rarest plants the world contains, and a multitude of scarce books, have supplied me with the necessary leisure to collect, and arrange, these letters, published under the auspices of an august prince, who honours you with his esteem ; may you find pleasure in reading them, and accept them as a testimony of gratitude.

I have the honour to be, Sir,

Your very respectful,

Humble servant,

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Alexandria (modern) de-

scription of, I. 32. Poetical

description of, from Abul-
A BD Hellaoui, an excel- feda, 1. 35

lent kind of melon, I. 391 Ali Bey, birth of, II. 129,
Abou Dahab, treachery of to carried off and fold at

Ali Bey, II. 156, death of, Grand Cairo, ibid. ra-
II. 175

pid promotion of, 130.
Abou Ennour, I. 443

conducts the caravan, and
Abou Girga, I. 444

defeats the Arabs, II. 134.
Aboukir, II. 436. Vide Ca elected Bey, ibid. His pa-

tron assassinated, II, 135,
Aboulir, I. 448

arrives at the dignity of
Aboutig, 1. 460

Sheik El Balad, ibid. Re-
Aboutis, I. 400

venges his patron's death,
Abydus, II. 5. Ruins of a ibid. League formed a-

teinple at, duscribed, ibid gainst him, ibid. Takes
Acanthos, I. 398

refuge with Sheik Daher,
Achmim, I. 463. Ruins of

II. 136. Returns to Grand
a temple near, ibid

Cairo, II. 137. Sacrifices
Achnioun, I. 297. Canal of, his rivals, II. 139. Mar-
. placed wrong in the map ries a Russian slave, II.

before the Louvre edition 141. Sends for his father,
of Joinville, I. 346

II. 142. Excites the
Achmounain, I. 450. Superb Beys to rebel against the
portico near, ibid

Ottoman Porte, II. 146.
Aden, flourishing state of in Betrayed by his son-in-

the 13th century, II. 21 law, Abou Dahab, II. 156,
Adonis, fable of, copied from Forced again to Ay into
that of Ofiris, II. 424

Syria, II, 158. Defeated
Agriculture of Egypt, re by the perfidy of his in-
marks on, II. 198

fantry, II. 171. Death of,
Ain Shams (fountain of the II. 172. Character of, ib.
Sun) I. 126

Almai (Egyptian Improvisa.
Albuquerque, infamous pro- tore) account of the I. 154
ject of, II, 292

Amengphis, the Egyptian
Alexander, expedition of to name of the statue of Mema

the temple of Jupiter Am non, II. 464. Derivation
mon, I. 35

of, II. 472
Alexandria (antient) describ. Ammon (Jupiter) temple of,

ed, I. 23. Populousness in where situated, II. 85.
the time of Augustus Expedition of Alexander


from Quintus Curtius, II. Apollo, ruins of the temple
8;. Description of the of, at Hermunthis, II. 63.
temple from Quintus Cur- Aqueducts, numerous in
tius, ll. 87. Symbolical Egypt, II. 199
of the fun in Aries, II. 333. Arabs of Egypt, character of,
Derivation of the name, II. 229, from Diodorus,
II. 334. Arociated with II. 239
Hercules in his worthip, Armant, II. 62
11. 336

Arsinoe, I. 403
Annis Trajanus, 1.97, when Artois Comte de, killed 20
dug, I. 98

Mansoura, I. 353
Amrou, Alexandria taken Asfoun, II. 65

bv, I. 28. Burns the Alouan (Syene) II. 72. Sol.
library of, I. 29.

stitial wells of, II. 73. Ru.
Animals not dcitied in Egypt, ins there, II. 76
II. 302

Atar Ennabi, a stone pre.
Anteopolis, I. 460

tended to be marked by the
Antinoe, l. 454. Antient foot of Mahomei, visited
magnificence and present by a lady, I. 386
Itate of, 1. 455

Arfih, I. 402.
Antony (St.), Monastery of, Athar Beki, II. 309

I. 438. Grotto of, l. 439 Athor, an antient Egyptian
Anti Rhode, island of, I. 26. deity,' II. 300. Significa-
Anubis, an Egyptian deity, tion of, 303

II. 408. Emblem of the Atrib, the ancient Atribis,
horizon, II. 411. Etymo. I. 281.
logy of the name, ibid. ac. Attarif, II. II
cording to some an emblem
of the tropick, II. 412

Aphroditopolis, I. 402. II. Babai, J. 443

Babain, l. 448. Curious
Apis, an Egyptian deity, II. monument near, ibid

387, pretended to be mira. Baharites, etymology of the
culoally generated, II.388, name, I. 351, account of,
distinguishing marks of, il. ibid.
389, oracular answers of, Bahr, fignification of that
391. Feftival of the cele. word, I. 13
bration of his birth, 'I. Bahr, bela ma, I. 13, 397
392, drowned by the priests Bahs, Youseph, I. 404, 417
it he survived a certain Balm of Gilead, loft in
time, II. 393. Of what Egypt, I. 127
fymbolicai, II. 394, Ety- Bamier, described, I. 75
mology of the name, II. Baram, a kind of stone, II.68
397. Symbol of the patri- Bardis, II. 10
arch, Joseph, according Barsim, hay, I. 60
to M. Huet, ibid. - Baths (Ho) in Egypt de-

scribed, 1. 128


Batn el bakara, I. 77 Bubaliis, an Egyptian deity,
Bayad, 1. 435

II. 368, fimilar to the
Betaouin, etymology of the Diana of the Greeks, II.
word, I. 349

370. Festival of celebrated
Bees, extraordinary manage the third of the month, II.
ment of in Egypt, II. 207.

Behira, (Lake) I. 69

Bubaitus, I. 282. Festival of
Behnela, II. 92

Bubaftis (vide II, 370) or
Bekier, 1. 44 .

