Daniel in the Den of Chaucer-'Canterbury Tales'-Man of Lawe's

[blocks in formation]

Tale'-1. 330.

Quarles-Divine Fancies'-'Daniel in the Lion's

Bishop Bickersteth-Yesterday, To-day and For
Ever-B. vi. 1. 623.

Wilton-Lyrics Sylvan and Sacred-' Daniel.'

Greene-Looking Glass for London and Eng-
land'-ll. 166-161.

Milton-Paradise Regained'-B. i. 1. 380.
Henry More-'Immortality of the Soul'—B. i.
Canto. 1, 1. 7.

Keble-Christian Year'-Sexagesima Sunday
-St. 7.

Wordsworth-Eccles. Sonnets-Pt. ii. Sts. 11-12.
Mrs Browning-' Idols.'

Lewis Morris-Hymn in Time of Idols.'

Shakespeare-King John'-Act v. Sc. 2, 1. 153.
James I.-Ballad-Virtue Increases Dignitie.'
Herbert-Temple'-' Church Porch.'
Quarles-Zion's Elegies-- Threnodie '—Pt. i.

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[blocks in formation]

Chaucer Canterbury Tales'-
'Man of Lawe's
Tale'-1. 343.

Gascoigne De Profundis.'

Greene-Looking Glass for London and Eng-
land-1. 1609.

Drayton Harmonie of the Church'-Song of
Jonah in the Whale's Belly.
William Hunnis-Miserere Mei.'

Quarles' Feast for Wormes'-Secs. 6-7.
Richard Wilton-Sign of the Prophet Jonas.'


Glass for London

England'-ll. 1953 and 2160.

Quarles Feast for Wormes'-Secs. 6-10.
D. G. Rossetti-' Burden of Nineveh.'
Dobbin-Poems-'Jonah and the Gourd.'
Dean Kynaston-Fast of the Ninevites.'


Chaucer Canterbury Tales'-Prologue-' The
Poor Parsoun.'

Milton-Paradise Lost'-B. x. l. 925.
Dryden-The Good Parson.'
Herbert-Temple'-"The Priesthood.'
Bishop Ken-"The Good Priests.'

Wordsworth-Ecclesiastical Sonnets-Pt. ii. Sts.


Milton-Paradise Lost '-B. iii. 1. 275.
Quarles-Emblems'-B. ii. No. 10.

Christina Rossetti-' By the Waters of Babylon.'
Shakespeare-Richard II '-Act iii. Sc. 2, 1. 6.
Drayton-Harmonie of the Church'-'Song of

Milton-Paradise Lost'-B. x. 1. 750.
C. G. Mudie-Poems-'In Babylon.'
Byron By the Rivers of Babylon.'

ZEPHANIAH. Woe to Jerusalem. (Zeph. i. 1-18.)


Rebuilding Jerusalem. (Haggai i., ii., iii.)

ZECHARIAH. Reign of the Redeemer. (Zech. lx. 9-17.)


Final Admonition. (Mal. iv. 1-6.)

Shakespeare-Richard II.'—Act iii. Sc. 2.
Sir John Beaumont-'The World'—St. 4.
Quarles Enchiridion '-B. ii. No. 38.
Herbert-Temple '-' Affliction.'

Carleton-Farm Ballads'-'Fading Flowers.'
Swinburne 'Atalanta in Calydon'―l. 212.
Christina Rossetti-'I do set My Bow in the

Shakespeare-1 'Henry IV '-Act i. Sc. 1.
Sylvester-Bethulia's Rescue '-B. i. l. 129.
Joseph Beaumont-"Psyche'-Canto ii. 1.78, also
Canto xiii. 11. 22-27.

Milton-' Paradise Lost'-B. xii. l. 349.
Herbert Church Militant'—1. 223.
Wordsworth-Ecclesiastical Sonnets-Pt. 1.St. 8.

Spenser Hymn of Heavenly Love'-1. 130.
Joseph Beaumont- Psyche'-Canto v. St. 145.
Nicholas Breton-Solemne Passioun '-St. 58.
Bunyan-'Holy War'-'Immanuel in Mansoul."
More Hymn on the Redemption of the World.'
Herbert-Temple'-' Peace.'

Young-Reflection of State of Europe'-1. 146.
Horatius Bonar-Immanuel.'

Mrs. Cousin' In Immanuel's Land.'

Giles Fletcher-Christ's Triumph after Death'
-Sts. 26-48.

Mrs Browning-' He giveth His Beloved Sleep.'
Tennyson-In Memoriam '-St. 131, l. 34.
George Eliot 'O, may I join the Choir Invisible.'
G. T. Coster-Miscellaneous Poems- Malachi.'

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