The Works of Alfred Tennyson ...: Idylls of the king


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Pagina 240 - In love, if love be love, if love be ours, Faith and unfaith can ne'er be equal powers : Unfaith in aught is want of faith in all. ' " It is the little rift within the lute, That by and by will make the music mute, And ever widening slowly silence all.
Pagina 144 - Turn thy wild wheel thro' sunshine, storm, and cloud ; Thy wheel and thee we neither love nor hate. " Turn, Fortune, turn thy wheel with smile or frown; With that wild wheel we go not up or down ; Our hoard is little, but our hearts are great. " Smile and we smile, the lords of many lands ; Frown and we smile, the lords of our own hands ; For man is man and master of hie fate. "Turn, turn thy wheel above the staring crowd ; Thy wheel and thou are shadows in the cloud ; Thy wheel and thee we neither...
Pagina 28 - Rain, rain, and sun ! a rainbow in the sky ! A young man will be wiser by and by ; An old man's wit may wander ere he die. Rain, rain, and sun ! a rainbow on the lea ! And truth is this to me, and that to thee ; And truth or clothed or naked let it be. Rain, sun, and rain ! and the free blossom blows : Sun, rain, and sun ! and where is he who knows ? From the great deep to the great deep he goes.
Pagina 32 - Blow trumpet, for the world is white with May ; Blow trumpet, the long night hath roll'd away ! Blow thro' the living world— 'Let the King reign.' •'Shall Rome or heathen rule in Arthur's realm? Flash brand and lance, fall battleaxe upon helm, Fall battleaxe, and flash brand ! Let the King reign.
Pagina 33 - Strike for the King and die ! and if thou diest, The King is King, and ever wills the highest. Clang battleaxe, and clash brand! Let the King reign.
Pagina 20 - But when he spake and cheer'd his Table Round With large divine and comfortable words Beyond my tongue to tell thee — I beheld From eye to eye thro...
Pagina 107 - Shamed? care not! thy foul sayings fought for me: And seeing now thy words are fair, methinks There rides no knight, not Lancelot, his great self, Hath force to quell me." Nigh upon that hour When the lone hern forgets his melancholy, Lets down his other leg, and stretching, dreams Of goodly supper in the distant pool, Then...
Pagina 264 - we scarce can sink as low; For men at most differ as heaven and earth, But women, worst and best, as heaven and hell.
Pagina 171 - O purblind race of miserable men, How many among us at this very hour Do forge a life-long trouble for ourselves, By taking true for false, or false for true ; Here, thro...

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