Is not the time come for the Church to be gather'd Into the one Spirit of God?

Baptized by one Spirit, into the one body,

Partaking Christ's flesh and his blood?

They drink in one Spirit, which makes them all see They're one in Christ Jesus, wherever they beThe Jew and the Gentile, the bond and the free.


Then blow ye the trumpet in pure testimony,
And let the world hear it again;

O come ye from Babylon, Egypt, and Sodom,
And make your way over the plain.

Come, wash all your robes in the blood of the Lamb,
And walk in the Spirit through Jesus's name-

In the pure testimony you will overcome.


The world will not persecute those who are like them,
But hold them the same as their own;

The pure testimony cries out, "separation,"
Which causes false teachers to frown;

Come out from foul spirits and practises too,

The track of your Saviour keep still in your view-The pure testimony will cut the way through.


A battle is coming between the two kingdoms,
The armies are gathering round;

The pure testimony and vile persecution
Will come to close contest ere long;

Then gird on your armour, ye saints of the Lord,
And he will direct you by his living word;

The pure testimony will cut like a sword.


The great prince of darkness is must'ring his forces,
To make you his pris'ners again,

By slanders, reproaches, and vile persecution,
That you in his cause may remain ;
Then shun his temptations wherever they lie,
And fear not his servants whatever they say;
The PURE TESTIMONY will give you the day.

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Though you have much peace and comfort,
Greater things you yet may find;
Freedom from unholy tempers,
Freedom from the carnal mind.
To procure your perfect freedom,
Jesus suffer'd, groan'd, and died;
On the cross the healing fountain
Gushed from his wounded side.


Be as holy and as happy,

And as useful here below,
As it is your Father's pleasure;
Jesus, only Jesus, know.
None but holy ones can enter

To the pure celestial sphere;
Let me ask the solemn question-
Has the Lord a witness here?


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Sometimes temptations blow
A dreadful hurricane;
And high the waters flow,

And o'er the sides break in;

But still my little ship outbraves

The blust'ring winds and surging waves.


When I, in my distress,

My anchor, hope, can cast
Within the promises,

It holds my vessel fast;
Safely she then at anchor rides,
Mid stormy winds and swelling tides.


But when a heavenly breeze
Springs up and fills my sail,

My vessel goes with ease

Before the pleasant gale;

And runs as much an hour, or more,
As in a month or two before.


The Bible is my chart,

By it the seas I know;

I cannot with it part,

It rocks and sands doth show;

It is a chart and compass too,

Whose needle points forever true.


When through the voy'ge I get,
(Though rough, it is but short,)
The pilot angels meet

To bring me into port;

And, when I land on that blest shore,
I shall be safe forever more.

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