Spring with the nameless pathos in the air.
Stabat mater dolorosa..

St. Agnes' Eve,-ah, bitter chill it was.......
Stand here, by my side and turn, I pray.
Stand! the ground's your own, my braves!..
Star of the mead! sweet daughter of the day.....
Star that bringest home the bee....









The fairest action of our human life.......
412 The fallen cause still waits....
339 The farmer sat in his easy chair..
526 The farmer's wife sat at the door..
The fire of love in youthful blood..............






The first time that the sun rose on thine oath....... 190


The forward violet thus did I chide..

123 188


The fountains mingle with the river...........

873 The Frost looked forth, one still, clear night.............. 96 663 The frugal snail, with forecast of repose..


434 The glories of our birth and state...


81 The gorse is yellow on the heath.......



The grass is green on Bunker Hill.




The gray sea and the long black land..
The groves were God's first temples..




The half-seen memories of childish days...



301 The harp that once through Tara's halls..
104 The heart of man, walk it which way it will.


105 The heath this night must be my bed.


Sweet Highland Girl, a very shower
Sweet is the pleasure..



Sweet is the voice that calls...
Sweetly breathing vernal air...

557 The hollow winds begin to blow...
The island lies nine leagues away...
The isles of Greece, the isles of Greece!.......
The Jackdaw sat on the Cardinal's chair.
The jester shook his hood and bells..




Sweet stream that winds through yonder glade.... 106
Swiftly walk over the western wave.......
Sword, on my left side gleaming...


519 The keener tempests rise; and fuming dun.


The kiss, dear maid, thy lip has left.............


Take back into thy bosom, earth.......

922 The knight had ridden down from Wensley Moor.. 660 918 The laird o' Cockpen he 's proud and he 's great.... 200 The lark sings for joy in her own loved land... 483 The latter rain,-it falls in anxious haste... 433 The lion is the desert's king... 467


Take one example to our purpose quite.
Take, O, take those lips away....
Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean....... 315
Tell me not in mournful numbers...
Tell me not, sweet, I am unkinde
Tell me where is fancy bred........
Tell me, ye wingèd winds.......
Thank Heaven! the crisis....
That each who seems a separate whole.
That I love thee, charming maid..

235 The little brown squirrel hops in the corn
125 The little gate was reached at last....
369 The maid, and thereby hangs a tale...
299 The maid who binds her warrior's sash..
290 The melancholy days are come..

190 The merry brown hares came leaping
882 | The merry, merry lark was up and singing.
125 The midges dance aboon the burn

That which hath made them drunk..
That which her slender waist confined.
The angel of the flowers, one day.
The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold. 501
The autumn is old...

·· • •

The might of one fair face sublimes my love...
The mistletoe hung in the castle hall.
The moon it shines..

The Autumn time is with us...

434 The more we live, more brief appear....
433 The Moth's kiss, first!.....

Stay, jailer, stay and hear my woe!..
Steady, boys, steady!..

Steer hither, steer your winged pines.
Still to be neat, still to be drest....
Strong Son of God, immortal love...
Stop, mortal! here thy brother lies..
Straightway Virginius led the maid.
Summer has gone....

Summer joys are o'er..

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Sweet and low, sweet and low..
Sweet are the thoughts that savor of content.....
Sweeet Auburn! loveliest village of the plain.
Sweet, be not proud of those two eyes...
Sweet bird! that sing'st away the early hours.
Sweet day, so cool, so calm, so bright...
Sweeter and sweeter...

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135 891



The baby sits in her cradle.


The baby wept...



282 The moving accident is not my trade.........
The muse disgusted at an age and clime...
The Muse's fairest light in no dark time..
Then before all they stand, the holy vow..
Then hear me, bounteous Heaven!...




747 389


The bard has sung, God never formed a soul
The barge she sat in, like a burnished throne.
The bell strikes one; we take no note of time.......
The black-haired gaunt Paulinus..
The blessed damozel leaned out..
The blessed morn has come again..
The boy stood on the burning deck
The breaking waves dashed high..
The brilliant black eye.....

824 Then took the generous host...


440 The night has a thousand eyes....


614 The night is late, the house is still..


587 The night was dark, though sometimes a faint star 409


The night was winter in his roughest mood.........

The ocean at the bidding of the moon..........

The bubbling brook doth leap when I come by..... 403
The busy larke, messager of daye.
The careful hen...

The old mayor climbed the belfry tower.
The path by which we twain did go .

