chemical view assumed, it was asserted that, from the small quantity of muriate of ammonia used, no perceptible chemical action could occur; and that in practice, after several trials of long duration in locomotive and marine boilers, no traces of metal could be discovered by the most delicate tests. Numerous practical instances were given of the full success of Dr. Ritterbandt's invention, and the general opinion appeared to be, that by the introduction of the system he had conferred a great benefit upon the engineering world, and most particularly upon railways where the incrustation of the tubes of the locomotives was a source not only of great expense, but not unfrequently the cause of accidents, as, by reducing the production of steam, the power was diminished, the speed could not be maintained, and collisions ensued. This process of keeping the boilers free from incrustation was therefore of great importance.—Lit. Gaz.


.American Facts. Notes and Statistics relative to the Government, Resources, Engagements, Manufactures, Commerce, Religion, Education, Literature, Fine Arts, Manners and Customs, of the United States of America. By Georg E PALM ER PuTNAM, Member of the New York Historical Society, &c., &c. 12mo, pp. 292. Wiley and Putnam, London and New York, 1845.

We are quite willing that our kinsman on the other side the Atlantic should have a full hearing in his own cause. He has some right to o of John Bull, but not by any means so much as he at times seems to suppose. So far as regards the religion of America, we suspect that it is greatly over-estimated by the religious people of Great Britain; nor did we need Mr. Putnam's book to convince us that the United States embrace a large territory, with large resources, and that there are men in that country who evince a genuine sympathy with the higher forms of civilization. The weak and tender points are not these. Lynch law and slavery, and the repudiative policy, and other things too nearly resembling that policy, remain much as they were, after all the softening attempted in their favor. These are matters which do not admit of mending; they must come to an end before the talkings of the Old World will be altogether acceptable to the ears of the New. If the feeling in this country, with regard to the commercial spirit of Americans, be so unfavorable, would it not be wise, instead of placing all that feeling to the account of prejudice, to inquire is there be not some just cause for such imressions 2 We ask this question in all friendship. ad as this world may be, nations and individuals generally find in it the sort of reputation they deserve. The causes are many which should dispose Great Britain and America to amity, and not to hostility, and we are sure that to this sentiment not a few of her sons would heartily respond. In our pages no wrong shall be wittingly done to the claims of our transatlantic brethren. But let them not forget that they will reap as they sow Mr. Putnam's book is a spirited at

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tempt to expose the misrepresentations in this country of the character of his own; and as the showing of an intelligent American on that subject, we think it deserving attention. Apart from this question, also, the book contains much interesting information.



Notes on the Bucolics and Georgics of Virgil, by T. Keightley. 8vo. King of Saxony's Journey through England, by Dr. Carus. 8vo. The People, by J. Mitchelet, translated by Cocks. 8vo. Rev. Sidney Smith's Sermons, preached at St. Paul's and other churches. 8vo. Algeria and Tunis in 1845, by Capt. J. C. Kennedy. 2 vols. 8vo. Travels of Lady Hester Stanhope, forming the completion of her Memoirs. 3 vols. 8vo, with numerous illustrations. Nelson's Letters and Dispatches, edited by Sir Harris Nicolas. 8vo. 6th vol. Lives of the Kings of England, by Thomas Roscoe, Esq. 8vo. History of the Captivity of Napoleon at St. Helena, by Gen. Count Montholon. 2 vols. 8vo. Recollections of a French Marchioness. 2 vols. 8vo.

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