De Foe. Marlborough run down.

Twelve Peers created.

Rochester, the Queen's Uncle dies. Exclamation of Louis XIV.
Dr. Grabe dies. Walpole committed to the Tower. Prince
Eugene in England. Whiston's dedication. Harley poising
the two successions. St. John, Bolingbroke. Dauphin dies.
Fenelon. Assiento Treaty for Negroes. Bishop Fleetwood's
Preface burned. Addresses. Dissenters decline to address.
Author's Comfort and Council to Dissenters. Dr. Clarke's
Scripture doctrine. Waterland. Death of the Author's Wife.
Peace. French Protestants. Some Galley-slaves released.
Marolles. King of Prussia dies. Sophia Charlotte. Author's
journey to the West. Newbury. Mr. Peirce. Assembly of
Devon and Cornwall. Exeter. Plymouth. Launceston.
Cock-pit. Taunton. Bath. Oxford. Scots move to dis-
solve the Union. English Peers indifferent. Bedford's "He-
reditary Right." Chevalier De St. George. Atterbury, Bishop
of Rochester. Gold Medals from the Queen to Members of
Parliament. Ostend Company. Sheriffs of London.
senters fined by the Corporation. Earl Mansfield.


Hints relating both to public and private matters, in the

reign of King George I. 293-494.

Queen Anne dies. Day of the Schism Act. Coincidence

noticed. Schism Act described. Attempt of the Long Par-
liament. Marlborough arrives. King George proclaimed.
Bolingbroke. Addison, Secretary.

Addresses. Bolingbroke

displaced. Reward for securing the Pretender. King's arrival.
A run of addresses. Ministers' address. Bradbury's retort.
Coronation. Tennison's last act. Tumults. Pretender's decla-
ration. His Sister's good affection. Duke of Athol. Lock-
hart, Bishop Moor's Library. King presents it to Cambridge.
Epigrams. Walker's " Attempt." Dr. Radcliffe. His
will. Author's mother dies. His Sermons dedicated to Lady
Levet. Bishop Burnet dies. His History of the Reformation.

Eclipse. Bolingbroke, &c. impeached. Meeting-houses
pulled down. Rebellion. Fleet in the Downs. Camp in
Hyde-park. Newcastle, Bristol, Bath, Plymouth, and Ox-
ford secured. A new run of addresses. Dissenting Ministers'.
Practice of the Body. Impeachment of Lord Oxford. Bo-
lingbroke and Ormond attainted. Earl of Mar. A great

hunting. Louis XIV. dies.
roline, Memoirs of Louis.
up the Pretender's standard.
wentwater at Warkworth.

Swift on Louis and Queen Ca-
Orleans Regent. Lord Mar sets

Habeas Corpus suspended. Der-
Old Mackintosh. Rebels taken

at Preston. English conspirators secured. Dissenters all loyal.
Mr. Wood a Dissenting Minister raises volunteers. General
Wightman's Military commendation of the Rebels.

Prisoners brought to London in triumph. Nobility and
Gentry gazing. Monke and his wife in 1660. Tale
of the Warming-pan. Burnet. Prisoners pinioned. Exe-
cuted. Barbarous mutilations. Tennison dies. His bequest
for Bishops in America. Bishop Butler's scheme. Laud's
project. Episcopalians in the United States. Athanasian
Creed. Dr. Hickes dies. Death of Mr. Carstairs. Lockart's
"Memoirs." Marquis Wharton. His contradictory charac-
ters. Mr. Shower dies. His tour. Old Jewry Chapel. Dr.
Rees. Cyclopedia. Duke of Sussex's library. Mr. Simon

Pretender in Scotland. Bolingbroke's account. Parlia-
ment. Impeachment of Scotch Lords. Dr. Williams dies.
His noble charities. Pretender's Declaration cried about
the streets. He returns to France. Derwentwater beheaded.

His fine character. Lord Nithsdale's escape. Lady Niths-
dale. Her cruel reception by the King. Aurora Borealis.
Septennial Act passed. Carried by placemen, in the Commons.
Lord Somers dies. His character. Select Vestries. Cambridge.
Loyal scholars insulted. Hussey's Meeting-house plundered.
Oaken boughs 29th May. Wearers punished. General run of
Addresses. Handsome one by the Quakers. Other Dissen-
ters decline to address. Their losses from mobs not satisfied.

King goes abroad. Chandler's sight of him. Parson Paul
and Justice Hall executed. Their Speeches published. Non-
juring Clergyman and his printer severely punished. Hoadley's
"Preservative." Prince appointed Regent. Rioters executed.
Address from New England. Author's extemporaneous
speech to the Prince. Disturbance at Oxford. Leibnitz dies.
Queen of Prussia his patroness. Expected invasion from
Sweden. Ministers' address. Author presents it. Dissenters
reimbursed. Author on " the Act against Occasional Confor-
mity." Triple Alliance. L'Abbé Dubois.

Hoadley on the

Kingdom of Christ. Author's "Defence." Locke on Non-
conformity. Snape and Sherlock against Hoadley. Piloniere.
Sherlock, and Hoadley on the Test Act. Convocation silenced.
Oxford's impeachment dismissed.

