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FOR MAT, 1804


JUNE, 1801.

THE principal design of this Society, as far as it

1 may pléase God to succeed the Institution, is to sup, ply destitute Congregations with a succession of able and evan, gelical Ministers.

With this view, it is proposed to altist pious young men of promising abilities for the Ministry, in such a course of prepara, tory studies, as may enable them, with the divine blessing, to exercise their ministerial talents with the greater acceptance and usefulness.

To guard, as much as possible, against an unconverted Minif. try, which whether learned or unlearned, is the bane of religion, the Society receive no students but such as are members of churches, and recommended as persons of promising abilities for the Ministry. .

Nor does the society confine itself entirely to the business of education, but as far as its present finances admit of it, extends its patronage to evangelical and popular ministers as missionaries and itinerant preachers, in some of those many places where there is an opening for the gospel, but not an ability to support the necessary expense attending it, without considerable affiftance.

An institution this, fo manifestly adapted to answer the most valuable and important purposes, that it seems almost impossible for any, but the enemies of religion, and such as have imbibed unreasonable prejudices against learning not to approve of it, and heartily unite in countenancing and supporting it. Vol. II.

Hitherto - Hitherto it has been remarkably favoured with the smiles of Divine Providence. The Institution was first set on foot in the year 1770, in aid of the Baptist Academy in Bristol, which was founded by that most excellent man, Mr. Edward Terril, more than a century ago, on a fmall scale, and which was conducted for many years with considerable success, by the late learned and truly reverend and pious Mr. Folkett. And in the short period which has elapsed since the first constitution of this society, it has been enabled to realize a capital in the public funds of three thou. fand five hundred pounds, producing an annual income of one hundred and forty pounds ; and a liberal subscription of about two hundred pounds per annum, exclusive of the truly noble bequests of the late Rev. Dr. Gifford, and Dr. Llewelyn, which have been more particularly noticed in our former annual accounts, and by which, though dead, they still live in the grateful remembrance of the surviving friends of religion and learning.

But notwithstanding the present flourishing state of this fociety, and the uncommon patronage with which it has been favoured, it should not be imagined it stands in no further need of encouragement. Several valuable and generous members have lately been removed by death ; but we hope other friends to the cause of God, are rising up in their stead, who will account it their honour to lend us their affistance, in our attempts to promote the kingdom of our Lord. They shall prosper, who love Zion; they shall be accounted the friends of God, who prefer his church to their chief joy. In the business of education, as well as in the very important article of encouraging the propagation of the gospel, patronizing decayed churches, and planting new ones ; there is still an ple and delightful scope for the employment of an income vastly fuperior to any sum this society can entertain an idea of ever posfelling.

Every subscriber of one guinea to the capital, and one guinea annually, is considered as a member of this society, has a voice in all its deliberations, and liberty to inspect the accounts, which are audited by a committee appointed for that purpose, and at the annual meeting.

Annual meeting of the Bristol Education Society, Broad

mead Meeting, August, 1801. The Rev. Mr. Cooper, of Trowbridge, preached from Hebrews 13th chapter, 17th verse, “ They watch for your souls as they that must give account.”

Adjourned to the vestry.

PRESENT.-Rev. Dr. Ryland, President, Rev. John Cooper, Rev. Job David, Rev. Thomas Symonds, Rev. Thomas Flint, W. A. Ballard, Esq. J. Tomkins, Esq. Mr. Sol. Leonard, Mr.


Jarres Rees, Mr. Thomas Ransford, Mr. E. Phillips, Mr. John Daniel, Mr. Jofeph Cottle, Mr. Tho's. Pafco, Mr. Tho's. Burchell, Mr. Jos. Dear. • Rev. Dr. Ryland, in the Chair. • The thanks of the society were unanimoudy voted to the Rev. Mr. Cooper, for his excellent sermon. • The Prelident reportedThat fix students were fupported last year by the Education Society, viz. Messrs. William Gray, W. Rowe, S. Saunders, Joseph Tyso, John Chamberlain, and Thomas Grifin ; who all return their thanks to the society, and requek the continuance of their kind assistance in the farther prosecution of their studies ; except Mr. Gray, who having been long solicited to settle with the church at Bratton, is willing to comply with their request if it meets the approbation of the society. The Bristol fund had only two students, during the first half year; viz. Mr. John Douglas, and Mr. Jofeph Webb. Their education being finished at Whitsuntide, the latter is invited in probation by the church at Tiverton; the former is at present unsettled. Two other students were admitted on this foundation, at Christmas ; Mr. Daniel White, from the church at Bluntilham, in Huntingdonshire, under the pastoral care of the Rev. Coxey Feary; and Mr. Samuel Shaw, from the church in Cannon-street, Birming. ham. Messrs. White and Shaw return to the academy, and will be joined by Mr. Richard Owers, from Earl's Colne, in Essex, to whom the fundees have promised their patronage.