437 631 286 113 344 485 780


754 430


106 908

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446 The play is done,—the curtain drops.

The castle crag of Drachenfels..

The cold winds swept the mountain's height...


The poetry of earth is never dead

The conscious water saw its God and blushed...... 362

The point of honor has been deemed of use..
The Queen looked up, and said.............

The country ways are full of mire....
The cunning hand that carved this face.
The curfew tolls the knell of parting day.
The day had been a calm and sunny day.
The day is cold, and dark, and dreary.
The day returns, my bosom burns.
The devil sits in easy-chair..

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There are gains for all our losses..


There are no colors in the fairest sky.
There are some hearts like wells..


.. 951 There are who say the lover's heart.

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749 | The rain has ceased, and in my room.

305 There are a number of us creep...

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Thou still unravished bride of quietness.
Thou who dost dwell alone..
Thou who, when fears attack....

Thou whose sweet youth..

There came a man, making his hasty moan..
There came to the beach a poor exile of Erin....... 578
There in the fane a beauteous creature stands...... 776
There is a dungeon in whose dim drear light.. 222
There is a flower, a little flower...
There is a garden in her face.....
There is a niland on a river lying..
There is no force, however great..
There was an ape, in the days that were earlier.... 991
The summer and autumn had been so wet.

Three fishers went sailing out into the west.
Three poets, in three distant ages born.
Three students were travelling over the Rhine...............
Three years she grew in sun and shower...
Through her forced, abnormal quiet..
Thus, then, I steer my bark..


The summer sun is falling soft.........

Thy braes were bonny, Yarrow stream. 840 Thy error, Fremont..

The summer sun was sinking.


The sunburnt mowers are in the swath...
The sun comes up and the sun goes down..
The sun has gane down o'er the lofty Ben Lomond. 148





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The sun is warm, the sky is clear.

The sunlight fills the trembling air.
The sunlight glitters keen and bright..
The sun shines bright in our old Kentucky home... 238
The sun sinks softly to his evening post.
The sun that brief December day..
The tattoo beats; the lights are gone...
The thoughts are strange that crowd into my brain 449
The time hath laid his mantle by.
The tree of deepest root is found..
The twilight hours, like birds, flew by.
The wanton troopers, riding by..........
The waters purled, the waters swelled........
The weary night is o'er at last..


The weather leach of the topsail shivers..
The wind blew wide the casement............
The wind it blew, and the ship it flew...
The winds transferred into the friendly sky.
The winter being over..

The wisest of the wise............

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The word of the Lord by night..

The world goes up and the world goes down.
The world is too much with us..

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The world is very evil...

The world's a bubble, and the life of man.........
The Yankee boy before he's sent to school.
They are all gone into the world of light.......
They are dying! they are dying!.
They come ! the merry summer months..
They course the glass, and let it take no rest..
The year stood at its equinox.............

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They'll talk of him for years to come........
They told me I was heir: I turned in haste...
They tell me I am shrewd with other men.
They've got a bran new organ, Sue...
Think not I love him, though I ask for him..........
This figure, that thou here see'st put....
This book is all that's left me now..

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This is the forest primeval..

This is the ship of pearl which poets feign.......
This life, and all that it contains....

This only grant me that my means may lie.....
This region, surely, is not of the earth..
This way the noise was, if mine ear be true.........

This world's a scene as dark as Styx..
Those evening bells! those evening bells!.
Thou blossom, bright with autumn dew.
Though the mills of God grind slowly.......
Thought is deeper than all speech.
Though when other maids stand by.
Thou Grace Divine, encircling all..
Thou happy, happy elf !.............

Thou hast sworn by thy God, my Jeanie..
Thou hidden love of God, whose height..
Thou large-brained woman.
Thou lingering star, with lessening ray.
Thou little bird, thou dweller by the sea.

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"Tis a dozen or so of years ago....

'Tis a fearful night in the winter time.

'Tis an old dial dark with many a stain...
"Tis a little thing..

'Tis beauty truly blent, whose red and white.................
.1008 'Tis believed that this harp.
436 | "Tis midnight's holy hour........
522 'Tis morning: and the sun with ruddy orb.
'Tis much immortal beauty to admire...
421 'Tis night, when Meditation bids us feel..
756 | "Tis past,—the sultry tyrant of the South..........
610 'Tis sweet to hear..
825 'Tis the middle watch of a summer's night..
518 'Tis time this heart should be unmoved....
619 | To bear, to nurse, to rear.

