And tremulous with passionate despair-
Half-parted lips that, in their tender curves,
Droop mournfully, and heavy lashes wet
With unshed tears. —

Before her sweeps
The crystal glory rounding from the rock
And melting into sunbeams as it falls.
A thousand changing tints of flashing dew,
Strewn like a garland at Niagara's feet,
Weave ever higher their mystic blossomings,
And higher still in showers of starry bloom,
Till one wild leap flings to the top-most crag
Its vivid splendour, and across the foam
There glows a rainbow wreath of victory.
But not for her the beauty or the power ;
She hears the grand, deep music in her soul,
And vainly pictures the Unseen. Oh! Fate,

Too cruel in thy gifts—the self-same world
· Holds blindness and Niagara !

And yet
We all are standing helpless on the brink
Where Science totters and where Reason falls-
We feel the solid earth beneath our feet
And know that we are masters of its lore.
From darkest caves of thought we pluck the pearl
Of knowledge, and the magic of its gleam
Guides us through æons of uncounted years
Back to the great First Cause,—a step—and then
We falter on the verge of the Unknown :
The deep gulf yawns before us—we are blind.
But ever and anon across the gloom
We hear the waters of Eternity
Sounding mysterious music through the night,
And though we cannot see their endless sweep
We know a rainbow rests upon their foam-
The wondrous radiance of the smile of God.




T HAVE called you together again, array of dishonesties, which is evi1 my dears, to make a few remarks dently meant to convey the impresupon what has been said by Non sion that such men are very numerResident.' I shall be as brief as I ous. A 'statement of simple can. It is satisfactory to find that made in supposed proof of it. It is • Non-Resident' is conscious of the quoted that during the last year the

odium attaching to the foolish and Working Women's Protection Union extreme opinions of some of its (The 1 of New York, one of whose objects it Woman Question's) most indiscreet | is to provide gratuitous legal services supporters,' and of the “indiscretion' for women defrauded' (sic) by their of some 'female speaker who had the í omployers, has recovered no less an misfortune to say, possibly under a amount than $21,000 for 6,500 womomentary excitement, that men were men, and that without any expense to “ the lower and coarser half of hu the claimants, who range from the manity.”! An article of some ten or servant to the teacher. How much twelve pages can hardly be imagined suffering the lack of this $21,000 to have been composed under 'mo- | might have caused we may best realize mentary excitement. However, all | by remembering that few, indeed, of this is very well indeed, but would the women who work have not helphave been much better if a similar less relatives depending upon them.' apology had been made for the 'fool Now, my dears, $21,000 is a large ish and extreme opinion,' the 'indis- sum here, but in a city like New York cretion' and 'misfortune' of saying it is a mere drop of water in the sea. that the moment that the principle Then 6,500 women is a large number, of self-interest' (the basis of all com but it represents only one in about mercial transactions) 'comes into play, sixty of what I understand to be the the average man' (that is, almost adult female population of New York every man) 'is more ready to grind and its suburbs or outlying cities; down, to overwork, to underpay, to $21,000 yields an average of $3.26 in cheat outright a woman than a man, each case. These women, we are told, just because he thinks he can do it range from the servant to the teacher; with more impunity.' But we have their average earnings, as wages and no such apology. So, far from it, payments go there (servant girls get

Non-Resident' comes up again to twelve dollars a month), cannot certhe charge and pours in another vol tainly be set down at less than $200 ley of the same accusation. To be a year. That, I believe, is a low.estisure, the tone is very much lowered. mate. Of that sum $3.26 amounts to All we are told now is that where about one dollar in sixty-one, or one men will cheat men, they will be cent in sixty-one, and 'the lack of this' more ready to cheat women, as more very small proportion could hardly be helpless,' and that this is simply hu supposed to cause much suffering to man nature.' This is a very different helpless relatives. No doubt some of matter. Still it is prefaced with an | the claims would be larger, but then

