the maid... Viole, or Vielle, undoubtedly because the The dimpled smile, the chamois glove, ox is led through the city to the sounds

The trembling fair betrayed. of violins or cymbals.

Now bolder grown she moved along, A writer of the eighteenth century, in

All-fled Love's sighs and tears--

Unscared beheld the martial throng, speaking of this ceremony suggests that Nor dreamed of future fears; it derives its origin from paganism, and

Yet oft, to arms and camps unused, describes it as celebrated at Paris in the

She sought the woodland glade,

Whilst o'er her cheek the blush suffused, year 1739. 66 The butchers of the Bou

The trembling fair betrayed. cheri de l'apport Paris,” says he,“ did

And now as page, her Henry's tent not wait till the usual day for the proces- And arms 'twas hers to guard--sion of the Bæuf Gras, but on the morn

As be with toil and danger spent ing preceding that of Jeu de Gras, they

For soft repose prepared :

With firm and measured step she paced, led through the city an ox covered with

Nor asked Minerva's aidtapestry, and having a large branch of But still the foot and taper waist laurel on his head. This ox, adorned as The trembling fair betrayed. the victims which the ancients led to the But, hark! the trumpet sounds from far, altar, bore on his back a child, who was The hostile legions shout--

Forth from its sheath to meet the war called King of the Butchers, decorated

The glittering sword leaps out ; with a blue scarf, and holding in one Where now her warrior step, where now hand a gilt sceptre, and in the other a Her look of naught afraid? sword. About fifteen butchers' boys, Her pallid cheek, and hectic brow

The trembling fair betrayed. dressed in red waistcoats, white hose, and red turbans or bonnets, bordered with

The legions join, the battle burns,

Now these, now those prevail, white, accompanied the Bæuf Gras, two

And many a shriek and shout by turns of them holding the animal by the horns. Swell on the vesper gale; The procession, preceded by violins, But who is he that stands alone! fifes, and drums, traversed the streets of

"I ken his highland blade,"

"Helives," she cried, and Love's fond tone Paris, went to the houses of the Magis

The trembling fair betrayed. tracy, and finding the Chief President of

ALPHEUS. the Parlement absent, proceeded to the grand hall of the Palais de Justice, by

THE DISCOVERY AND USE OF the stairs of the Sainte Chapelle. After

COALS. presenting themselves before the Presi. dent, the butchers led the ox through the COALS were discovered near Newcastle, various apartments of the Palace, and 1234- in general use in London, 1400; then descended by the new courts towards 600,000 chaldrons used in London, 1773; the Place Dauphine. On the following and 766,880 chaldrons in 1788; in 1792, day, the butchers of different parts of there were 841,380 chaldrons; cinders, Paris performed the same ceremony, but 6,270 chaldrons, and Scotch coals, 2,449 did not conduct their Bæuf Gras into the tons; in 1793, there were 800,510}; in Palace.

1794, 788,7441; in 1795, 887,759 chal. The escort is now more numerous than drons, besides cinders, &c.; their duty formerly; but the animal which is led yielded the Duke of Richmond, 23,0001. through the streets no longer bears a. În 1802, government bought of his grace child on its back; the latter follows the one-third of the grant for 144,6001. In

1791, the quantity of 450,000 chaldrons, schemes, and the two hundred other pro. Newcastle measure, was cleared out, in jects which, in that proud era of British 4,956 vessels for oversea and coastways; enterprise and public confidence, were in 1791, there were 334,513 chaldrons, invented, are we at a loss to know how besides cinders, &c. The duties on coals to employ a paltry sum of five hundred carried coastways, besides those in Lon- millions! We really blush for the nondon, amounted in 1788, to 182,7451. 153. inventive age in which we have been old. at 5s. 6d. per chaldron. Those thrown, and therefore, while our rumpbrought to London pay 10s. 8d. per steak is dressing, and our appetite inchaldron. All the duties on coals in creasing at Anderton's, have determined 1783, were 445,8111., and in 1784, were to submit to the public, through the 462,5501. in England; and in Scotland, medium of a public journal, half a score for both these years, only 3,000l. ; the projects, which we have maturely conwhole of the duties in 1788 was 306,7281. sidered and formed from actual surveys

The daily consumption was, many and estimates. As soon as public meet. years ago, about 2,300 chaldrons in ings have been called, directors nomi. London.

nated, and ten per cent. been received By the statement of Mr. Chapman, an on all these projects, we shall submit engineer of Newcastle, it appears that others equally feasible and advantageous the following was the annual consumption to the public: of pit coal, exclusive of waste, in 1815 ; 1. A plan for insuring tulip beds near but the quantity has since been much London from the intrusive amours of the increased.

feline race, and for indemnifying maiden In the iron and other ma.

ladies of a certain age against the loss of nufactories in the coal coun- Tons. favourite tabbies, spaniels, pup dogs, and ties, about.

