A Treatise on the Police of the Metropolis: Containing a Detail of the Various Crimes and Misdemeanors by which Public and Private Property and Security Are, at Present, Injured and Endangered: and Suggesting Remedies for Their Prevention

H. Baldwin and Son, 1800 - 655 pagina's

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Pagina 6 - It should be founded upon principles that are permanent, uniform, and universal ; and always conformable to the dictates of truth and justice, the feelings of humanity, and the indelible rights of mankind...
Pagina 36 - ... or destruction, or any bodily harm tending to death or destruction, maim or wounding, imprisonment or restraint of the person of the...
Pagina 4 - So dreadful a list, instead of diminishing, increases the number of offenders. The injured, through compassion, will often forbear to prosecute: juries, through compassion, will sometimes forget their oaths, and either acquit the guilty or mitigate the nature of the offence : and judges, through compassion, will respite one half of the convicts, and recommend them to the royal mercy.
Pagina 89 - Not satisfied with the profit above stated, which, considering the difference of measure, is above one hundred per cent., it is a common practice with the retailers of this useful article to carry the milk first home to their own houses, where it is set up for half a day, when the cream is taken from it — at least, all that comes up in that time; and it is then sold for new milk, by which means what is delivered in the morning is no other than the milk of the preceding afternoon, deprived of the...
Pagina 581 - ... legislative powers, which are so much complained of, and how much soever themselves may desire the reformation, they will not, they dare not attempt it. The legislatures of every state in the union come together once or twice in a year, with this as one of the principal objects of their convening ; and when the evil is so great as to cry aloud for a remedy, there is no doubt that an adequate one may be applied. Let us have a care, however, lest we undermine and make the whole venerable fabric...
Pagina 485 - The station of gaoler is not in common account a very elevated one : the addition of contractor has not much tendency to raise it. He little dreamt, when he first launched into the subject, that he was to become a suitor, and perhaps in vain, for such an office. But inventions unpractised might be in want of the inventor : and a situation, thus clipped of emoluments, while it was loaded with obligations, might be in want of candidates.
Pagina 485 - By neatness and cleanliness, by diversity of employment, by variety of contrivance, and above all, by that peculiarity of construction, which, without any unpleasant or hazardous vicinity, enables the whole establishment to be inspected at a view, from a commodious and insulated...
Pagina 220 - In many instances where goods could not be plundered through the connivance of the watchmen, it was no uncommon thing to cut lighters adrift, and to follow them to a situation calculated to elude discovery. In this way, whole lighter loads, even of coals, have been discharged at obscure landing-places on the river, and carted away during the night.
Pagina 225 - ... the whole of the day, in readiness to receive and instantly convey on shore, bags of sugar, coffee, and other articles, pillaged by the Lumpers. By such connections as these, Mates, Boatswains, Carpenters, Seamen, and Ship-boys, have been seduced, and even taught to become plunderers and thieves, who would otherwise have remained honest and faithful to the trust reposed in them. Many of the watermen of this class were accustomed to live in a style of expense by no means consistent with the fair...
Pagina 326 - This can only be accounted for by their being denied the indulgence of gin, which had become, in a great measure, inaccessible from its very high price.

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