With grave

26. I am tired of being such a tiny little thing. 27. Ere the silver sickle of that month

Became her golden shield, I stole from court. 28. I am sorry for her, as I have just cause, being her

uncle and her guardian. 29. The work of each immortal bard

appears The single wonder of a thousand years. 30.

Aspect he rose, and in his rising seemed

A pillar of State. 31. I hope that you have no intention to turn husband,

have you? 32. She moves a goddess, and she looks a queen. 33. James was declared a mortal and bloody enemy,

a tyrant, a murderer, a usurper. 34. She would make a better heroine than Clelia. 35. I don't want to be anybody's prisoner. 36. The warriors on the turrets high,

Moving athwart the evening sky,

Seemed forms of giant height. 37. "If it had grown up," she said to herself, “it

would have been a dreadfully ugly child; buť it

makes rather a handsome pig.” 38. Though I cannot be said to be a flattering honest

man, it must not be denied but I am a plain

dealing villain. 39. And Phillida, with garlands gay,

Was made the lady of the May. 40. The time turns torment when man turns fool. 41. It had already been rumored in the valley that

Mr. Goldthwaite had turned out to be the prophetic

personage so long and vainly looked for. 42. Come to me, () ye children.

43. Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your


44. With how sad steps, O moon, thou climb’st the sky. 45. Roll on, thou deep and dark blue ocean, roll. 46. Hail, Columbia ! happy land;

Hail, ye heroes ! heaven-born band ! 47. Stand! the ground's your own, my braves ! 48. Woodman, spare that tree. 49. The despot's heel is on thy shore, Maryland. 50. O Liberty! Liberty! how many crimes are com

mitted in thy name. 51. O captain, my captain, our fearful trip is done. 52. Romans, countrymen and lovers! hear me for my

cause. 53. Rome, thou hast lost the breed of noble bloods. 54. O son, thou hast not true humility. 55. Come, pensive nun, devout and pure,

Sober, steadfast and demure. 56. These pleasures, Melancholy, give,

And I with thee will choose to live. 57. Build thee more stately mansions, oh, my soul. 58. O you hard hearts, you cruel men of Rome. 59. O night and darkness, ye are wondrous strong. 60. Listen, my children, and you shall hear

Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. 61. Warble, O bugle, and trumpet blare !

Flags flutter out upon turrets and towers !
Flames on the windy headlands, flare! !
Utter your jubilee, steeple and spire!
Clash, ye bells, in the merry March air !
Flash, ye cities, in rivers of fire!
Rush to the roof, sudden rocket, and higher

Melt into stars, for the land's desire !
62. A horse! a horse! My kingdom for a horse!

63. O sleep! it is a gentle thing,

Beloved from pole to pole. 64. O happy living things! no tongue

Their beauty might declare. 65. The time is out of joint: 0 cursed spite,

That ever I was born to set it right ! 66. Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean. 67. Bugles !

And the great nation thrills and leaps to arms. 68. Sunset! a hush is on the air,

Their old gray heads the mountains bare. 69. To arms! They come! The Greek! The Greek! 70. O strong hearts and true! not one went back in

the Mayflower. 71. News of battle! News of battle!

Hark! 'tis ringing down the street. 72. The isles of Greece! The isles of Greece!

Where burning Sappho loved and sung. 73. Hark, the music, mariners !

The wind is wak’ning loud. 74. Poor man! I know he would not be a wolf,

But that he sees the Romans are but sheep. 75. Another general shout!

I do believe that these applauses are

For some new honors that are heap'd on Cæsar. 76. Peace! What can tears avail? 77. Phæbus! What a

to fill the speaking trump of future fame! 78. "I've often seen a cat without a grin,” thought

Alice, “but a grin without a cat !” 79. Heigh ho! daisies and buttercups !

Fair yellow daffodils, stately and tall,
When the wind wakes, how they rock in the


80. O the wild charge they made ! 81. Here a general shout burst from the by-standers :

“A Tory! a Tory! a spy! a spy! a refugee! hustle

him! away with him!"
82. Rain, rain and sun! A rainbow in the sky !

A young man will be wiser by and by;
An old man's wit may wander ere he die.
Rain, rain, and sun! A rainbow on the lea!
And truth is this to me, and that to thee;
And truth or clothed or naked let it be.
Rain, sun, and rain! and the free blossom blows:

Sun, rain, and sun! and where is he that knows ! 88. My winged boat, 84. We, the people of the United States, do ordain

tlus Constitution. 85. It was the lark, the herald of the morn. 86. Strode with a martial aid, Miles Standish the

Puritan Captain. 87. They bring me sorrow touched with joy,

The merry, merry bells of Yule. 88. My winged boat,

A bird afloat,

Swings round the purple peaks remote. 89. She was a phantom of delight

When first she gleamed upon my sight;

A lovely apparition. 90. There Honor comes, a pilgrim gray,

To bless the turf that wraps their clay. 91. Mute with amazement and sorrow, Priscilla, the

Puritan maiden, Looked into Alden's face. 92. Fairest of all the maids was Evangeline, Benedict's daughter.

93. Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of


Blossomed the stars, the forget-me-nots of the

Angels. 94. A sadder and a wiser man

He rose the morrow morn. 95. Can that be Randolph Murray,

Captain of the city band? 96. He is dead, the beautiful youth,

The heart of honor, the tongue of truth. 97. The lighthouse lifts its massive masonry,

A pillar of fire by night, of cloud by day. 98. These gay idlers, the butterflies,

Broke to-day from their winter's shroud. 99. Here Alfred, the truth-teller,

Suddenly closed the book. 100. Full lasting is the song, though he,

The singer, passes. 101. Oft shall the pilgrim lift the latch,

And share my meal, a welcome guest. 102. I dwelt, a free and happy child,

By the seashore in a deep mountain glen. 103. Henry, King of England, come into the court. 104. Underneath day's azure eyes,

Ocean's nursling, Venice, lies. 105. My sight he dazzles, half deceives,

A bird so like the dancing leaves. 106. Freedom shall a while repair

To dwell, a weeping hermit, there. 107.

Far off, three mountain tops,
Three silent pinnacles of aged snow,

Stood sunset-flushed. 108.

He that brought
The heathen back upon us, yonder stands,
Modred, unharmed, the traitor of thine house.

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