4,000,000 guinea pigs. Coals paying coast duty,

2. A plan for enabling archbishops, about 3,600,000 chaldrons,

bishops, and rectors, to dispense with Winchester, or.......... 5,040,000 those lazy underlings, the curates, who Coals consumed for culi

are not satisfied with a salary of thirty nary and other purposes, in

pounds per annum for only preaching the counties not paying

three times on a Sunday, and attending a duty, about.

4,000,000 dozen funerals in a week without the fees,

3. A plan for converting our granite Total 13,040,000 pavements into dust, whereby persons will

be compelled to stay at home, instead of

lounging about the streets, in summer.-NEW AND INTERESTING. PRO. Nota Bene. This plan is equally appliJECTS.

cable in winter, for the streets will be so GREAT in arts and arms as England is, muddy, that no man in his senses will she is still greater in her commercial

venture out, except on a pair of stilts, enterprise, and no project that offers the such as are used by the inhabitants of the

Landes. prospect of gain 'will scare an English

4. A plan for milking cows, docking capitalist from adventure. "To him

horses, and cropping two-legged puppies, To pluck bright guineas from the paie fac'a by means of a steam-engine, which will

at the same time rock the cradle in every Or dive into the bottom of the deep,

house in the metropolis to' which it is Where fathom-line could never touch the ground, applied, beat the tattoo for all the bar. And pluck up drown'd sna' reigns by the heap.racks, whip the boys in all the national

But although there are no bounds to schools, slice cucumbers, uncase shrimps, human daring, there are limits to its ex- &c. ercise. Alexander wept that there were 5. A capital of twenty millions for no new worlds to conquer; and our capi- converting the Jews. It having been talists, after lending money to every discovered that, by the regular and tedi. potentate, from the Autocrat of all the ous process of preaching and teaching, Russias, down to his highness the the conversion of every Jew costs, upon Cazique of Poyais, and to every state an average, a thousand pounds,—it is that wanted the means of shaking off an therefore proposed to effect the object by old government, still find so much wealth purchase in future. An eminent Isra

their hands, that they are really at a elite has agreed to contract for the converloss how to employ it. We call the pre- sion of two thousand, at 4301. per head, sent an age of genius; fie on the dotards including women and children, but -what! we, who are descended from the threatens to raise his price, unless imme founders of the South Sea and Mississippi diately treated with.

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6. A plan for erecting a basin of three they were frozen in for ten months. The hundred acres, close to the river, where furthest longitude which they attained Thames water may at once be converted was about 86 degrees west, and the highest into porter, without the unnecessary pro- latitude about 69 north, and the severest cess of passing through certain buildings cold about 48 degrees below Zero. called breweries.

During the time they were from Eng7. A plan for insuring servant-maids land, they lost five men, one by accidenagainst the loss of needles, thimbles, tally falling from a mast, and was unpin-cushions, old songs, dying speeches fortunately killed on the spot, the others and confessions.

died by various complaints. I do myself 8. A plan for blowing up and dissolve the pleasure of forwarding a few extracts ing the ice in the Arctic Ocean, with the from Captain Parry's Journal, thinking exception of a field of a mile square, on they may afford some amusement to your which a colony, is to be established, and readers.' I remain, Sir, the floating island towed like a steam

Your constant reader, boat into the Pacific Ocean. It is to be 13th April, 1824.

W. F. confessed that this is a somewhat hazardous project, but its daring and improbability of success are the very reason why it is

EXTRACTS. sure to meet with the readiest support. “ 17th September, 1821.-Our people A promise has already been made to the this day brought in seven hares before celebrated Captain Symmes, not to ap- sun-set: these animals were quite white, proach within thirty feet of the opening presenting so strong a contrast with the at the pole, to the centre of the earth, colour of the ground, on which no snow which he claims as the first discoverer. at yet remained, as to render them very

9. A plan for sweeping chimneys by conspicuous at a distance, and we often means of an artificial earthquake, which killed them on landing, by having obshall shake the soot out of all the chim- served their situation while rowing along neys of the metropolis every Saturday shore, at the distance of half a mile or morning, and abolish that white slave. more. trade, the climbing boys.

“ Several of the ermines also, which we 10. A plan for increasing and securing had procured for the last week or two a monopoly of the dupes in London.- were entirely white, except the little brush Literary Chronicle.

at the tip of the tail, which was black.

In other specimens of this aniinal, howThe Selecior;

ever, the back was quite brown, and the belly of a delicate, light straw, or sulphur

colour. CHOICE EXTRACTS FROM “ Myriads of small shrimps, (cancer NEW WORKS.

nugax) for some weeks past had been observed near the surface of the sea.

