I was born in Hatfield, Massachusetts, January 6, 1801. My father, Robert M’Knight Henry, was reared in the city of Hartford, Conn. My mother's maiden name was Clarissa Merry, daughter of John Merry, of West Hartford, near the city of Hartford. Soon after my birth, my parents removed to Herkimer County, N. Y., where I have ever since resided, excepting the time I was engaged on public works at the South. My father died when I was about three years old, and I have no remembrance of him. When I was about six years old, my mother married again to a farmer, by the name of Thomas Kinney, then and now residing in the town of Litchfield, in this county, with whom she is still living. I am her only child.

To detail the events of my boyhood, which was marked by nothing extraordinary until I was about eighteen years old, when I commenced business for myself, would be but little better than a waste of paper, and a loss of time to the reader to peruse it. Suffice it to say, that during that time I lived with my relatives, worked on a farm summers, and went to school winters; and, like the generality of boys of that age, was more fond of play than study, and more fond of hunting than work. Nevertheless, I am thankful that I was always kept tolerably close to work.


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THROUGHOUT the family of mankind, every individual seems to have some leading propensity, which accompanies him through life, and determines his fortune. Or, as it has been said :

“There's a divinity that shapes our ends,
Rough-hew them as we may.”

the proper study of mankind is man," and more especially the study of one's self, I have given my attention somewhat to the observation of “ man,” as developed in others as well as in myself. I have learned, in the course of my life, that we know but little of our neighbours until we have had dealing with them in some business operation. I have found a great many men virtuous and apparently honest, till a tempting opportunity was presented for them to be otherwise, and then their virtues and honesty, like some people's patience, when

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