fore with so hopeless a passion, it is short-sightedness fills us with the deepbetter for him to be dead.tban living." est concern and regret ; for tbe looger. They then alternately embraced and we live, the more embarrassed we be caressed their daughter, and began to coine, and we have nothing to bequeath relate how poor and distressed they had to you after our death. How tben themselves been in the days of their could we have sanctioned your attachyouthful love, to prove that it was out ment to Muzio, and suffered matrimoof pure affection they had refused to ny to plunge you into a state equally sanction an alliance with Muzio, lest distressing? We intreat you then, ag. she should be reduced to a similar situ- gravate oot our sorrows by your tears !" ation. “ All that we possess," said Her parents, perceiving that all their they, “whatever gives us the appear- arguments were ineffectual, determined ance of wealth and consequence, is not to make a last effort to cheer Nerissa our own: it belongs to a creditor, after by presents, elegant trinkets, parties of whose death or ours, it will be re-united pleasure, dancing and music, in hopes to the treasures which he, an alchynist of dispelling that melancholy which of Salerno, secretly opened for us at the preyed upon her charming person and solicitation of a friend, when we were her amiable soul. Her heart was rackabout to marry, and your mother's cov- éd, while she outwardly smiled in order etous uncle would not give her 10 any to please her parents. The oratory besuitor who expected a dowry with her came her favourite retreat; and tbither during his life-time : so that it was nec- she often repaired to pour forth ber soressary to make a show of wealth in ore rows, which religion alone bad power der to obtain her hand. Her uncle to alleviate. was deceived, but he deceived us in his Meanwhile Muzio was concealed by turn. We hoped that he would leave the dark shade which a cliff of one of us sufficient to discharge our debt; he the woody mountaios of the Apennines disinherited us, having doubtless discov- threw over him. The road wound ed the trick we had played him. But along at his feet among craggy precipifor the compassion of our creditor we Seated upon a fragment of rock should then have been involved in the on the desolate eminence, he indulged utmost embarrassment: all Ferrara had in gloomy reveries, which were encourwitnessed our apparent opulence, and it aged by the dark tipts of the wild scenewould have been extremely painful to ry around him. He was now convioour feelings to have been suddenly torn, ced that the anxiety of the eventful before the eyes of all, from this sphere moment which banished him from Ferof splendour, and plunged into the ob- rara had misled him and his friends, scurity of indigence. The alchymist and that he could not have taken a more allowed us to retain the fruit of his unfortunate course than flight under the economy; it was agreed that things pretext of his death ; and he bitterly should remain in this situation till his lamented the pain he must bave given decease or mine; and I subscribed the Nerissa by the intelligence. " Alas!" contract with my blood, to convince exclaimed he, “had not fate been alhim that I was anxious to satisfy him ready sufficiently severe, but that I must of my integrity and gratitude. Our complete the death-blow and aggravate cares were thus removed, and our joy the cruelty of that catastrophe! How on the occasion led us into some extrav- blind is man, when most wise in his agance. We ought to have retrenched, conceit !" At this moment he heard and to have husbanded maoy gists that the sound of mule-bells, and very soon fortune subsequently bestowed upon us, afterwards, the clashing of weapons and as if for the extinction of the debt that an anxious cry for help. Two robbers has burdened us duriog our whole lives; had attacked an aged traveller, and as but we would not overcast the dawn of he and his attendant strove to defend your youth, my dear, by any parsimo. their baggage, they had disarmed the ny, and now the sense of this folly and faithful servant and bound him to a tree,


