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445. Nehemiah governor of Jerusalem. Walls of Jerusalem rebuilt. 444. Reading and adoption of the Law.


423-404. Darius II. (Nothus). 404-359. Artaxerxes II. (Mnemon).

432. Nehemiah again in Jerusalem. 432. Nehemiah banishes Sanballat's son-in-law (the priest Manasseh), who probably organised the Samaritans into a distinct religious community. Somewhat later Temple Alexander.

on Gerizim erected.

332. Alexander the Great in Palestine.

359-338. 336-331. mannus).

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431-404. Peloponnesian War.

323-285. Ptolemy I. (Lagos). Ptolemaic Dynasty in Egypt.

323. Alexander dies at Babylon. Partition of his kingdom into four. 312. Seleucid Dynasty in Syria.


The following references in the works of well-known writers in English Literature have obviously been suggested by passages occurring in the Books of Daniel and the Minor Prophets.


The Captives in Babylon. (Dan. i. 1-3.)

Greene-Orlando Furioso.

Milton- Paradise Regained'—B. iii. 1. 281.
Herbert-The Church Militant '-1, 100.
Byron-Hebrew Melodies-'O Weep for those
of Babylon.'

Moore-Sacred Songs-Fallen is Thy Throne.'
Bishop Bickersteth-Yesterday, To-day and For
Ever'-B. vi. 1. 557, et seq.

Daniel Interpreting the Chaucer-Cant. Tales'—'Monk's Tale'-1.180.


(Dan. ii. 25.)

Nebuchadnezzar and the Image of his Dream. (Dan. ii. 31.)

Shakespeare-Merchant of Venice'-Act iv.
Sc. 1, 1. 223.

Cary's Dante-Paradiso '-B. iv. l. 13.

Bishop Bickersteth-Yesterday, To-day and For
Ever'-B. vi. 1. 577.

Langland-Piers Plowman'-P. vii. 1. 331.
Gower-Confessio Amantis'-Prologue, 1. 598.
Chaucer-Cant. Tales'-'Monk's Tale'-1. 188.
Cowper-Olney Hymns-B. i. No. 73.

Bishop Bickersteth-'Yesterday, To-day and For
Ever'-B. vi. 1. 583.

Mudie-Miscellaneous Poems-'In Babylon.'
Symonds-Poems-Nebuchadnezzar's Image.'

The Three Captives and the Fiery Furnace. (Dan. iii. 1-30.)

Nebuchadnezzar's Pun-
(Dan. iv. 31.)

Belshazzar's Feast. (Dan. v. 1-30.)

Shakespeare-'Henry VIII.'-Act i. Sc. 1, 1.


Keble-Christian Year '-'Shadrach, Meshach
and Abednego.'

Bishop Bickersteth-Yesterday, To-day and For
Ever'-B. vi. 1. 604.

Alice Fausset-The Three Children.'

Chaucer-Canterbury Tales'-'Monk's Tale' -1. 200.

Gower Confessio Amantis'-B. i. Sec. 5,
11. 230-290.

Shakespeare-All's Well that Ends Well'-
Act iv. Sc. 5, 1. 21.

Quarles-Divine Fancies'-B. ii. No. 57.
Bishop Earle-Microcosmographie'—'A Plaine
Country Fellow.'

Young Night Thoughts'-B. ix. 1. 216.
Thomas Aird-Nebuchadnezzar'—Canto i. St.
2, 1. 61.

Chaucer-Canterbury Tales'-'Monk's Tale' -1. 221.

Gower-Confessio Amantis '-B. v. Sec. 10,
1. 82.

Shakespeare 'Richard II.'-Act. ii. Sc. 2, 1. 90.
Young Night Thoughts'-B. ii. 1. 415.
Byron-Hebrew Melodies-Vision of Bel-

Cowper-Olney Hymns-No. 74- Belshazzar.'
W. H. Roberts-Miscellaneous Poems- Bel-

Edwin Arnold-Miscellaneous Poems-'Feast of Belshazzar.'

C. J. Leland-Translation of Heine-Belshazzar.'

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