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moderator over a society collected from the Catholics, and who excelled the rest in judgment and industry; and that he was chosen to this office, by reason, that half a year before his death he believed, that the vicarship was an invention for the sake of dominion, and that the Lord, the Saviour, being God, alone is he who ought to be adored and worshiped ; also, that the sacred Scripture is divine, and thus more holy than the edicts of popes. He added that he had continued in the belief of these two capital tenets in religion to the end of his life. He further remarked, that their saints are not any thing; and was surprised when I informed him, that it was decreed in a synod, and confirmed by a bull, that they ought to be invoked. He said that he led a life of activity, as he had done in the world, and that every morning he proposed to himself nine or ten things, which he wished to finish before the evening. I inquired by what means he obtained in so few years a treasure so considerable as that which he had deposited in the castle of St. Angelo? He replied, that he wrote with his own hand to the superiors of rich monasteries, to send at their own discretion as much of their wealth as they chose, as the use for which it was intended was holy, and that because they were afraid of him, they contributed largely ; and when I told him that this treasure still remains, he said, - What use can it answer now?” In the course of my conversation with him, I related, that the treasure in Loretto, since his time, was immensely increased and accumulated ; and in like manner the treasure in certain monasteries, especially in Spain ; but at this day not in so great a degree as in former ages; and I added, that they hoard them up without having any useful end in view, and only for the sake of the delight experienced from the possession of them, Upon which I further remarked, that thus they resemble those infernal deities whom the ancients called Plutos : when I mentioned Plutos, he said, “ Hush, I know.” He related also, that no others are admitted into the society over which he presides, but such as excel in judgment, and are capable of receiving that the Lord is ihe only God of heaven and earth, and that the Word is

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holy and divine ; and that under the Lord's guidance he is daily perfecting that society ; and he said that he had conversed with the saints so called, but that they become infatuated when they hear and believe that they are saints: he also called the popes and cardinals stupid, such of them at least as desired to be adored as Christ, although not in person, and who do not acknowledge the Word to be essentially holy and divine, according to which alone men ought to live.

He desired me to inform those who are living at this day, that Christ is the God of heaven and earth, and that the Word is holy and divine; and that the Holy Spirit does not speak through the mouth of any one, but Satan, who wishes to be worshiped as God: and that they who do not attend to these things, as being stupid, go to their like, and after a time are cast into hell to those who are infatuated with the notion that they are gods, and who lead no other life than that of a beast. Upon which I said, “ Perhaps these things are rather too harsh for me to write;" but he replied, “ Write, and I will subscribe it, for they are true.

And then he went from me to bis own society, and set his name to one copy, and transmitted it as a bull to other societies attached to the same religion.



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