These insects were found to be still as CAPTAIN PARRY'S LAST VOYAGE.

numerous as ever in any hole we made

in the ice, while at Winter Island ; and ( To the Editor of the Mirror.) such was the extreme avidity with which SIR,-Having just had the opportunity they immediately seized upon any meat of a hasty perusal of the Journal of Cap- put overboard to thaw or soak for the tain Parry's last voyage, I find he sailed sake of freshness, that Captain Lyon one from the Nore the 8th of May, 1821, on day sent me a goose to look at, belonging board the Fury, in company with the to the officers of the Hecla, that had been Hecla, Captain Lyon, for the discovery thus deposited within their reach only of a North West Passage from the At- eight-and-forty hours, and from which lantic to the Pacific Ocean : and re- they had eaten every ounce of meat, leavturned to England the 16th of October, ing only a skeleton, most delicately 1823, on which day, Captain Parry and cleaned. Our men had before remarked, the Rev. Mr. Fisher, (the chaplain and that their meat suffered unusual loss of astronomer,) landed at Whitby in York- substance by soaking, but did not know shire. They were therefore absent this to what cause to attribute the deficiency. voyage nearly two years and a half, after We took advantage, however, of the hunan unsuccessful attempt to get to Behring's ger of these depredators, to procure comStrait, through Hudson's Bay.

plete skeletons of small animals for preThe first winter both ships were frozen servation, as anatomical specimens, enin at Winter-Island for about nine months; closing them in a net or bag with holes, and the second winter at another island to which the shrimps could have access, to the northward, called Igloolik, where but which prevented the loss of any of


the limbs, should the cartilage of the ships. A certain increase was also made joints be eaten. For want of this latter in the allowance of provisions, to enable precaution some specimens were at first the people to partake of Christmas festi. tendered imperfect.

vities to the utmost extent which our November, 1821. The people were situation and means would allow; and employed in what they called, Rigging the day was marked by the most cheerful the Theatre,' and on the evening of the hilarity, accompanied by the utmost re9th the officers performed the play of the gularity and good order. Among the • Rivals,' to the infinite amusement of luxuries which our Christmas dinner both ships' companies.

afforded, was that of a joint of English “ 13th November.--About the time of roast beef, of which a few quarters had sun-set this evening, the sky presented a been preserved for such occasions, by most brilliant appearance; the part next rubbing the outside with salt, and hangthe horizon, for one or two degrees, being ing it on deck, covered with canvass. The zinged of a bright red, above which was a low latitude in which our last summer's soft light blue, passing, by an impercepti- navigation was performed, would have ble gradation, into a delicate, greenish hue. rendered its preservation doubtful without

6°17th November.--This evening, the salt. officers performed the two farces of " 30th December. This evening Mr. • Raising the Wind,' and the Mock Fisher and myself remarked, that Sirius, Doctor,'

for the amusement of the ships' which was nearly on the meridian at the companies.

time, exhibited the most beautiful violet 66 23rd November. In the evening, the and blue colours that can be imagined. Aurora Borealis made its appearance in The violet was to the westward, which the N. W.; vivid coruscations shooting was the direction in which the moon was, at times across the zenith to the opposite and the Aurora was playing about at the horizon. The gold leaf of the Electro. time. I thought I had never before seen meter was not perceptibly affected by it. any thing so brilliant : the play of pris

66 2nd December. This was indeed a matic colours in a cut diamond comes the most inclement day, the temperature of nearest to it. the atmosphere having, for the first time, “ What with reading, writing, making fallen to 27 degrees below Zero.

and calculating observations, observing 66 20th December.-A rare phenome. the various natural phenomena, and taknon was noticed at 7 A. M. by the officer ing the exercise necessary to preserve our of the watch, namely, that the moon in health, nobody, I believe, ever felt any rising had assumed the appearance of two. symptoms of ennui during our continuOn hearing this, I went on deck, and saw ance in winter quarters. an inverted image of the moon below, Among the recreations which afforded and nearly touching that luminary, which the highest

gratification to several among was about half a degree high at the time, us, I may mention the musical parties

we were enabled to muster, and which

assembled on stated evenings throughout C

the winter, alternately in Captain Lyon's cabin and my own.

