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SOME months have now elapsed since the period specified for the delivery of the late Bishop of St. Asaph's Sermons to the public. In extenuation of this apparent neglect, it is necessary to state, that owing to a disappointment experienced by the Printer in the arrival of a set of new types from London, the Editor was prevented from putting the work to press so soon as he originally intended; and even after it was in the press, unpleasant and unforeseen circumstances arose, which greatly retarded the progress of the publication.

By the publication of their posthumous works, the well-earned fame of some of the first literary characters hath too frequently been tarnished: and perhaps to no one species of writing is this observation more applicable than to that of which these volumes are composed. The reason of this it is not difficult to assign: the editor either, through an error in judgment, makes a selection of sermons which the author himself never would have approved, or, through an inferiority of talent, but lamely restores passages obliterated in defaced and mutilated manuscripts. To the former of these causes it must be attributed, if in the following pages any thing unworthy of the pen of their learned author should be found; for to the latter the Editor cannot plead guilty, since, fearful of injuring the native dignity and strength of the compositions, he felt it a sacred duty to let them appear in the state in which they were left by the Bishop.Among


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