1729, when he died, aged 57, at his House'in SurryStreet, in the trand, and on the 26th following was buried in Westminster-Abbey, the Pall being supported by Perfuns of the first Dittinction.

His dramatic Pieces are seven in Number, and their Titles as follow:

1. Old Batchelor. C.
2. Double Dealer. C.
3. Love for Love. C.
4. Mourning Bride. T.
5. Way of ibe World. C.
6. Judgement of PARIS. Many
7. SEMULE. Oratoria,

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7. Flyman inv.e det.

c. Grignion sculpa.

The Old Bachelor

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Quem tulit ad Scenam ventoso gloria curru,
Exanimat lentus fpectator'; fedulus inflat.
Sic leve, fic parvum eft, animum quod laudis avarim
Subruit, aut reficit--

Horat. Lib. II. Epift. i.

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