and righteously jealous of the least in- | Legislatures of the Provinces of Upfringement of personal liberty, felt per, Lower, and United Canada were bound, even when that liberty was not mere deliberative bodies with an jeopardized in conflict with these Leg incidental permission to enact laws, islatures, to recognise that, in certain but were real and veritable Parlia. cases, they possessed powers inherent, ments. · and independent of the phraseology of We shall, at another time, endeathe statute-draftsman. In a word, vour to prove that the present Legisthe Canadian tribunals ruled that, latures of Ontario and Quebec are the barring those sovereign attributes inheritors of the powers and Privileges which belong, by assured and pre-emi. of the old Provincial Parliaments of nent right to, the Imperial Legislature, Canada. and which cannot be delegated, the


H OW can I cease to pray for thee? Somewhere

- In God's great universe thou art to-day : Can He not reach thee with His tender care ?

Can He not hear me when for thee I pray?

What matters it to Him who holds within

The hollow of His hand all worlds, all space,
That thou art done with earthly pain and sin ?

Somewhere within His ken thou hast a place.

Somewhere thou livest and hast need of Him :

Somewhere thy soul sees higher heights to climb ;
And somewhere still there may be valleys dim

That thou must pass to reach the hills sublime.

Then all the more, because thou canst not hear

Poor human words of blessing, will I pray,
O true, brave heart! God bless thee, wheresoe'er

In His great universe thou art to-day!

Froin 'Friar Anselmo."



TELL, my dears, here I am at could name. So that, for all these VV your service again. An old i reasons I trust I may take the liberty woman, to be sure, and a bit of a of supposing Non-Resident' to be of battered old body, seventy-seven years the masculine gender. old, but sound at the core yet, and My dears, I really ought to beg still able to tell how many beans make your pardon for asking you to listen five. I am rather flattered by being to a very few words—and I promise told that in my person there has been a very few -- from our venerable a good lawyer lost. To tell you the friend' of Newfangle. I shall confine truth, girls, I have sometimes thought myself strictly to correcting mistateso myself. But, lawyer or no lawyer, ments—as nearly as I possibly can, at I hope I may never have a worse least—and it is always well and right cause to plead than that of the mento do that. It has been suggested of our common human nature, our that my 'first homily' was 'throughfathers and sons and brothers. Al out a sneer '-yes, my dears, sneer in man who sings the praises of women italics—'at the higher education of may be a 'noble poet;' I am content, | women.' You will find it hard to bebut, to my thinking, it is a yet nobler lieve so wild a mistatement, so bring task to undertake the defence of men the MAGAZINE (for all this has, someupon whom unjust aspersions are cast. how or other, got into print) and see It has been suggested that I might for yourselves that, in that 'homily,' have left the defence of men to them education is very slightly spoken of selves. Not a bit of it, my dears. Few twice, and, each time, expressly with men would think it worth their while reference to men and women alike, as or would take the trouble. And here being both subject to the same condiI am led to ask, is this opponent of tions. In all the rest, about nineteen. mine a man or a woman? From all twentieths of the whole, I think I outward signs I should say a man. It may say positively that education is not would be an extremely rare woman once alluded to. In like manner, the who would speak of men as Non. imputed 'attack 'might be disposed of. Resident' does, whereas I could im You know very well, my dears, that agine it possible that a man might my 'homily' has been highly approved think himself entitled to speak of his of by women--for Bella will continue own sex in any terms that might to think Jack the finest fellow in the please himself--a rara avis to be sure, world--and that it has been read by but then there are odd fishes. Women men to their wives and daughtersgenerally reserve their censure for they have told you so themselves. women; read their books about them. Nay, a critic has said it is written selves; listen to their talk about one with the utmost good humour, and no another. Besides, there is the prin one could be offended at it. But it is ciple of detur digniori-yes, my dears, | more than that,' &c., &c. I know a few scraps of Latin-grammar My definition of an average man like several lady writers whom I ! Non-Resident' demurs to.' But, unfortunately, in the very next sen- , defrauded of never so small a portion tence, we find an evident misunder- of her stipend. So that there are two standing of what average means. Hesides to that shield.' The scorn atspeaks of the average yield of a field tributed to me is mere matter of imof wheat,' an expression which has no agination. I did not say one word meaning, at least, here in Newfangle. | about the loss to the women themNo farmer here would say so—no selves, one way or another, beyond farmer would know what was meant. stating its amount and its proportion If he had anything to say about his to their earnings, as a matter of figures field of wheat, he would put his mean. when I was necessarily dealing with ing into some other and more intellig-| figures, and as a matter likely to be ible form. In default, then, of a lost sight of when our eyes were daz. juster appreciation by Non-Resident' zled with such a sum as $21,000. of the word "average,' we may fairly What I did say was that the proporfall back on my own interpretation, tion of the helpless relatives of this that, namely, of nearly all men.' small proportional loss—this fraction of Average men are all those who are a fraction in their case—could hardly not remarkable in any way, whether be supposed to cause much suffering for good or evil ; they spread over the to them. When the cruelty of men's dull level of mediocrity-a vast un cheating is held up to reprobation in interesting plain, which comprehends a sensational style, I claim, for my within its limits the great bulk of part, the absolute right to dissect it humanity-if not ninety-nine out of to the last atom, and exhibit it in its a hundred, certainly not less than naked truth. It must be borne in ninety. Nearly all men in short. ' mind that these helpless relatives' I do not know why the manufactu- | are a pure assumption, except in a cerrer or importer, the milk seller, the tain proportion of cases in which they shopkeeper, the lawyer' are held 'may no doubt be fairly supposed to up as peculiar examples of dis- exist. Let us have the truth without honesty ; it can bardly be intended exaggeration. Fortunate the woman, to attribute to them a monopoly of as fortunate the man, who have it in cheating ; men of whatever calling are, their power to assist helpless relatake them all round, pretty even. I tives. It is a virtue certainly not Stand up then, men of the Dominion, confined to women. I am sorry, more and plead to this indictment. What sorry for him than for myself, that say you? Guilty or not guilty ? *Non-Resident'has so low an estimate