while the exhausted master, mustering that Muzio's seclusion from the world all his remaining strength to ward off was involuntary, and that an unfortuthe assailants, seemed ready to fall be- date accident bad compelled him to quit neath their daggers. Muzio baving, his country and the object of his warmlike the savage in his wilderness, little to est attachment, he rejoiced in the opporfear, as he had little to lose, hastened tunity thus afforded him to evince bis down the bill, bis sword glistening like gratitude. He insisted that Muzio the silvery mountain-stream tumbling should accompany bim to Salerno, from cliff to cliff. He was fortunate where he resided. “ The hand of enough to rescue the old man, who had Heaven," said he “is visible in all that received several wounds, from the hands has happened. I was going to Ferraof the robbers. One of them lost his ra, where I have a debtor, with the inlife, and the other, pursued by Muzio tention of making myself acquainted and the released attendant, saved his by with him, bis wise and daughter; and plunging into the dark recesses of the if I should find the latter such as she forest. The traveller, leaning weak has been described to me, to demand with his wounds on the arm of his deliv- her as a nurse for my declining age, erer, raised his eyes in gratitude towards while I, in return, would cancel his Heaven, while his tears mingled with bond, and thus relieve him from bears the blood that trickled from his hoary embarrassments. After spending a head: the departing sun threw his last long life in exploring alone the silent rerays over the wild scene, and tinged the cesses of nature, I was desirous of dysolitary cross erected upon one of the ing in the arms of a faithful friend; and crags that overlooked the abyss. A as my end is not far distant, it was my spring descended from its side: and wish that the beauteous Nerissa while the servant fetched water from it should inherit my property as my widto refresh bis fainting master, Muzio ow, and in the full bloom of youthful was engaged in binding up his wounds, charms, be rendered so much the hapand rendering bim other assistance. It pier after my death. But I am now was as tho' the radiance which at this convinced that this was a silly plan, and moment embellished the awful aspect it is better for me, wounded and reduof nature, had dispelled in some measure ced as I am, to return without accomthe gloom that pervaded his soul, and plishing my purpose, since I cannot diffused over it a new dawn of love and think of again attempting to cross those hope; as though he had saved himself wild and dangerous mountains. Heavfrom destruction, as well as the stranger; en has sent me what I wanted, if yon and he paused some time to survey the will but come and abide with me. Cail solitude, which was again involved in me father, and be my beloved son and shade, and where the cross alone still heir." reflected the rays of the declining lumi It was not without extreme difficuity pary.

that Muzio repressed his astonishment The old man, whose name was Bor- at all that he heard. By this extraordiaventura, having escaped the dangers nary adventure he saw his love deliverwhich await the traveller in these ed from a new and unexpected danger, mountain passes, and had bis wounds and could not help recognizing in the dressed at the first inhabited place, was whole chain of events a higher dispen extremely solicitous to learn something sation, to which he bowed with gratimore concerning his deliverer, whose tude and reviving hope. On their arriresidence in so dreary a wilderness he val in Salerno, Bonaventura sirove, liv could not account for. Muzio indeed every means in his power, to make him felt some reluctance to disclose bis sit- comfortable ; and if Muzio could have uation to a stranger, but he dropped been happy without Nerissa, he must have many expressions from which the pria- been so in bis new abode, When this cipal circumstances of his story might old man bad at length communicated .' be inferred. When Bonaventura found tbat had passed between himself i...?

Nerissa's parents, from which it ap- posal of Bonaventura, and soon afterpeared thai in bis readiness to serve wards set out with the strongest hopes them, he bad been actuated by the pur- of success and of a speedy return to bis est feelings of benevolence; when he grateful benefactor. He disguised his stated that, at the time, he knew noth- graceful person in wide garments of exof the artifice which they had practised traordinary make, contrived to change upon the uncle, but that he had never his speech ; and a white flowiog beard repented of what he had done, since a gave him completely the appearance of generous action is often destined to pro- an aged sorcerer. However be might duce results which we never contempla- deceive others, he felt within bis bosom ted, Muzio could no longer keep si- all the glowing impatience of youthful lence, nay, he would have deemed him- love, when the splendid structures of self ungrateful, could he have longer Ferrara, interspersed with gardens and concealed his secret. Bonaventura lis- groves, first met his view. It was dark tened to him with manifest delight. when Muzio reached the city; the “ As the hand of Nature,” said be, notes of the nightingales from the bal“scovers the most rugged rock with conies covered with flowers, were blooming plants, so Providence enables mingled with the sounds of many a song us to derive fresh courage from our very and many a guitar. misfortunes and distresses: wbat man At the sequestered inn to which Muentangles, God alone can unravel, and zio repaired, he began to write to bis he will do it too, if we but place our beloved Nerissa, but he soon tore bis confidence in him."

