CH A P. IV. Farther proofs of the truth of the miracles wrought by Christ.

83 Art. I. First proof. Power bestowed by Christ

on his apostles, and on seventy-two disciples,

of working miracles in his name. ibid. Art. II. Second proof. The calumnies of the

Jews, in cavilling at certain circumstances of the miracles of Christ, demonstrate their truth.

87 Art. III. Third proof. Jealousy of the inhabitants of Nazareth.

89 Art. IV. Fourth proof. The reproaches which Christ makes to the towns, where he had

performed many miracles, invincibly establish their certainty and evidence.

90 Art. V, Fifth proof. The ancient tradition of

the Jews, who allow the miracles of Jesus Christ, but attribute them to the pronouncing the name of God, or to magic.

91 Art. VI. Confutation of the Jewish calumny with respect to magic.


CH A P. ' V. Testimony given by Saint John the Baptist of

Chrilt: authority of such a testimony considered, with relation to all the circumstances which accompany it.

96 Art. I. John the Baptist is certainly the fore

runner foretold by the prophets, and consequently Christ

, whose fore-runner he was, is the Messiab.

98 Art.

Art. IV. Josephus's silence confirms the truth of the facts which he suppresses.

154 Art. Ď. A particular solution of those difficul

ties, which can no longer be considered but as fimple questions.

155 Art. VI. Mystery concealed under the history of

the adoration of the wise-men, which completely demonstrates the truth of it. 160


Testimony of the eternal Father given to Christ

in bis baptism, proved in a sensible and convincing manner by the circumstances of the history, by important reflections, and by the explication of the mystery concealed in the baptism of Jesus Christ.


Art. I. Circumstances, which were prepara

tory for this teftimony, and accompanied it.

167 Art. II. The use that an honest and fincere per

fon Mould make of so decisive a testimony, given under such circumstances. Answer to Some objections.

170 Art. III. Proofs of the truth and certainty of

the testimony of the heavenly Father, which

we ought to look upon as demonstrations. 174 Art. IV. Farther proofs equal to demonstrations,

drawn from the mystery of the baptism of Christ, which is visibly superior to all human inventions,

177 С НАР.


Birth of Christ revealed to shepherds by the angels.

Certainty of this revelation demonstrated by seven important reflections.


Art. I. First reflection.
Art. II. Second refle&tion.
Art. III. Third reflektion.
Art. IV. Fourth reflektion.
Art. V. Fifth reflection.
Art. VI. Sixth reflection.
Art. VII. Sevents reflection.

129 130 133 134 135 137 139


Adoration of the wife-men, conducted to Bethlehem

by a miraculous star. Masacre of the infants in Bethlehem and the neighbourhood.

Proofs of the truth of these facts. 142 Art. I. Objections which may be made to this

recital, by those who have not yet embraced the Christian faith.

145 Art. II. General answer to these difficulties,

which become so many proofs, when attentively conhdered.

148 Art. III. Intire impossibility of denying facts so

connected with public history, and whose circumstances are inseparable.


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