"Tis the last rose of summer...


81 To be, or not to be,-that is the question....
646 To claim the Arctic came the sun...
.. 414
420 To heaven approached a Sufi saint..

414 To draw no envy, Shakespeare, on thy name........ 905


755 To him who, in the love of Nature, holds.


Toiling in the naked fields...........



... 214


Toil on! toil on! ye ephemeral train.
403 Toll for the brave..
351 To make my lady's obsequies...



320 To make this condiment your poet begs.


979 To-morrow's action! can that hoary wisdom.
274 Too late, alas! I must confess....
579 Too late I stayed,-forgive the crime!.



423 To sea! to sea! the calm is o'er...








341 991






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712 T' other day, as I was twining.
132 To the sounds of timbrels sweet...

913 Toussaint! the most unhappy man of men.

770 To weary hearts, to mourning homes..


To write a verse or two is all the praise..

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To you, my purse, and to noon other wight............
Tread softly,-bow the head...


Tres Philosophi de Tusculo..

100 Trochee trips from long to short..

453 True bard and simple,-as the race..

625 True genius, but true woman! dost deny.


Turn, Fortune, turn thy wheel....



Turn, gentle Hermit of the dale..
Turn, turn, for my cheeks they burn..
'Twas a jolly old pedagogue, long ago..
"Twas at the royal feast, for Persia won..


'Twas in heaven pronounced, and 'twas muttered

in hell....

747 "Twas ever thus from childhood's hour..
731 'Twas in the prime of summer time............

778 990 895

156 'Twas morn, and beautiful the mountain's brow... 447 392 'Twas on the shores that round our coast...

93 'Twas the night before Christmas..

208 Two barks met on the deep mid-sea..
390 Two hands upon the breast....

968 96 115 295 923 Two little feet, so small that both may nestle.. 77 288 Two mites, two drops, yet all her house and land.. 362 482 Two of far nobler shape, erect and tall........ 711

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907 ..... 142


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Two pilgrims from the distant plain..
Two went to pray? O, rather say.
Tying her bonnet under her chin.

When a'ither bairnies are hushed to their hame.... 91
Whenas in silks my Julia goes......


.... 576












408 | When I am dead, no pageant train.


469 When icicles hang by the wall...


836 When I consider how my light is spent....





When I do count the clock that tells the time................... 753 When in the chronicle of wasted time.. When in the storm on Albion's coast.. 357 When Israel, of the Lord beloved..... 372 356 When I think on the happy days.. 247 926 When Learning's triumph o'er her barbarous foes.. 905 365 When leaves grow sere all things take sombre hue. 434 When Lesbia first I saw so heavenly fair. When lovely woman stoops to folly. When Love with unconfined wings.. When maidens such as Hester die... 285 When mighty roast beef was the Englishman's food 575 When Music, heavenly maid, was young.. When o'er the mountain steeps..

713 336

Waken, lords and ladies gay...






762 When on my bed the moonlight falls..
468 When shall we all meet again..




83 When stricken by the freezing blast.......
116 When Summer o'er her native hills..





Warsaw's last champion from her height surveyed
Wave after wave of greenness rolling down.
We are two travellers, Roger and I...........
Weehawken! In thy mountain scenery yet.....
Wee, modest, crimson-tippèd flower.
Weep ye no more, sad fountains!.........
Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie..
Wee Willie Winkie rins through the town...
We have been friends together..
We knew it would rain, for all the morn.
427 When that my mood is sad and in the noise.........
We know not what it is, dear, this sleep so deep.... 297 | When the black-lettered list to the gods was pre-
Welcome, maids of honor!..
Welcome, welcome, do I sing.
We live in deeds, not years..
We meet 'neath the sounding rafter..
We parted in silence, we parted by night.
We pledged our hearts, my love and I............
Were I as base as is the lowly plain...
Werther had a love for Charlotte...
We sat by the fisher's cottage..
We scatter seeds with careless hand..
We see not, know not; all our way.
We stood upon the ragged rocks...
We the fairies blithe and antic.
We were crowded in the cabin..

126 When the British warrior queen.
When the hounds of spring...


898 When the hours of day are numbered..


When the humid shadows hover.

When the lamp is shattered...

135 When the lessons and tasks are all ended..
972 When the sheep are in the fauld.............

691 When to the sessions of sweet silent thought..
739 When troubled in spirit, when weary of life......
375 When your beauty appears....

