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Ahora biers, diso u Cura, tracdme, senor huésped, aqucsos libros, que los quiero ver. Que me piace rrspondió ch, y entrando, en su aposento, saco, dél una maletilla dieja cerrado con una cadenilla, y abriér, dola, halló en ella tres libros grandes y unos papeles de muy buena letra escritos de mano.-Don Quixote. Parte I. Capitulo 32

It is mighty well, said the priest ; pray, landlord, bring me those books, for I have a mind to see them. With all my heart, answered the host; and going to his chamber, he brought out a little old cloak-bag, with & padlock and chain to it, and opening it, he took out three large volumes, and some manuscript papers written in a fine character -JABVis'. Translation.

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