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place to pleasure and satisfaction in them: for his na ture being changed, he will then enjoy that element i which he could not live before.

We cannot go too low, in thus bringing the subject home to the hearts and consciences of sinners. From the first rising desire of knowing the way of salvation, and obtaining the favour of GoD, through all subsequent difficulties, perplexities, and trials; this promise should be depended on, and pleaded in earnest prayer: and we may without hesitation assure you, that thus you will find light and comfort, and relief, in every possible case. "If any man will do the will of GOD, "he shall know of the doctrine whether it be of GoD, "or whether men speak of themselves." If, therefore, you desire to know and do the will of GOD, but are perplexed by the discordant opinions of those you converse with: practise what you now consider as your duty, and pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you "in the midst of the paths of judgment;" and you shall not pray in vain.

Perhaps some of you are convinced, that certain parts of your conduct should be altered; this or the other interest or indulgence given up, or self-denial exercised: but your passions are strong, and habits are not easily conquered; you form resolutions and break them; and at length you are ready to think "repent


ance, and works meet for repentance," in your peculiar circumstances, at present impracticable. This, I apprehend, is no uncommon case; and many neglect religion on this ground, waiting perhaps for a more favourable opportunity, or thinking the difficulties in

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the way will excuse their conscious and persevering disobedience. But my fellow sinners, instead of thus giving place to the devil," you should, without delay, avail yourself of that effectual assistance, which is proposed in the words before us; and while you pray carnestly for the Holy Spirit to be given you, and then attempt to follow the dictates of your consciences; though you must still feel how strong your sinful passions and temptations are, how weak your resolutions, how deceitful your hearts, and how painful and difficult it is, at first especially, to deny yourself, to cut off the right hand, to crucify the flesh, and to cease to do evil, and to learn to do well; you will also find that it is practicable by divine grace. "With man it " is impossible; but with Gop all things are possible."

If then in general, you are convinced that repentance, faith in the Son of God, a new heart and newness of life, are essential to salvation, you must rely upon the Holy Spirit, to enable you to attain unto them. If you are called to resist any particular temptation, you must act in the same dependence. If you would attend on the ordinances of GoD with profit and comfort, and rise superior to the coldness and formality of which we all have too much reason to complain, you must beg of your heavenly Father, for the sake of his beloved Son, to bestow upon you the Holy Spirit of love, and zeal, and gratitude: and if you find difficulty in thus praying, your only effectual way will be to beg of him to teach and enable you to pray as you ought, by the Spirit of grace and suppli çation helping your infirmities.

Are you disconsolate, either through inward distress or outward trials? Remember the words of the apostle, "Be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but "be ye filled with the Spirit." Seek not exhilaration and relief from care and sorrow, by such means as must increase the cause, while they afford a momentary suspension to the effects; but earnestly beseech the GoD of all grace, to give unto you "the Holy "Spirit, the Comforter," that you may have "peace " and joy in believing, and abound in hope" by his powerful consolations. In the same manner seek fortitude in dangers, assistance in duties, and the assurance and earnest of heaven during life, and at the approach of death.

Whatever be your station in the community, or in the church, as magistrates, senators, ministers of state, or ministers of religion: you ought to seek wisdom and grace to fill up the duties incumbent upon you, to the glory of GoD and the benefit of mankind, from the same Author and Giver of all good gifts. Whatever be the talents entrusted to your stewardship, you cannot expect to hear with comfort the solemn call, "Give an account of thy stewardship; for thou may. "est no longer be steward;" unless you improve them in dependence on the Holy Spirit, and continually pray for his teaching and assistance.

The same is the case with you, my brethren, who occupy the more lowly stations in life. You cannot be "patient in tribulation, joyful in hope;" "contented "with such things as you have," thankful for the past, simply dependent for the future, superior to

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murmurings, envyings, and covetings; unless the Holy Spirit form your mind and heart to a heavenly taste and judgment, and communicate to you his holy consolations. You cannot properly attend to your relative duties, as parents or children, wives or husbands, masters or servants; or go on cheerfully in the laborious occupations to which you are called; or bear injuries and contempt with meekness and gentleness, except under his influence.

And can we, my brethren, wonder, that there is so little christianity among men called Christians; that the church is so lamentably divided and corrupted; that so small a measure of love, peace, purity, and joy, appear even where, we cannot but hope, there is some vital piety, when we consider how generally this promise is either entirely, or in a great degree, overlooked; and how often the doctrine of the Spirit is even treated with profane ridicule? If all divine life, wisdom, holiness, and joy, come from this source; and men neglect, and quench, and grieve, and resist the Holy Spirit, in whose name they were baptized; can we be surprised that they continue dead in sin, and blinded by the god of this world, and that they rise no higher than mere formality?


Many of you might truly say, We have heard many sermons, and hold certain doctrines as evangelical; yet we are conscious that we do not live, as we shall wish we had done, when we come to die.' But in hearing sermons and attending to the external parts of religion, have you been used to pray to our heavenly Father to bestow on you the Holy Spirit of

truth, and wisdom, and power? If not, you know the reason why you have received no real benefit. The seed of the word of God has been sown "by the way"side, and the devil has taken it out of your hearts, "lest you should believe and be saved;" or it has fallen on stony ground, where it could find no root; and so has soon withered; or among "thorns, which have 46 sprung up and choked it." Oh! that you would now begin earnestly to plead the promise given by the prophet, "A new heart will I give you, and a new spirit "will I put within you; and I will take away the stony "heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an "heart of flesh; and I will put my Spirit within you, "and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall "keep my judgments and do them."* Then you would find, that the seed falling on good ground, "that receiving the word in an honest and good heart,” you would keep it and bring forth fruit with pa"tience." "Ask and it shall be given you; seek and .. you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto

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you; for every one that asketh receiveth; and he that "sceketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be "opened."

To you who really desire to find and walk in the ways of peace and holiness; it is enough to say, you have an infallible Teacher, an almighty Helper, and an all sufficient Comforter. More than this cannot be expressed in human language, "Happy art thou, O

* Ezek. xxxvi. 26, 27.

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