The Miscellany of the Wodrow Society: Containing Tracts and Original Letters, Chiefly Relating to the Ecclesiastical Affairs of Scotland During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries ...: Volume first, Volume 1

Wodrow Society, 1844 - 631 pagina's

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Pagina 294 - Brother, thou art gone before us, and thy saintly soul is flown Where tears are wiped from every eye, and sorrow is unknown ; From the burthen of the flesh, and from care and fear released, Where the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest.
Pagina 602 - WILL you then give your faithful diligence always so to minister the Doctrine and Sacraments, and the Discipline of Christ, as the Lord hath commanded, and as this Church and Realm hath received the same...
Pagina 573 - God and doctrine of this true reformed kirk ; to the which we join ourselves willingly in doctrine, faith, religion, discipline, and use of the holy sacraments, as lively members of the same in Christ our head : promising and swearing, by the great name of the LORD our GOD, that we shall continue in the obedience of the doctrine and discipline of this kirk and shall defend the same according to our vocation and power, all the days of our lives ; under the pains contained in the law, and danger both...
Pagina 600 - Have always therefore printed in your remembrance, how great a treasure is committed to your charge. For they are the sheep of Christ, which he bought with his death, and for whom he shed his blood. The Church and Congregation whom you must serve, is his Spouse, and his Body.
Pagina 321 - ... the occasion of great murmur, but also be dangerous to the salvation of many. And therefore we have thought it a thing...
Pagina 458 - Eight trusty and right welbeloved cousins and councellors, right trusty and entirely beloved cousins and councellors, and right trusty and welbeloved cousins and councellors, Wee greet you well Whereas Wee haue resolved that our Chappell at Holyroodhouse (formerly made use of as the Parish Church of the Canongate) be repaired and put in order with all possible expedition, to the end it may be fitted in all things for being our own Catholick Chappell where divine service may be performed, and likewise...
Pagina 293 - The corpse is reverently brought to the grave, accompanied with the congregation, without any further ceremonies ; which being buried, the minister, if he be present and required, goeth to the church, if it be not far off, and maketh some comfortable exhortation to the people touching death and resurrection.
Pagina 602 - Will you be diligent in prayers, and in reading of the holy Scriptures, and in such studies as help to the knowledge of the same, laying aside the study of the world and the flesh?
Pagina 602 - Are you persuaded that the holy Scriptures contain sufficiently all doctrine required of necessity for eternal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ? And are you determined out of the said Scriptures to instruct the people committed to your charge, and to teach nothing (as required of necessity to eternal salvation) but that which you shall be persuaded may be concluded and proved by the Scripture? Answer. I am so persuaded, and have so determined by God's grace.
Pagina 323 - Praiers* and the Scriptures, to exercise both themselves and the church, till they grow to greater perfection; and in process of time he that is but a reader may attain to a farther degree, and by consent of the church and discreet ministers, may be permitted to minister the sacraments...

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