unfinished letter, and resolved to curb When Muzio the next morning en- his impatience for another day, that he tered Bonaventura's chamber, it appear- might convince himself how Nerissa ed to him to be transformed into the mourned his supposed death, and asshop of a goldsmith and jeweller. Dia. certain whether it was possible that monds, rubies, pearls, elegant chains of even the grave could produce any the purest gold, were spread out before change in her love. Her parents were him on a table of black marble, and the not a little surprised at the appearance old man was surveying them with evi- of the pretended Bonaventura; but the deat pleasure. At the foot of the table anxiety which they at first felt soon subwere bags of money, and letters just sided, when he himself came, treated written lay around. “ All this," said them very courteously, brought with Bonaventura to Muzio, “is for you and him the bond signed with blood, and Nerissa to whom you shall carry it, informed them of the terms on wbich if you accede to my proposal. Ii is, he was ready to cancel it. They were this-you shall go disguised as an old perfectly satisfied with the conditions, man and beacing my name, which I and promised to speak to their daughter have already given to you, to solicit of on the subject. Muzio had the greatNerissa's parents the hand of their est difficulty to suppress bis agitation, daughter, as I had intended to do: you when Nerissa, obedient to the summay thus venture to return undiscovered moos of her mother, entered the apartto Ferrara, and gain the consent of the ment, and with her own hand presented father and mother. Reveal not your- him with ices and lemonade, having self to your mistress; let her be united previously saluted him with her accus. to you ; bring her hither, and then we tomed gentleness, and apparently withshall each of us be assured of the pos- out the slightest suspicion of his errand. session of what we love dearest -i of He thought her paler than usual, but in you, Muzio, and you of Nerissa ; other respects perceived no alteration. wbile her parents," added he, “ will Muzio paused for a moment to consider retain my money for which I now be- whether this were to be attributed to gin to feel a real esteem, since it is so constraint imposed upon herself in the serviceable to us all." Muzio acqui- presence of her parents, or to indifferesced with gratitude and joy in the pro- ence. He fancied that when he was so

near to her, the glowing breath of love parents, and her behaviour was just the could not fail to reach her and tell her same as before. who he was. But when the goblet The unexpected intelligence of Netrembled in his hand, and his pallid lip rissa's consent was like a dagger to the seemed to quiver, these tokens of advan- heart of Muzio. He had not doubted ced age, as she considered them, excited that she would refuse the offer, and her sympathy, and she placed an arm- purposed in this case to make himself chair for him in which he might con- koown to her. He now resolved to veniently repose. Muzio soon retired, leave his faithless mistress to her error, that he might not betray himself, and avoided all familiar conversation with sacrifice at the same time the happiness her; and so miserable was be rendered of bis life. No sooner was he gone by the manifest indifference with which than Nerissa, was apprised by her she received his presents, that he began parents what good fortune awaited them, to suspect that some other object posin case of her

acquiescence in the propo- sessed her heart, and that she reckoned sal of the stranger. All the caresses of upon Bonaventura’s relinquishment of parental affection were lavished on the his claim. Her apparent tranquillity, beloved child, but these would have her univterrupted serenity, afflicted him bad but little effect, had she not perceiva deeply. He sought to accelerate the ed the repugnance of her parents to re-wedding-day, for ill then he was resort to compulsion, as well as their ap- solved not to make bimself known to prehensions lest she should refuse to her. When she is once mine, thought comply with their ardent wishes. be, nothing can then separate us; and “Our fate," said they, “our peace, our when I have revealed myself to her and future bappiness, are in your hands; exposed her perfidy, one death shall decide then whether your parents sball unite us. This sword, which has aldie under the pressure of indigence, or ready served me on two occasions, shall owe to you and your affection freedom perform the third and last service, and from care during the remaining years of find its grave in her bosom and mine, their lives. Do wbat your own heart that it may inflict no more such wounds tells you to be right. You have ever as love has inflicted on my heart. been a dutiful girl-cheer then the last The bloody bond was exchanged for days of Bonaventura our benefactor, the marriage contract, and the ceremowho will not himself grudge you a more ny performed. The entertaioment suitable match after his death, for he is given on the occasion was over ; the a good and pious man, who will be to musicians had retired, and Muzio was you all that we have beeo." Her father left alone with Nerissa. While he then told her that they would leave her directed her with tremulous voice to alone to consider of the matter; but her extinguish the tapers and leave but a mother, before she followed him into single lamp burning, he seized his sword the adjoining apartment, fell upon her and leaned against the table on which knees before her daughter, who raised Nerissa had placed the wedding jewher weeping aloud, and was near faint- els, which glistened by the light of the ing in her Nerissa, after a tapers like dew-drops in the sun.

