Greatheart, Volume 3;Volume 232


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Pagina 314 - LES MISERABLES. BY VICTOR HUGO. AUTHORISED COPYRIGHT ENGLISH TRANSLATION. " The merits of ' Les Miserables ' do not merely consist in the conception of it as a whole ; it abounds, page after page, with details of unequalled beauty.
Pagina 203 - SURELY there is a vein for the silver, And a place for gold where they fine it. Iron is taken out of the earth, And brass is molten out of the stone.
Pagina 306 - TRAVELS ON HORSEBACK IN MANTCHU TARTARY: being a Summer's Ride beyond the Great Wall of China. By GEORGE FLEMING, Military Train. 1 vol. royal 8vo, •with Map and 50 Illustrations. " Mr. Fleming's narrative is a most charming one. He has an untrodden region to tell of, and he photographs it and its people and their ways. Life-like descriptions are interspersed with personal anecdotes, local legends, and stories of adventure, some of them revealing no common artistic power.
Pagina 311 - THE CRESCENT AND THE CROSS. BY ELIOT WARBURTON. " Independent of its value as an original narrative, and its useful and interesting information, this work is remarkable for the colouring power and play of fancy with which its descriptions are enlivened. Among its greatest and most lasting charms is its reverent and serious spirit.
Pagina 203 - Sure, never, till my latest breath, Can I forget that look ; It seemed to charge me with his death, Though not a word he spoke.
Pagina 306 - MEMOIRS OF JANE CAMERON, FEMALE CONVICT. By a Prison Matron, Author of " Female Life in Prison." 2 vols. 21s. " This narrative, as we can well believe, is truthful in every important particular — a faithful chronicle of a woman's fall and rescue. It is a book that ought to be widely read.
Pagina 241 - BROTHER, thou art gone before us, And thy saintly soul is flown Where tears are wiped from every eye, And sorrow is unknown ; From the burden of the flesh, And from care and fear released, Where the wicked cease from troubling, And the weary are at rest.
Pagina 305 - The Duke of Manchester has done a welcome service to the lover of gossip and secret history by publishing these family papers. Persons who like to see greatness without the plumes...
Pagina 305 - Amen ! Amen ! One who knew him well, and may with good cause love him, has said : " But for Irving, I had never known what the communion of man with man means. His was the freest, brotherliest, bravest human soul mine ever came in contact with : I call him, on the whole, the best man I have ever, after trial enough, found in this world, or now hope to find.
Pagina 305 - Germains, the wars of William of Orange, the campaigns of Marlborough, the intrigues of Duchess Sarah, and the town life of fine ladies and gentlemen during the days of Anne. With all this is mingled a good deal of gossip about the loves of great poets, the frailties of great beauties, the rivalries of great wits, the quarrels of great peers.

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