others would become insignificant, so tainly Mr. Baron Huddleston (a Baron that one balances the other. Looked of the High Court of Exchequer, my at in this way, the statement is found dears). Some surprise and disconto be sensational, got up for a pur- certment have, therefore, naturally pose, as all such statements always been caused at a few observations are. But, that you may understand which this most knightly-hearted and it better, let us reduce it to our New accomplished judge recently made at fangle standard, and then we can the Exeter Assizes. While a certain bring our own experience to bear case in court was proceeding, one of upon it. Following a precise propor the counsel committed himself to the tion between the two populations, as rash statement that “a woman would nearly as I can come to it at the mo- swear anything," an abominable heresy ment, we shall have six and a half which his lordship might have been women sueing for twenty-one dollars. expected sternly and promptly to conBut, as we cannot divide a woman by demn. As a matter of fact, Mr. two-though there are some of whom Baron Huddleston did rebuke the ashalf would be a sufficient allowance sertion, but only in the mildest man. let us throw in the fraction and say ner, and, indeed, his qualification of seven, with an average claim for the charge seems something very like three dollars. Now, in the whole a confirmation of it. While protesttownship and spread over twelve ing that “his experience of women months, that does not strike one as a was not sufficient to enable him to go very heinous amount of iniquity. But quite so far as this,” he declared as an yet from that large deductions must undoubted fact that a woman told a be made. Non-Resident' tells us | lie with very much better effect than that 'this sum is not to be wholly set did a man; and he proceeded to place down to masculine injustice, for wo-l on record his testimony to the circummen are too often shamefully thought stance that “women lie more logically' less and unjust in their dealings with (score a point here for “Non-Resitheir own sex.' We may safely accept dent”) “than men,” as well as his this upon so good an authority, and own incapacity to “gauge the veracity may, therefore, fairly suppose that in of a female witness ”—an intellectual at least two of the seven cases the de compliment to the sex involving a fendant men would be acting, or rather grave ethical opprobrium.' suffering, on behalf of their wives. I will leave it to yourselves, my Then, as in Newfangle, we by no dears, to determine whether we should means take it for granted that a suit be in excess by striking off one more for money necessarily implies an at case from the list on this ground. You tempt to defraud, and as we should, in hesitate? The question before you is deed, set it down as a gross calumny this : If you are asked to believe that to say so, we may strike off two more men will cheat women out of some on that ground.

vast sum, of which we are told, as you There is yet another point to con will hear presently, $21,000 represider, as to which I will follow Non sents but a very small fraction, do you Resident's' frequent example and find it hard to believe that women quote from other authorities. I will might cheat men out of a seventh part read the following to you from a late of $21,000 ? If you cannot bring London paper :

yourselves to believe the latter, with "If there is one member of the ju what sort of conscience can you credit dicial bench from whose lips it might the former? It is much to be labe confidently asserted that nothing mented that such a question should derogatory to the dignity of woman- | have been brought before the public hood would fall, that member is cer- | in this way, and more still before you, but we have it and we must deal with The 6,500 cheating men become 1,856, it. Men who owe money say that which gives us one in about 215 vf the they do not; women to whom money adult male population of New York. is not due say that it is. As the case And surely so much the better from is put by “Non-Resident,' and on the every possible point of view. Human testimony-and stronger could not be nature is faulty enough without being

--before you, shall we or shall we not blackened beyond its deserts. When strike off one case on this ground? You an apparent, it cannot surely be a real, assent now? All of you? Very well. attempt is made to establish an antagSpeaking generally, whatever may onism between men and women, and be the fact in New York, bere such a to make young creatures like yourProtective Union would undoubtedly selves, my dears, believe that you are have the effect of bringing every | going out into a world where you will trumpery and slippery case into court, | be the victims and prey, if not of your and of making the most of it when own fathers and brothers, husbands there. There would be no direct cost and sons, of the fathers and brothers, to the claimant, at the worst she could and husbands and sons of other women, lose nothing, and there would be a of men who will choat you out of your pleasurable excitement and notoriety honest earnings, the sooner you are about it. These various considerations disa bused of any such idea the better. would all be unquestionably in fullforce It is almost a waste of time to notice in Newfangle (and, if human nature be the stories that we are told, in order to the same in both places, in New York proye a preposterous system of sexalso), and would reduce our seven cases protection — the protection of the to two. It may be very sad that we stronger against the weaker' (!). A should have even two rogues capable • lady' is paid $900 a year for certain of cheating poor women of three dol services. That is about their marketlars apiece, but, as it seems that there able value, about what a correspond. must be some roguery everywhere, and ing clerk, with similar qualifications, there are some two thousand of us here is paid in a mercantile house in Lonto share it, we need not break our don or Liverpool, and I should suppose, hearts about it, nor get up sensational therefore, in New York. As for the statements of the amount of cruel 'man' who gets $1,800 for what are cheating inflicted by men upon women, said to be inferior services, no decision "helpless' women. Nay; it is not im could be come to without knowing possible that we may have two or three more about the case. Again, publishers, women able and willing to impose upon as a rule, very justifiably trade upon our men to that extent, if they have a established reputations and would dewhole year given them to do it in. cline any illustrations' by an un

