Pilate's Wife, Volume 4

New Directions Publishing, 2000 - 135 pagina's

Veronica--Pontius Pilate's wife--is beautiful, brilliant, and weary of a life spent in her boudoir and the Roman court. When one of her lovers sends her disguised as a servant to a seer, she feels suddenly alive, experiencing "sudden pre-visions of inner splendor." The seer, Mnevis, arouses the artist, the dreamer in her, eventually telling her of a Jew, a "love-god," who believes women have an important place in the spiritual hierarchy. What follows is a chain of events in which Veronica commits the one genuine act of her life, offering Jesus a "way out" before his crucifixion.

This revision of biblical history--in the tradition of D. H. Lawrence's The Man Who Died and Kazantzakis's The Last Temptation of Christ--is not just a novel; but part of the ongoing dialogue about the feminine and divine. Pilate's Wife was written by H.D. in 1929, revised in 1934, and is now finally published by New Directions, edited with an introduction by H.D. scholar Joan Burke. It is a testament to Alicia Ostriker's claim that, among the women poets and novelists of this century, "H.D. is the most profoundly religious, the most seriously engaged in spiritual quest."


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A peculiar, yet compeling work of historical fiction by H. D., the poet most know for her imagist works. The ins and outs of the personalities and Roman court at Jerusealum can get confusing at first ... Volledige review lezen

Pilate's wife / H. D.; edited, with an introduction by Joan A. Burke

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H.D. is the pseudonym used by notable Twenties poet Hilda Doolittle. Telling Pilate's story from the viewpoint of his wife, Claudia Procula, H.D. is quick to point out that she preferred to refer to ... Volledige review lezen

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Pagina iii - The Professor and I discuss this picture. He asks if it is I, the dreamer, who am the baby in the reed basket? I don't think I am. Do I remember if the picture as I knew it as a child had any other figure? I can't remember. The Professor thinks there is the child Miriam, half concealed in the rushes; do I remember? I half remember. Am I, perhaps, the child Miriam? Or am I, after all, in my fantasy, the baby? Do I wish myself, in the deepest unconscious or subconscious layers of my being, to be the...

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H.D. (1886-1961) (the pen name of Hilda Doolittle) was born in the Moravian community of Bethlehem, PA in 1886. A major twentieth century poet with an ear more subtle than Pound's, Moore's, or Yeats's" as Marie Ponsot writes, she was the author of several volumes of poetry, fiction, essays, and memoirs. She is perhaps one of the best-known and prolific women poets of the Modernist era. Bryher Ellerman was a novelist and H.D.'s wealthy companion. She financed H.D.'s therapy with Freud.

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