Author at Hampton Court. Noticed by the King. Bishop
Lloyd. His prediction of Rome's burning. Dissension be-
tween the King and Prince. Mr. Shippen, M. P. sent to the
Tower. A young Jacobite executed. His papers of devotion.
Quadruple Alliance. L'Abbé Dubois. His contrivances.
Charles XII. killed. Voltaire. Schism Act repealed. Author
and Archdeacon Echard. Cromwell and the Devil. Heats

among the Dissenters. Test on the Trinity. Mr. Peirce.
Exeter Assembly. Appeal to Hoadley. Letters of Advice.
Meeting at Salter's-Hall. Author a non-subscriber. Tolera-
tion Act. Angry advertisements. Pamphlets in abundance.
Expected Invasion. Bill to limit the Peerage. Rejected by
the Commons.

Heats among Dissenters continued. Assembly at Exeter.

Pamphlets. Dr. Morgan. North of Ireland. Theological
contests. Author's "Remarks on Dr. Walker's Attempt."
Law the projector. South-Sea bubble. Lord Cowper's com-
parison. National Debt. Its amount. Reconciliation of
King and Prince. L'Abbé Dubois. George II. and Prince
Frederic. George III. Plague at Marseilles. Mr. Peirce's
"Western Inquisition." Synod at Belfast. Abernethy. Dr.
Drummond. Dr. Hughes's dedication. Earl Stanhope's sudden
death. Aurora Borealis. Moyle's remarks. More pamphlets
on the Arian controversy. Distress from the South-Sea
scheme. Pope. Chandler. Gibraltar. King's letter on its
restitution. Probable expense.

Author's new meeting-house. His sermons on the Trinity.

Newton's "Letter." Lord King's "Life of Locke." Quar-

terly Review. Emlyn. Dedication. Alcuin. Charlemagne.

Directions to Archbishops and Bishops. Author's audience.

Influence in elections. Interview with the Royal Family.

Royal bounty. Walpole. A noble Dean's project of persecution.

Honourably resisted. Another Synod of Belfast. Plague con-

tinues in France. Proposed barracks for pest-houses. New Par-

liament. Riotous doings. Proclamation against reputed Papists.

Tax on Papists. Atterbury seized. His trial and defence. Lord

Cowper's dissent. The Bishop's exile. Bolingbroke's return.

Simon Browne. Layer executed. Toland. Marlborough.

Origin of Regium Donum. Dr. Mayo. Dr. Price. Corpora-

tion and Test Acts repealed. A declaration of Christianity
exacted. Present form of the bounty. Parliamentary grant.
Amount for England not published. Burnet. Charles II.
His grant. Baxter refuses. Dr. Owen's distribution from the
King. Dr. Williams refuses an offer from Queen Anne. Royal
bounty in Ireland. William III. Queen Anne. Parliamen-
tary Grant. Present Annual amount. Bishop Fleetwood,
Lord Cowper dies. His integrity as Chancellor. An admired
orator. His justice and wisdom on a Catholic question.
Legacy of Sir John Gayer adjudged to the Dissenters.




Synod at Dungannon. Trial of Mr. Nevin.
Kirkpatrick. Cruelties at Thorn. President Ros-
Czar Peter dies. Earl of Macclesfield. Trial. Sen-
tence. Bishop Pearce. Lord King, Chancellor. Gibraltar.
Mr. Barnes. Legacy to Dissenting ministers. Synod of Dun-
gannon. Mr. Peirce dies. His epitaph. Rector's refusal.
Sir Isaac Newton. George I. dies. Duchess of Kendal, His
Queen's long imprisonment, and death.


Hints relating both to public and private matters, in the
reign of King George II. 495.

Acherley's "Britannic
Reynolds, the Author's

Accession of George II. Ministers address the King and
Queen. Coronation. Mr. Hardy. Suddenly conforms.
Several Ministers conform. Butler. Secker. His early decla-
ration. Author's "Continuation."
Constitution." Hunton. Filmer.
friend dies. Pulteney and Walpole.
lines to Harris. Marryat. Boyce dies.
Charles II. Regium Donum. King William's Statue. Prince
Frederick. Author's address. Bishop Kennet dies. "Histori-
cal Register."

Bennett. Earle. His
Second sight. Ireland.

Gaol. Committee. Oglethorpe. Thomson. Dauphin.
French nation transported. Onslow. Watts. Dr. Gibbons.
Historical note. Dr. Clarke dies. Whiston. Hoadley. Porte-
ous. Woolston. Lardner. Bishop Waddington. Lord Not-
tingham. Whiston. Lord Orford. Supposed "decay of the
Dissenting interest." Walpole and Pulteney. Cotton Libra-
ry. Bishop Moor's Library. Author's sermon in Dr. Williams's
Library. Whiston. Author's last illness and death.


No. 1. Rev. J. Ollyffe to Rev. W. Tong.


No. 2. Diploma for a doctorate from Edinburgh. 540

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