Now, my dears, you have only to known artist, be it man or woman, judge of the $21,000 and the 6,500 unless accompanied by special testicases of imputed fraud at New York monials, and most likely even then. by the same tests that we have applied The gentleman friend' performed a here—tests derived partly from Non miracle, unless he came with such adeResident's' own admission, partly quate testimonials in his hand. Such from the commonest charity towards want of appreciation as that shown in our fellow-creatures, and partly from the instance of the cabinet has hapthe testimony of the judgment seat pened in hundreds of cases to men. and the delinquency of those dreadful | As a rule, the greater the excellence men dwindles down to very small pro-l of the work, the more it is over the portions ; indeed, I must say to little heads of ordinary people, and the less better, after such strenuous denuncia understood. At a famous picture-sale tions, than a ridiculous anti-climax. | two works were bought, the one for twenty-one times the price paid to the falls to the ground. We are compelled artist, the other for thirty-two times. to say the same of the number of The painters were both still living, flagrant instances of this kind from my both were, and had been, in affluent own personal knowledge.' In a case circumstances, and had been under no of such grave importance as that now necessity to dispose of their produc under consideration, no vague charges tions beneath their value. So much like this can be admitted. The inhad even themselves been mistaken in stances' might be looked at through their judgment of their own perform the wrong end of the glass. There ances! One of them was Copley might be great difference of opinion as Fielding, President of the Society of to what constitutes 'flagrant instances.' Painters in Water Colours, the other Then, my dears, I do not see very was David Roberts, R. A. It need not well why these women are called be said that neither of them was a weak 'and helpless' in this matter. woman. If he had been, or both, say, They have power to combine against what a capital sensational story! În their employers, they can put the enshort, to tell such tales with the ex gine of the law in force, the Courts are pectation that they will not be seen open to them, they can recover $21,000. through and through by every body of Why not all the vast sum of which this any discernment, is mere child's play. is said to be a very small fraction ?'

Well, my dears, you have now seen And, mind you, the judge is a man, how, by bringing to bear upon any the counsel are men, the statutes have subject some of that fierce light which been enacted by men ; yet, strange to is said to beat upon a throne, it will say, women recover $21,000—a queer come out in its real form and colour, commentary on the oppression of the and will out-blazen all prejudice and weak by the strong.' I should add, misrepresentation-far be it from me, the jury are men, too. Stay though, in this case, to say wilful misrepresent can we make quite sure that they are ation.

not women personating their husbands, *Non-Resident' says that the said with the marital trousers on ? It could $21,000 in New York alone must re be done. In the name of the majesty present a very small fraction of such of the law, this should be looked to. uncollected debts,' that is, debts for I will now, my dears, if it shall not the recovery of which the weak are tire you, notice, as shortly as I can, obliged to band themselves together to such farther points in ‘Non-Resident's* resist the oppression of the strong.' article as seem to require it. The We hear nothing about the suits insti Movement for the Higher Education tuted for the recovery of money by of Women 'was not • stigmatised' by men, possibly from women, or by wo me, nor anything of the kind. It is men from women, in the course of a 1 an excellent thing as far as it goes, but year, in New York; if we did, it I pointed out what it may reasonably would doubtless give a very different be hoped to do, and what it never can complexion to the case. But not to do. dwell upon that, of what sum may When you have done laughing at a $21,000 be properly said to constitute woman's doing 'a good day's plougha very small fraction? Of $100,000, ing,' and at a man's not being able to $200,000, $500,000? It is hard to make as much fire as will boil a little assign a limit. Where is the proof ? water in a kettle-how about camping • Non-Resident' does not seem quite out I-I will proceed. You Newfangle clearly to understand that when any girls know better than that, at any person undertakes to prove a case by rate. If you could take in such stuff

facts,' as 'Non-Resident' has done, / as that, you would have to give up all all mere assertion outside of those facts | claim to the 'quick wits,' which 'Non

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