in comparison with that of recalling the poetry. For, indeed, as most persons are aware, nearly any melody which we have once well learned, will be recalled years afterwards, upon the principle of the association of ideas, if the words alone are suggested; and it is further obvious, that with singers generally, and especial. ly children, who sing merely by rote, this association of the tunes with the words is all the assistance the memory receives in recalling the former.

The following pages are believed to embrace a sufficiently copious and varied selection of Lyric Poetry, to meet the requirements of Schools, Seminaries, and Institutions of Learning generally. The poetry has been carefully selected from abundant materials, with reference to its literary merit, its lyric capabilities, and its adaptation to the purposes for which, and the persons for whom, designed. No song of an amatory or Bacchanalian character, nor any hymn of a denominational order, has been admitted.

The copious musical references which accompany nearly every piece, constitute, it is believed, a feature peculiar to this collection, and one which must commend itself to every one, no less to the publishers of musical works than to the com


munity generally. Novelty in a work of this kind is quite a secondary consideration; yet it is believed, much will be found in the present volume that is new to most teachers as well as pupils. In fact, its capabilities, not merely as a manual of musical reference, but also as a reading book, and one capable of affording a basis of correct poetic taste, are believed to enhance the merit of the work.

The pieces are classified under four principal divisions, viz.:


This division comprehends, not merely pieces referring to school duties and occupations, but also poems whose tendency is to develop the religious, moral, social, patriotic, philanthropic, and home sensibilities and affections.


Embracing numerous specimens of approved and elegant songs, ballads, &c., set to music by favorite composers, designed for weekly exercises and similar occasions, or for the social circle.


Suitable for examinations, exhibitions, excursions, festivals, close of term, funerals of teachers and scholars, &c.

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It is sincerely hoped, that the present work may prove worthy of the extensive and permanent patronage of the Young Vocalists of America. That it may serve to elevate the standard of poetical taste, to cultivate and direct the sensi. bilities, and to foster the religious, social, and patriotic affections, is the sincere desire of


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