moft. They commit unto him against the Day' of Judgment, their immortal Souls, as their best Treasure to their best Friend.

They eat bis Flesh, and drink his Blood, for their daily Nourishment to spiritual and eternal Life. They abide in bim,' as the Branch in the Vine, that they may be fruitful in all Righteousness. Their Faith

purifies their Hearts, works by Love' to God and Man, and overcomes the World's"

. moj deluhve Smiles, or terrifying Frowns. They even' rejoice in Chrif witb For i:nspeakable and full of Glory; tho' now they Jee him not with the Eye of Senf.

St. Paul says concerning himself; "The Life which I now live in the Flesh, I live by the Faith of ibe Son of God. At his Converhon, he was so persuaded of Christ's being the Saviour of Sinners, and had fuch Desire and Expectation of the Blessings promised in the Gospel, that be fixed bis Des pendance upon Chril, and subjeEted himJelf to him in all boly Obedience. By this Faith be afterward lived in a daily Dependance ripon Christ for Pardon and Aca ceptance; be derived daily Supplies of Grace



and Strength from Christ, to maintain and perfeet the Life of God in bis Soul, and to enable bim to do and suffer whatever might bonour Christ, and save the Souls of others. By this Faith be also joyfully looked forward upon Death, tho' in its m i dreadful Forms, as thro' Christ a conquered Enemy; and on Heaven itself, as the Inheri

. tance which Chrijl had purchased for binn; and would certainly give him for an eternal Polffion. In the Depib of bis Humi. lity, and with overflowing Lave and Gratitude to Chrill, who loved him and gave himself for him, he fets before all bis Fellow. Christians an Example of the Life of Faith, as in Reality the most excellent and bappy Life on this fode Heaven.

The noble Lord, at whole Defire this Work was undertaken, observes; how it " comes to pass, the Evidences of divine " Truih do not appear with the same Force, « nor carry the fame Conviction to fome, * that they do to others, is a Question which " has occafioned much unprofi. able Debate, " and will perhaps never be resolved while So we know only in Part: Yet this is undeni

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e able, that they to whom it is given to be lieve on the Name of the Son of God, fee abundant Cause to be thankful for their « inestimable Priviledge. They rejoice in

having that Foundation for their Hopes « and Views of everlasting Felicity, which

neither the Storms of Adversity, nor the « Terrors of Death can ever make. At the

fame Time, they are perfuaded their plea

fing Hopes can no longer endure, than « while they discover in themselves a grow

ing Conformity, at least a Defre of grow

ing Conformity to the Holiness of their «i divine Master. Tho' we must confess our« felves liable to Deluson, both from the " Deceitfulness of the Heart, and the Pow

er of the Evil One ; yet I cannot see howu « we have any other Ground for Confidence «s that our Faith is not delufve, nor our

Hope that of the Hypocrite which shall perish at the last, than a Hatred of Sin,

Love of Self-Denial, and as diligent a Care to tring forth Fruits of Righteousness, as if we were to be rewarded for, as we shall be according to, our Works.



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What if your own Faith, Reader, is no pròre i Don un groundleft Profumption, or at befi fome rretified Speculation is not the Supposition painfat? Berintreated therefore '10 examine yourself, whether you be in the

Faith. Not to try and prove your own felf,is arrailful. Neglest of your bizheft Intereft. ! Not to know your own self is the most fameful and dangerous Ignorance. You might foon perceive-by fericus Self-Inquiry, that Jesus Christ is in you, except you be reprobate.' And if it appears

, that the holy Spirit bas never formed you into the Image of Christ; if you get remain · dead in Trespasses and Sins,' and are only living a Life of Sense, beg of God" to

quicken you' to a divine Life, and to make yoủ Partaker of the divine Nature.' But if it is your Happiness to have belie' ved thro' Grace;' give God all the Glory, and continually pray for the

Increase of Faith,' and to be filled with all Joy

and Peace in believing.-May a divine Blessing render this Treatise, in its present Form, fubfervient to thefe desirable Pura poses !

B. F.

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FAITH, considered as infead? }

of Sight and Polesion.


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How to live by Faith on the Father,
Son, and Spirit.


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