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Of the PRINCIPLES of the



C H A P. .

After so many proofs that Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah, that he rose from the dead, and sitteth at the right band of bis Father; the miracles, which be performed during bis life, need no examination, in order that they may be looked upon as certain. We undertake, nevertheless, to examine them independently of the preceding proofs, and to demonstrate that they are not only certain, but moreover that they are an incontestable proof of Jesus Christ's being the promised Mesiah, and the Son of God. 1. The turning of water into wine at the marriage in Cana: The mystery of that mutation. 2. The first increase of loaves in the desart: Jesus Christ's divinity demonstrated. The heavenly sustenance figured by a miraculous food. 3. The ficond increase of loaves, which is not only certain, Vol. III,




but confirms many other preceding miracles.
4, Jesus Christ walketh upon the waves, en-
ables Peter to do the same, stills the sea, and
the winds, abbreviates the apostle's labour,
and couches under his miracles weighty truths.
5 The apostles awake Jesus Christ in the
midst of a furious tempeft, which ceases at his
command: perpetual protection promised to
the church. 6. Deliverance of a man pof- .
Sessed with a legion of devils ; certainty of
his being popefjed, and their expulsion: truths
attested by both: admirable proof of Jesus.
Christ's regard towards the least of his elect,
7. Why the poßeffed were so numerous in the
time of our Saviour and his apostles, and
why so frequent mention is made of their
deliverance in the gospel.


FTER what has been said, there is no occasion we should give ourselves any

trouble to prove the truth of the miracles performed by Jesus Christ, part of which are related in the gospel. The master must, at least, be equal to his disciples. And since the apostles cast out devils, heal diseases, raise the dead, impart the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit, and perform all these marvellous operations only by invoking his almighty name; it must be great folly to harbour the least doubt concerning the miracles which he himself performed in his life time.

Yet I shall not be satisfied with this, nor the

preceding proofs: and I even consent, that the inquiry, we are now commencing, be made

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