The Broadmead benefactions were granted to Messrs. Jenkin Jones, and Matthew Griffiths ; Mr. Jones having been four years in the academy, is returned into Wales ; Mr. Griffiths is gone to reside with Mr. Littlewood, at Rochdale in Lancashire. These benefactions cannot maintain any students this year ; more hav. ing been taken upon them sometime back, than they are found sufficient to support.

Mr. Samuel Stennett had an exhibition from the London Socie. ty; and Mr. Micah Thomas, from the church at Pen-y-garn, was admitted into the academy at Chriftmas under-the patronage of tha London fund..

The students of last year have very generally conducted themselves in such a manner as to afford much satisfaction to their tutors ; by their diligence, and improvement in literature ; and by the evidence of their piety and promising talents, which we truft will render them acceptable to our churches, and useful in the cause of God.



ISAAC JAMES. Four guineas were allowed to Mr. William Gray, on his leaving the academy. Refolved, that Mr. Daniel Davis, be admitted into the Acade.


my, of which the president will inform his father, but having no room for more students on the foundation of the society, Mr. Ifaac Isaac, cannot yet be received.

Resolved, that Mr. Sutclif, of Olney, be invited to preach the next annual sermon, and in case of failure Mr. Birt, of Plymouth Dock.

Resolved, to allow Dr. Ryland 40 guineas for extra expenfe in housekeeping

The thanks of the society were voted to the secretar y, and he was requested to continue in office the following year.

The next meeting of the society to be held on the first Wed. Desday in August, 1802, : The committee to be continued with the same powers as ufual, and to be open to every subscriber.

The Rev. Dr. Ryland, Mr. John Mcars,

Mr. Wilkins, ? Mr. Edw. Phillips,
W. Sheppard, Esq. Mr. Thomas Ransford,
John Page, Esq. Mr. Joseph Cottle,
W. A. Ballard, Esq. Mr. L. B. Larwill,
W. Tomkins, jr. Esq. Mr. James Rees,
Dr. Cox,

Mr. John Protheroe,
Mr. Edw. Ransford, X Mr. E. Ransford, jun.
Mr. Tho's. Burchell, Mr. Isaac James.
Mr. Solomon Leonard, Mr. Edward Daniell,
Mr. John Daniell, Mr. Joseph Dear, Sec.

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"An account of Receipts and Disbursements.

1 Dr.
To old fubfcriptions - $139 26
New ditto a - - - - 15 15 0
Arrears - . - - 10 10,0

- 165 7 6 - Donation from Mr. Fontleroy, Southwark

Ditto from Mr. Foster, Biggleswade : One year's dividend on 3500l. 4 per cent. ann. 140

2 fets of Theodosia's Poems . - bis 0 19 6 Balance of Dr. Ryland's account . So 6 11 Anonymous Donation per Dr. Ryland - 10 10

£347 3 11


Ditto tro's dividend. Poems

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£ s. d. By balance of last year's account due the Treasurer 26 6 Board of fix students

- - - - 126 0
Tuition of Ditto. - - - - - 37 16
Allowance to Ditto • • - - • 25 4
Vacation for one ditto in 1800..
Allowance to Dr. Ryland for extra expenses in house.

keeping, - - - • • • • • 42
Rent and taxes one year. • - - - - 31 10
Sundry repairs - - - - - - 1
Floor cloth for the Museum .
Books, Printing, Binding, &c.

. 11 10 Allowed towards the funeral of Mr W:n:..

owards the funeral of Mr. Williams, late • student at the Academy 12 Audents attending a philosophical lecture Insurance to Sept. 29, 1801

3 6 By balance in the hands of the Treasurer

19 14 6

£347 3 11
Examined and approved by us,
John Ryland,

James Rees,
Ifaac James, , o John Daniell,
Solomon Leonard,

Edward Daniell,
Thomas Ransford,

Joseph Dear.
Edward Ransford, jun.
N. B. Seventy Audents have been received and educated by
this fociety.

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A copy of the Table of Benefactions, in the Museum belonging to the Society. '

1. f. s. d. 1770 Frederick Bull, Esq. London . 1500 Thomas Sparry, Sen'r. Upton

100 Rebekah Leppincott, Wellington

500 Robert Houston, Esq. Grittleton

21 0 Joseph Tomkins, Esq. Abingdon

25 50 William Tomkins, Esq. ditto

25 5 0 Joseph Butler, Esq. ditto John Bull, Esq. Bristol

15115 0 Francis Bull, Esq. ditto

10 10 Q

10 10 o John Stock, ditto


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