A good deal of pathos-irreproach of the appreciation shown by a able where well bestowed—is thrown Woman of Newfangle of the circumaway, so far as I am concerned, stances and needs of her struggling upon women of mature age weep and suffering sisters,' and that he ating,' and 'many a poor school teacher, tributes to her an ignorance upon such &c. I will ask Non-Resident' to points which taxes our credulity even widen his charity in my case, and in a royal personage in these times, in to believe me capable of heartily the well-worn story of Marie Ancommiserating all unfortunate women. toinette. The · Woman of Newfangle' At the same time, I must say that must find her consolation in throwing the female school teacher, who has herself upon the consideration of the come most in my way, has been rather community in which she has lived all a dashing young woman, with plenty these long years, and which must hapof money for dress, and plenty of lei- pily know more about her than a sure for displaving it. And I can Non-Resident' can. I can only say truly declare that, in all my time, I that in Newfangle-and I hope it is have never heard of a single one being l the same where Non-Resident' lives -our struggling and suffering sisters | innocence till guilt is proved-Do are never-no, never, I believe-left not kick a man when he is down. In without help. Our charities do not short, I do not know a principle of lie dormant here more than elsewhere. more universal acceptation than that,

The story' of Baron Huddleston while a case is yet sub judice, outsiders may be alarming' or charming must not presume to pronounce upon either epithet seems about equally it. There must be so many scholars applicable — for aught I can say. I of this common school that to claim to • Non-Resident's' estimate of a lie is | be one of them is a very small matter. self-evident, but perhaps it is not all. Non-Resident' says that was an It may possibly be thought that, unfortunate reference' (to the United where one is glib and fluent in a lie, States) from our friend from Newand another boggles, the first has pro fangle, &c.,' and yet it is to the United bably had more practice. But the States that he goes for his examples of 6 story' was introduced with no inten the defrauding' of women; of the tion of this kind; it was left to make “weak binding themselves together to its own impression purposely without resist the oppression of the strong ;' one word of comment. It was brought and of the preposterous system of sex in as having a direct bearing on the protection,' all which, we are given to point at issue, namely, how far on understand, fall far short of the truth. such an authority as to the credibility It is of American men that we are of women in courts of justice it would asked to believe that, when they are be admissible to strike off one from paying to 6,500 women the sum of the list of fraudulent' cases in New $1,300,000 (at the low average of $200 fangle. It has been said to me, if each), they are capable of the almost fraud is imputed to all these men, incredible cheese-paring meanness and why not impute falsehood to all these guilt of endeavouring to rob them back women? There is no more proof of again of a sixtieth part of the money ! one than of the other, nor is one a bit Say what you will of it, whether or more hard or unjust or unfair than not it be so much the worse for the the other.' I have not said so, but I facts,' it is incredible on the very face have no answer to make.