Diana' celebrated there,
Beliana, II, II

Bells, aversion of the Turks Bufiris, cruelty of, fabulous,
to, I. 103

1. 283. Agility of the in-
Benifouef, 1. 433

habitants of, I. 200
Berangiah, l. 443

Butis, I, 291. Temple of
Berenice, II. 19

Latona there, ibid. The
Berimbal, 1.69

sanctuary cut from one pro-
Besa, oracle of the Gol, I. digious stone, I, 292, II.

76, II, 375. Error of Po-
Beys of Egypt murdered cocke concerning this fanc-

by orders from the Di tuary, II. ,6
van at Constantinople, II. Butis, an Egyptian deity,
132. Ceremonies of the symbolical of the full moon,
creation of, II. 184.

lI. 374. The Latona of the
Bha Beit, ruins of, l. 292. Grecks, ibid.
Biban el melouk, Grottos
of II. 48

Birds (well of) I. 393 Cachef, office of II. 116.

(Mount of) 1. 443 Cairo (Grand) founded by
Birque, meaning of that Jauhar, General of Moaz,
word, I. 99

Í. 81. Etymology of the
Birque, of the pilgrims of name, I. 82. Descrip-
Mecca, I. 99

tion of, from Abulfeda, I.
Birquet Caroun, I. 406. The 83. Present state of, I. 87,
· remains of the Lake Mæ. 101. Castle of, I. 104.
ris, 1.411

Mint of, I. 106.
Blind persons, numerous in Cairo (Old) Vide Fostat.

Egypt, II. 214. The cause Cambyses, army of, destroyed
assigned, II. 215

in the Desert, 11. 93
Bogaz, what, I. 53

Canal of Amrou, II. 202
Bolbitinum (ancient) where Canal of Nechos, II. 201
situated, I, 62

Canais, number of in Egypt,
Bouch, 1.433

II, 198
Boulac, I. 110

Canjai, what, I. 273
Boufir, I, 200. 287.

Canobus (the city) 1. 44.62,
Bourlos, Lake of, I. 288 Temple of Serapis there,

1. 45, 46. Pretended mic
Brancion (Jocerant de) killed racles and licentious wor.

in the expedition of Lewis Thip of that God, ibid.
IX. I. 364

Canobus, an Egyptian deity,


fapposed by some to have journey of across the De.
been the pilot of Menelaus, fert, II. 24
JI. 432. That opinion re. Chicken ovens, curious de.
futed, ibid. Signification scription of, I. 297
of the name, II. 434. Fa- Cleopatra,magnificence of,II.
bulous story of, from Ruf. 284. Firft interview with
finus, II. 436

Antony, ibid. Death of;
Capigi Bachi, what, II. 136. I. 63. Character of, II.
Caramaydan, square of, 1. 284.

Cleopatra's needles deseribed,
Caravan, cut off by the 1. 36. Error of Pococke
Arabs, ll. 29

concerning them, correct-
Caravan of Mecca, descrip. ed, ibid.

tion of its departure from Climate of Egypt, extreme
Grand Cairo, II. 191. At- heat of, II. 210. Salubrity
tacked by the Arabs, II. of, ibid
195. Returns to Cairo, II. Cneph, signification and sym-

bol of that deity, II. 320
Caroun (Balad) I. 405 Cance, the ancient name of
Caroun (Casr) I. 405. Ruins Cnfleir, II. 17
there, ibid.

Coffee, much drank in Egypt,
Caro:in, Itory of, l. 405. 1. 287. Derivation of, ibid

Origin of the Grecian Coffee-house (Egyptian) en-
Charon, ibid.

tertainment of M. Savary
Carnac, Il. 33, 37

in one, I. 294
Carr, II. 12. Signification of Coffin, golden, of Alexander,
the word, I. 279

stolen, I. 26
Cattle of Babylon, 1. 94 Collector (Egyptian) cruelty
- of Cairo, J. 104'

of one, I. 434
-- of Hellai, I, 112 Colocassium, plentiful in

- of Lights, the same Egypt, I. 9
with the cattle of Babylon, Colzoum, 1.99

Coizoum, Mount, I. 439
Carlimire, fineness of the Commerce, itate ut, in Egipt
wool of, I. 136

at various periods, II. 264.
Cataract of Elephantina de. Cophtos, II.18.

fcribed from Strabo, II. 74. Copts, character of the, Il.
Present state of, Il. 78

Cutvah, I. 84 . Cofleir, II. 23
Circatorum, 1. 2-6

Couffe, what, I. 59
Chirakhania, 1.275

Coum elarab, I. 463
Charon, origin of the fable Coum ombo, 11.72
of, 1.20

Courban Beiram, what, l.
Chegeret Eddour, Sultana 143. .

of Egypt, character and Courtezan, descrip:ion of an

history of, I. 344. 376.378 Egyptian, I. 295.
Cheiks, who, I. 189

Cous, II, 21.
Chemmis, 1. 463

Coufa, a delicate fpecies of
Chevalier (M) dangerous cucumber, I. 398


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