He conflict with herself of many hours, du- trembled to such a degree that he could ring which she deplored Muzio's fate scarcely prevent the rattling of the sword and her own with torrents of tears, at in his hand from betraying his agitation. length promised compliance with the At this moment Nerissa approached wishes of her parents ; and it was only him; bursting into tears, and throwing while they clasped her to their bosoms loose her hair, covered with a white in the first moments of their joy that her veil, she suok at his feet, and thus adsorrow burst forth with vehemence. dressed him; “Gladly will I'be a From that period her countenance wore daughter to you, Bonaventura, and pay its wooted smile in the presence of her you obedience. My heart would have 3L ATHENEUM VOL. 7.

broken when I stood with you at the al


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tar, had not heaven inspired me with an ing bosom. What language can exinexpressible, a filial coofidence in you. press their mutual feelings, or wbo caa Do not betray it; or if you will not be conceive them but those who bave losa benefactor to me as you have been to ed with equal warmth? Nerissa imas. my parents, plunge the sword which ined that her heart bad been broken by you hold into my heart. Know then, her sorrow; and that H-avea had once Bonaventura, that I am indissolubly at- more united her to Muzio that she tached to a youth for whom alone is re- might share bis happiness. Muzio, served the flower of my love. Preserve however, soon recalled her to herself, it, like a celestial guardian inviolate for by acknowledging to his beloved all the him; be a tutelar angel to us all, and I doubts by which he had been tormen-I will love you, as angels love !" ted : be confessed the wrong he had

Muzio dropped his sword, and rais- done her, and yielded the prize to her ed Nerissa, exclaiming : “But are piety and virtue you certain that Muzio is dead ?" When Nerissa's parents were appri“ Muzio !" repeated Nerissa , throw. sed of the whole train of events, they ing both her arms around him: “bow were transported with joy, and recognicame you to know bis name ?"-"| zed in this dispensation of Providence know still more," replied Muzio : “I the reward of filial affection and conknow that he lives, that you will see stancy.

Muzio and Nerissa repaired him again, and that I shall be the per- to the benevolent Bonaventura, and reson who will bring you together.” mained with him till be died. Mean“He lives!” exclaimed Nerissa, and while the Duke of Ferrara, beiog inclasping her hands again fell upon her formed of what had bappened, was knees.

Muzio threw himself beside pleased to signify, that, as the hand of her, and raising his eyes towards heav- Heaven was so manifestly displayed in en, ejaculated : “ Bless us, and be thou favour of Muzio, he should dismiss blest, eternal God ! O infinite love!" from his mind; the animosity he had ---He then rose, re-lighted the tapers, borne bim; upon which he returned threw off the beard and strange garb, with Nerissa io bis dear native ciiy, wiped the ashy colour from his cheeks, where they were received with extraorand Nerissa clasped her own Muzio, dinary rejoicing by her parents and the glowing in manly beauty, to her heav- friends of both parties.


From Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, July 1820. WE

E are delighted to observe that rites among the English writers of this

" the Sketch Book of Geoffrey age--and he is not a bit the less for Crayon, Gent.” has at last fallen into baving been born in America. He is the hands of Mr. Murray, and been re not one of those Americans who pracpublished in one of the most beautiful tise, what may be called, a treason of octavos that ever issued from the fertile the beart, in perpetual scoffs, and press of Albemarle Street. The work speers against the land of their foreindeed is still going on at New York ; fathers. He well knows that his but we trust some arrangement has been “thews and sinews” are not all, for entered into, by virtue of which, the wbich he is indebted to his English An. succeeding numbers of this exquisite cestry. All the noblest food of bis miscellany may be early given to the heari and soul bave been derived to him, English public; who, we are sure, are, he well knows, from the same fountain at least, as much inclined to receive —and he is as grateful for his obligathem well as the American. Mr. Wash- tions as he is conscious of their maghiington Irving is one of our first favou- tude. His writings all breathe the sen

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