Erechtheus: A Tragedy

Chatto and Windus, 1876 - 105 pages

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Page 80 - Through the roar and recoil of the charges that mingle their cries and confound, Like fire are the notes of the trumpets that flash through the darkness of sound. As the swing of the sea churned yellow that sways with the wind as it swells Is the lift and relapse of the wave of the chargers
Page 43 - And the breath be stilled of lips that sigh. Death at last for all men is a harbour; yet they flee from it, [Ant. i. Set sails to the storm-wind and again to sea ; Yet for all their labour no whit further shall they be from it. Nor longer but wearier shall their life's work be.
Page 2 - Is fresh upon it from thy womb, and we Behold it born how beauteous ; one day more 1 see the world's wheel of the circling sun 30 » Roll up rejoicing to regard on earth This one thing goodliest, fair as heaven or he, • Worth a God's gaze or strife of Gods ; but now
Page 51 - CHTHONIA. Day to day makes answer, first to last, and life to death; but I, Born for death's sake, die for life's sake, if indeed this be to die, This my doom that seals me deathless till the springs of time run dry.
Page 2 - Would this day's ebb of their spent wave of strife Sweep it to sea, wash it on wreck, and leave A costless thing contemned ; and in our stead, Where these walls were and sounding streets of men, Make wide a .waste for tongueless water-herds
Page 62 - CHTHONIA. Let glory's and theirs be one name in the mouths of all nations made glad with the sun. CHORUS. For the cloud is blown back with thy breath. CHTHONIA. With the long last love of mine eyes I salute thee, O land where my days now are done.
Page 76 - As a storm-cloud swoln that comes up from the skirts of the sea By the wind for helmsman to shoreward ferried, So black behind them the live storm serried Shakes earth with the tramp of its foot, and the terror to be. Shall the sea give death whom the land gave birth ? [Ant. 4.
Page 2 - What have we done ? what word mistimed or work Hath winged the wild feet of this timeless curse To fall as fire upon us ? Lo, I stand Here on this brow's crown of the city's head That crowns its lovely body, till death's hour
Page 43 - longer but wearier shall their life's work be. And with anguish of travail until night Shall they steer into shipwreck out of sight, And with oars that break and shrouds that strain Shall they drive whence no ship steers again. Bitter and strange is the word of the God most high, [Str. 2.
Page 66 - Night that fills our eyes with sleep, day that fills with light. None of all is lovelier, loftier love is none, [Ant. i. Less is bride's for bridegroom, mother's less for son, Child, than this that crowns and binds up all in one; Love of thy sweet light, thy fostering breast and

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