The Works of Jonathan Swift, Volume 6

G. Faulkner, 1741

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Pagina 202 - Augustus : but envy, and party, and pride have hindered it among us. I do not include the subalterns, of which you are seldom without a large tribe.
Pagina 204 - Lord B. is above trifling : when he writes of any thing in this world, he is more than mortal; if ever he, it must be when he turns a divine.
Pagina 115 - Cursed be their anger, for it was fierce; and their wrath, for it was cruel: I will divide them in Jacob, and scatter them in Israel.
Pagina 202 - I have often endeavoured to establish a friendship among all men of genius, and would fain have it done : they are seldom above three or four contemporaries, and, if they could be united, would drive the world before them.
Pagina 208 - Lordfhip : you, while your imagination is carrying you through every corner of the world, where you have or have not been, can at the fame time remember to do offices of favour and kindnefs to the meaneft of your friends ; and...
Pagina 194 - I fear he will banifh himfelf. This leads me to give you fome account of the manner of my life and converfation, which has been infinitely more various and diffipated, than when you knew me and cared for me ; and among all Sexes, Parties, and Profeffions.
Pagina 201 - I have no very strong faith in you pretenders to retirement ; you are not of an age for it, nor have gone through either good or bad fortune enough to go into a corner, and form conclusions de contemptu mundi et fuga sceculi; unless a poet grows weary of too much applause, as ministers do of too much weight of business.
Pagina 208 - Scenes you have passed, have not been able to attain that one quality peculiar to a great man, of forgetting every thing but injuries. Of this I am a living witness against you ; for being the most insignificant of all your old humble servants, you were so cruel as never to...
Pagina 201 - Your notions of friendship are new to me : I believe every man is born with his quantum ; and he cannot give to one without robbing another.
Pagina 198 - Precurfors among among the Zabians, Magians, and the Egyptian Seers) both his outward and his inward Doctrine, and that he was of no fide at the bottom. When I am there, I forget I ever was of any party myfelf; nay...

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