of it. “Mr. Stephenson,' asked a memI am sorry that •Non-Resident' ber of a Parliamentary Committee, should think that I desired to take a if a cow should stray on the track of small advantage' in the case of Cap the railway, how then?' Answers tain Carey. My explanation is some. canny north-country George, 'So much what akin to that of Non Resident.' the worse for the coo.' If NonCarefully examine the relative dates for Resident' will permit me, I will take yourselves, and you will see that, when the liberty of pointing out to him that I spoke to you about the matter, the | facts depend for their true significance ultimate decision had not yet reached on all accompanying and associated us here. I, too, knew all about the circumstances. There is the fact that torrent of indignant condemnation, we stand stock-still and see the sun but it is a mistake to speak of the 'ap rise up, travel across the sky, and sink parent unanimity of public opinion;' down to rest, no facts on the face of unanimity was far from apparent or creation are more absolutely manifest, real. There is no more dangerous yet—so much the worse for the facts. * torrent to be carried away upon than Non-Resident' speaks of the timethat of popular clamour. You will re honoured privilege of the sex, what member that, from the first, I told you she will, she will, you inay depend to reserve your opinion. I recom-l on't,' and if the facts go against her, mended to you two maxims, always so much the worse for the facts.' Is safe and more than safe-Believe in he not caught napping for once? Is not even 'Non-Resident'here having , tions, but we should hardly think of his own little fling at the sex?

any inferiority of either to the other. In the case of the English female But, if he says, there is a difference authors, I am content to let judg between June and January,' he has. ment go by default (has there not tens to make it appear that he is conanother lawyer been lost beside the scious of the manifest inferiority of woman of Newfangle ?). I am so much January (just the same as there is a more in the habit of seeing English manifest inferiority in the case under magazines than American, that I did notice—see · Newfangle' passim), and not notice that.Non-Resident'referred he adds, it is by no means sought to particularly to American magazines. deny or underrate the difference. I 1 apologise. .

may remark too, that it was not With regard to the man who is paid Non-Resident,' but a writer under $1,800 a year, I spoke designedly. another' name, who made use of the From what was said, it was to be un very correct phrase so that I am as derstood that this man is a mere copy. well entitled to my interpretation as ing clerk of the most ordinary capacity, he is to his own. Besides, as his view a class of men notoriously receiving is insisted on a little bit strongly, it small, very small payment. Either, would have been better to be careful then, this is an exceptional case in as to 'fact.' I did not declare that some way or other, or it is not un any one who knows the real force or common for copying clerks in the U. meaning of language would agree with S. P. O's to be paid $1800 a year for one,' but that I would be judged by all their services. This certainly does who knew the real force and meaning seem a case of 'so much the worse of words,' a much more modest and for the facts,' and I think we could moderate course, I submit. not very well come to a “decision' about The sculptor' is pretty well worn it without knowing more about the too. But the fact remains that he case.' On the face of it, Non-Resi does every day produce, without any dent' has here discovered an ‘Arcadia' insuperable difficulty, statues of men in of his own—an arcadia of American their ordinary dress, whereas he knows P. O. copying clerks. It would ap that the indescribable extravaganpear that all the cases in connection cies of feminine costume are wholly with this part of the subject are al out of the range of 'æsthetic' artlowed 'to go by default in the very that if there be 'grace,' it is a grace test instances selected by' himself, beyond the reach of his art. The namely, any inadequacy of the lady's painter can deal with them more salary or hardship to herself, or easily; he has colour and light and any 'preposterous sex protection' in shade at his arbitrary command, and the cases of the illustrations and the he has stratagems and dodges with cabinet. By the way, if 'genius which to evade the monstrosities. usually commands its own recognition, Look, for example, at that print of the especially musical or pictorial, art,' poor princess Charlotte — her sad how came it that these very exqui death is one of my early recollections, site' illustrations did not command and I have had that print ever since I their recognition?

was very young. See how the lavish The difference about difference' display of the figure (as is in vogue tomay be briefly disposed of. We need day), is brought within better bounds, no conjuror to discover that differ by the floating scarf and the hand ence' in the dictionary is not explained | laid in the bosom. as inferiority. If one says, there My dears, there is a good deal of is a difference between June and July,' | idle talk about men and women. Men it is true that there are minor varia- | and women are much of a muchness..

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