That bare me oft through flood and flame,
Through tempest, cold and heat.

5 May that dear hand uphold me still,
Through life's uncertain race,
To bring me to Thine holy hill,
And to Thy dwelling place.



[S. M.]

Evening Hymn.


1 THE day is past and gone,
The evening shades appear;
I ever keep in mind,
The night of death draws near.

Oh, may

2 We lay our garments by,
Upon our beds to rest;

So death will soon disrobe us all
Of what is here possessed.


3 Lord, keep us safe this night,
Secure from all our fears;
May angels guard us while we sleep,
Till morning light appears.

4 And when our days are past,

And we from time remove,
Oh, may we in thy bosom rest,
The bosom of thy love.



[C. M.]

The Bible.

TUNE-" Balerma."

1 How precious is the book divine,
By inspiration given!

Bright as a lamp its doctrines shine,
To guide our souls to heaven.

2 It sweetly cheers our drooping hearts,
In this dark vale of tears;
Life, light and joy it still imparts,
And quells our rising fears.

3 This lamp, through all the tedious night
Of life, shall guide our way,

Till we behold the clearer light
Of an eternal day.


Thy Will be Done.

TUNE- Vide the "Psaltery," p. 346.

1 "THY will be done!" In devious way
The hurrying stream of life may run;
Yet still our grateful hearts shall say,
"Thy will be done."

2 "Thy will be done!" If o'er us shine A gladdening and a prosperous sun, prayer will make it more divineThy will be done."



3 "Thy will be done!" Though shrouded o'er

Our path with gloom, one comfort, one
Is ours: To breathe while we adore,

“Thy will we done."



The Happy Land.

AIR-" I have come from a happy land."

See Nason's "Vocal Class Book,” p. 67.

1 THERE is a happy land,
Far, far away,

Where saints in glory stand,
Bright, bright as day.


O, how they sweetly sing,
Worthy is our Saviour king,
Loud let His praises ring,
Praise, praise for aye."

2 Come to the happy land,
Come, come away;
Why will ye doubting stand?
Why yet delay ?

O, we shall happy be,

When from sin and sorrow free,
Lord, we shall live with Thee,
Blest, blest for aye.

8 Bright in that happy land

Beams every eye;

Kept by a Father's hand,

Love cannot die;

Then shall His kingdom come,

Saints shall share a glorious home,

And bright above the sun,

We reign for aye.



[L. M.]

A Morning Hymn.

TUNE-" Silver Lake."

1 GOD of the morning, at Thy voice
The cheerful sun makes haste to rise,
And like a giant doth rejoice,

To run his journey through the skies.

2 From the fair chambers of the east, The circuit of his race begins, And without weariness, or rest,

Round the whole earth he flies and shines.

8 O, like the sun may I fulfil

The appointed duties of the day,

With ready mind, and active will,

March on and keep my heavenly way.



[C. M.]

Evening Worship.

TUNE-" Evening Song."*

1 Now condescend, almighty King,
To bless this little throng;

And kindly listen, while we sing
Our pleasant evening song.

2 We come to own Thy power divine,
That watches o'er our days;

For this our grateful voices join
In hymns of cheerful praise.

* Vide the "Psalmodist," p. 103.

3 May we in safety sleep to night,
From every danger free;

Because the darkness and the light,
Are both alike to Thee.

4 And when the rising sun displays
His cheerful beams abroad,
Then shall our morning hymns of praise
Declare Thy goodness, Lord.

5 Brothers and sisters, hand in hand,
Our lips together move;

Then smile upon this cheerful band
And join our hearts in love.



A National Hymn.

AIR-" Scots wha hae."

1 CLIME! beneath whose genial sun

Kings were quelled and freedom won :
Where the dust of Washington
Sleeps in glory's bed.

2 Heroes from thy sylvan shade
Changed the plough for battle blade -
Holy men for thee have prayed-
Patriot martyrs bled.

3 Crownless Judah mourns in gloom -
Greece lies slumbering in the tomb
Rome hath shorn her eagle plume,
Lost her conquering name.

4 Youthful nation of the west,
Rise! with truer greatness blest,
Sainted bands from realms of rest,
Watch thy bright'ning fame.

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