JANUARY 27TH.-FRIDAY. Enamelled Dandies. The names of the Rachels, mother and daughter, are still

great in the land. We have heard, even, that they have many gentlemen among their customers; young Indian warriors and dandies returned from sporting tours, the backs of whose necks have been browned by exposure to the sun, and who rush to the enameller, before going out to dinner or to a ball, to have their cervical vertebræ coloured and varnished.

JANUARY 28TH.-SATURDAY. Cleansing Streets with a Pneumatic Machine.-An ingenious thought has struck M.

Agudio, of Paris, who proposes to cleanse the streets with a pneumatic machine. He has invented a mud-cart, consisting of a close iron box, from which the air is pumped by a small engine on the top. Some machinery behind, as the cart moves on, sweeps or rakes the mud together, which is, of course, sucked up by

a tube dipping into it, and brought from the upper part of the cart-box. A Substitute for Coffee.—A Turin letter says :--A new beverage is offered by the

Propugnatore to people for whom the raised duty on coffee is a burden indeed. It is to be prepared in the following manner :-Take one or two pounds of dry chestnuts, boil them in water so as to produce a sort of soup not very thick nor yet very liquid, pour a spoonful from that in your cup, fill this up with hot milk, and enjoy it as “a most economical and nutritious substitute for the overtaxed articles in Signor Sella's budget.


JANUARY 30TH.-MONDAY. Discovery of Antiquities in Russia.—An interesting discovery has just been made in

a tumulus in Ekaterinoslaw, in Russia. It consists of a treasure which formerly belonged to a chief of the Huns. Among the different articles is a heavy gold diadem, in which is set a cameo of ameythist of ancient Roman workmanship; also a large collar, bracelets, and drinking-cups, with handles formed by animals -the whole of which are in gold of remarkable workmanship.

JANUARY 31st.–TUESDAY. The Mathematical Honour Tripos at Cambridge.The present year will henceforth

known in the University as “Strutt’s” year, as the gentleman whose talents have gained for him the distinguished honour of being Senior Wrangler is the Hon. J. H. Strutt of Trinity College. Mr. Strutt is the eldest son of John James Strutt, Baron Rayleigh, of Terling Place, Witham, Essex. It is said that the weight of paper written upon at the Mathematical Tripos Examination at Cambridge, in the eight days, is about eight stone-say the weight of an average woman. There is something almost sad in the thought of the scribbled outcome of two or three hundred racked and anxious brains being preserved only for bed-makers to light examiners' fires with, or, at best, to be used on the clean side for pupil-room scribbling-paper.

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SHAKESPEARIAN MUSEUM. A temporary SHAKESPEARIAN MUSEUM, to contain old editions of the Poet's Works, or any tracts or relics illustrative of them, has been formed at Stratford-onAvon. Mr. HALLIWELL is actively engaged in collecting for this object, and he will be glad either to receive as presents for the Museum, or to purchase, any articles suitable to be preserved there. Persons owning any Shakespeariana, would much oblige by communicating with “J. O. HALLIWELL, Esq., No. 6 St. Mary's Place, West Brompton, London, S.W."

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