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Under a spreading chestnut-tree..
Under my window, under my window.
Underneath this marble hearse..
Unfading Hope! when life's last embers burn.............. 743 | When descends on the Atlantic.......
Untremulous in the river clear..
429 When Eve brought woe...
Up from the meadows rich with corn..
Up from the South at break of day.
Upon ane stormy Sunday.
Upon a rock yet uncreate..
Upon the white sea-sand...
Up! quit thy bower!

596 When falls the soldier brave......
When first I saw sweet Peggy.


187 When first thou camest, gentle, shy, and fond.
991 When Freedom, from her mountain height.
333 When God at first made man....

Up springs the lark....
Up the airy mountain..

Up the dale and down the bourne.
Up the streets of Aberdeen..

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Veni, Creator Spiritus...

Veni, Sancte Spiritus.....

Victor in poesy! Victor in romance!...........
Vital spark of heavenly flame!.

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We were not many,-we who stood..
We wreathed about our darling's head.......
Whan that Aprille with hise shourès soote....
What a moment, what a doubt!......

What ails this heart o' mine...

What change has made the pastures sweet.
What constitutes a state ?.

What does little birdie say..
What hid'st thou in thy treasure caves and cells ?.. 619
What hope is here for modern rhyme.
What is death? "Tis to be free.......

While on the cliff with calm delight she kneels..... 81 291 While sauntering through the crowded street..... 760 744 Whilom by silver Thames's gentle stream......


227 | Whither, midst falling dew.......



Whoe'er she be...



What is it fades and flickers in the fire.......
What is the little one thinking about?..
What needs my Shakespeare for his honored bones. 906
What's fame ?-a fancied life in others' breath..... 780
What shall I do with all the days and hours.. 244
What's hallowed ground? Has earth a clod....... 788
What's this dull town to me?....
What was he doing, the great God Pan ?.
What, was it a dream ? am I all alone....
Wheel me into the sunshine

Who has not dreamed a world of bliss..
Who has not heard of the Vale of Cashmere..
Who would care to pass his life.............


Why came the rose? Because the sun is shining... 148

154 Why, lovely charmer, tell me why.

865 Why sits she thus in solitude?...

146 790 263


527 Why so pale and wan, fond lover ?..........

325 Why thus longing, thus forever sighing.




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627 | Where are you going, my pretty maid..

523 Whereas, on certain boughs and sprays..


Where did you come from, baby dear?...
Where is the grave of Sir Arthur O'Kellyn ?....
Where the remote Bermudas ride.............

Whether with reason or with instinct blest...

167 Which is the wind that brings the cold ?.......


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115 665


412 Where are the men who went forth in the morning 530 835 Where are the swallows fled ?.


958 992


... 538 625 781 451

Which I wish to remark, and my language is plain. 987 Which shall it be? which shall it be?... 230

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Widow Machree, it's no wonder you frown
Wild rose of Alloway! my thanks.
Willie, fold your little hands...

With awful walls, far glooming, that possessed.... 699

With deep affection..


With fingers weary and worn...............

With how sad steps, O moon ! thou climb’st.......

Within the navel of this hideous wood...
Within these walls of Arcadie...

Within the sober realm of leafless trees..
With silent awe I hail the sacred morn.
With sorrow and heart's distress..
Woodman, spare that tree !...........
Wordsworth upon Helvellyn! let the cloud
Word was brought to the Danish king.
Wouldst thou hear what man can say.
Would ye be taught, ye feathered throng.
Would you know why I summoned you together?.. 875

Ye mariners of England..

Ye powers who rule the tongue.
Yes! bear them to their rest..

Yes," I answered you last night.

Ye sons of freedom, wake to glory!.

Ye who would have your features florid.
Yield to me now, for I am weak...

“You are old, Father William," the young man

You bells in the steeple..

You charm when you talk.

You have heard,” said a youth.


You know we French stormed Ratisbon...