More skilful amaMr. Scallon, the gunner, told me that the teurs in music might well have smiled at image had at first been as distinct as the these, our humble concerts ; but it will moon itself, and it was nearly so when I not incline them to think less of the

This phenomenon continued science they admire to be assured that, about five minutes, with very clear wea- in these remote and desolate regions of ther at the time.

the globe, it has often furnished us with “ 17th December.-Another play, the the most pleasurable sensations which our Poor Gentleman,' was performed by the situation was capable of affording : for, officers in so admirable and feeling a independently of the mere gratification manner, as to excite uncommon interest afforded to the ear by music, there is, among the men, and to convince me more perhaps, scarcely a person in the world than ever of the utility of our theatrical really fond of it, in whose mind its sound

is not more or less connected with his “ 24th December.-In the evening, far-distant home.' There are always being Christmas-eve, the ships' companies some remembrances which render them were amused by the officers performing the inseparable ; and those associations are two farces of " A Rowland for an Oliver,' not to be despised which, while we are and the Mayor of Garratt.'

engaged in the performance of our duty, “ 25th December.On Christmas-day, can still occasionally transport us into divine service on board the Fury was at- the social circle of our friends at home, tended by the officers and crews of both in spite of the oceans that roll between us.

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thus :

saw it.


- " With our time thus occupied, our oxytropis arctica, had been procured comforts so abundant, and the prospect to

within the last three or four days. sea-ward so enlivening, it would indeed " The Esquimaux at Igloolik were at have been our own faults had we felt any one time rather badly off for food, in conthing but enjoyment in our present state, sequence of the winds having been unfa. and the most lively hopes and expecta. vourable for their fishery ; but this had tions for the future.

only occurred two or three times in the 12th January, 1822. Some port- course of the winter, and never so much wine, which was stowed in bins in the as to occasion any great distress. It is slop-room, having a week or two before certain, indeed, that the quantity of meat been found partially frozen, a further which they procured between the 1st of examination took place on the 12th, when October, 1822, and 1st April, 1823, was two or three bottles were found broken, sufficient to have furnished about double and the wine entirely frozen in their the population of working people, who lamina, not unlike the plates of white were moderate eaters, and had any idea mica, and from one-eighth to two-eighths of providing for a future day; but to inof an inch in thickness.

dividuals who can demolish four or five “ White wine was frozen into one mass, pounds at a sitting, and at least ten in retaining its colour and translucency, and the course of a day, and who never bestow assuming the appearance of very clear a thought on to-morrow, at least with a amber.

view to provide for it by economy, there © 22d January._Raising the Wind,' is scarcely any supply which could seand the · Sleep Walker,' were performed : cure them from occasional scarcity. It the ships' companies testified the gratifi. is highly probable, that the alternate cation which they had derived in their feasting and fasting to which the gluttony own way, namely, by three hearty cheers and improvidence of these people so conat the fall of the curtain ; and the officers, stantly subject them, may have occa. I am confident, considered their trouble sioned many of the complaints that proved more than repaid by this expression of fatal during the winter. the men's feelings.

“Lest it should be thought that this ac“ 25th January. A flock of nearly count is exaggerated, I may here state, two hundred long-tailed ducks were that, as a matter of curiosity, we one day swimming about in the open water to the tried how much a lad, scarcely full-grown, 8. E. of the point.

would, if freely supplied, consume in “ 30th May. The first five grouse this way. The undermentioned articles were killed : these birds were entirely were weighed before being given to him ; white in their plumage, except near the he was twenty hours in getting through tip of the tail, where the feathers were of them, and certainly did not consider the a glossy black. They were in very good quantity extraordinary :condition, and weighed from seventeen to

Ib. Oz eighteen ounces each. Several ducks and

Sea-horse flesh, hard frozen,

4 4 silvery gulls were also seen, and Mr. Fife Ditto, boiled, fired at a swan.

Bread, and bread-dust,

1 12 6 31st May. We were not the only inhabitants of these regions that seemed to

Total of solids, think it high time for the summer to bave arrived, for there was to-day quite a

The fluids were in fair proportion, viz:

Rich gravy soup general master of the birds about Winter

14 pint Raw spirits

3 wine glasses. Island. A great many ducks and silvery

Strong grog

1 tumbler. gulls, two swans, two pair of ring plovers,

Water several ravens and grouse were seen, be

1 gallon 1 pint. sides the usual flocks of the cheerful little “It was with extreme difficulty that these snow buntings. Mr. Ross killed a swan, people had imbibed any correct idea of and a pair of grouse; the former of these the superiority of rank possessed by some was quite black, and one of the latter, a individuals among us; and when at female bird, had a few speckled feathers length they came into this idea, they on each wing, the tail being black near naturally measured our respective importhe tip. Captain Lyon was out for several tance by the riches they supposed cach to hours with his gun, and met with eight possess. The ships they considered as a rein-deer, but found them too wild to be matter of course to belong to Captain approached.

Lyon and myself; and on this account - 29th June.-A number of plants distinguished them by the names of Lyonwere now appearing in flower : among oomiak, and Paree-oomiak ; but they bethose specimens of the potentilla nivea, lieved that the boats, and other parts of the saxifraga cæspitosa, draba alpina, and furniture were the property of various other





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