You lay a wreath on murdered Lincoln's bier...... 931
You meaner beauties of the night.......
You must wake and call me early.
Young Ben he was a nice young man.
"Young, gay, and fortunate!" Each yields a theme. 106

124 327 963

Young Rory O'More courted Kathleen Bawn.. Year after year unto her feet... 174 Your fav'rite picture rises up before me. Years, years ago, ere yet my dreams.. 971 Your horse is faint, my king, my lord.. Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon... 249 Your wedding-ring wears thin, dear wife............ Ye little snails........................................................................................................................ 486 You see this pebble stone? It's a thing I bought...1008

.. 196 81 507 221

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410 321





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The Poetical Quotations referred to in this Index will be found-as indicated by the page-number following the line or phrase indexed-either in the body of some poem, or as a brief or "fragment" in its appropriate Division. The key-words, under which these are indexed, will ordinarily be the nouns of the quotation, although there is many a "bold expressive phrase," the essential peculiarities of which are indexed, whatever they may be. Take two familiar instances, the key-words being here italicized:

“Truth crushed to earth shall rise again"

is found in WM. CULLEN BRYANT's poem entitled "The Battle-Field,” on page 534; while "Sighed and looked unutterable things"

on page 204 is found to be a fragment from "The Seasons: Summer," by JAMES THOMSON. Thus the reader may ascertain the position in this volume, the original source or poem, the name of the author, and the correct reading of the thousands of poetical quotations given in the book.


ABANDON, all hope, ye who enter here, | Adds a precious seeing, 203.


Adieu, dear amiable youth, 796.
my native shore, 238.

she cried, and waved her lily hand,


Abashed the devil stood, 398.

Abdiel, the seraph, 387.

Abode, dread, 307.

Abora, Mount, singing of, 834.

Above the reach of ordinary men, 807. Abridgment of all that was pleasant in man, 724.

thee from felicity awhile, 811. though, present in desires, 248. Absolute rule, eye sublime declared, 711. Abstract doth contain that large, 107. Abyss, cares little into what, 271. Abyssinian maid, it was an, 834. Academe, olive grove of, 720.

Academes that nourish all the world, 133.
Accent, persuasive, 724.

Accidents by flood and field. 145.
Accomplishment of verse, 766.

Account, beggarly, of empty boxes, 809.

sent to my, 310.
Accoutred as I was, 670.
Accuse not nature, 795.
Acorns, oaks from little, 107.
Acquaintance, should auld, 118.
Acres, few paternal, 225.

in the tented field, 145. lose the name of, 297. no worthy, done, 398.

of the tiger, imitate the, 503. pious, we sugar o'er, 396. Actions, speaker of my living, 811.

virtuous, are but born and die, 811. Actors, these our, were all spirits, 867. Acts being seven ages, 711.

little nameless, 404.

our angels are, or good or ill, 797. the best who thinks most, 742. those graceful, 795. unremembered, 404.

distrest, though oft to, 203.
of prayer, 358.
swimmer in his, 632.

the cottage might, 690.
Adorned the most when unadorned, 795. Agree as angels do above, 399.
Adorning with so much art, 795.
Adorns and cheers the way, 800.
Adulteries of art, 713.
Advantage, feet nailed for our,
Adventure of the diver, 801.
preys upon high, 798.
Adversaries, as, do in law, 121.
Adversity, autumn of, 120.


Aid, apt alliteration's artful, 807.
foreign, of ornament, 795.
Air a chartered libertine, 723.
and harmony of shape, 725.
benediction of the, 807.
bites shrewdly, 491.
desert and illimitable, 481.
diviner, an ampler ether, 399.
fairer than the evening, 134.
fills the silent, 491.
heaven's sweetest, 722.
hurtles in the darkened, 540.
is delicate, 720.

is full of farewells, 272.
love free as, 215.
melted into thin, 867.
nipping and an eager, 491.
of glory, walking in an, 274.
recommends itself, 720.
scent the morning, 489.
summer's noontide, 492.
sweetness on the desert, 306.
to rain in the, 489.
trifles light as, 207.

Vocal, 726.

Affront me, a well-bred man will not,780.
Afric's sunny fountains, 395.
After-loss, drop in for an, 271.
Afterwards he taught, 697.
Agate-stone, no bigger than an, 836.
Age, ache, penury, 347.

accompany old, 794.

be comfort to my, 394.
cannot wither her, 712.
expect one of my, you'd scarce, 107.
grow dim with, the sun, 759.
in every, in every clime, 370.
labor of an, 906.

Age to come my own, make the, 811.
'twixt boy and youth, 108.
Ages, alike all, 232.

heir of all the, 258.

talking, made for, 686.

that melts in unperceived decay, 794.


through the, one purpose owns, 257.
wakens the slumbering, 812.

Ages, ye unborn, 868.
Agonies, despairing, 800.
Agony all we know of, 583.

wantons with the, lovesick, 133. Air-drawn dagger, 868.

Airs, gentle, fresh gales and, 209.

Airy nothing, a local habitation to, 867.

purposes, execute, 868.

tongues that syllable men's names, 830.

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