The Winter is Over.*

TUNE-" Spring."

1 THE winter is over and gone,

The thrush whistles sweet on the spray, The turtle breathes forth her soft moan, The lark mounts and warbles away.

2 Shall every creature around

Their voices in concert unite,
And I, the most favored, be found,
In praising to take less delight?

3 Awake, then, my harp, and my lute!
Sweet organs, your notes softly swell!
No longer my lips shall be mute,
The Saviour's high praises to tell!

4 His love in my heart shed abroad,
My graces shall bloom as the spring;
This temple, his Spirit's abode,
My joy, as my duty, to sing.



[8s & 7s.]

When the Orb of Morn.

TUNE-"When the rosy morn appearing."

1 WHEN the orb of morn enlightens
Hill and mountain, mead and dell;
When the dim horizon brightens,
And the serried clouds dispel;
And the sun-flower eastward bending,
Its fidelity to prove;

Be thy gratitude ascending

Unto Him whose name is LOVE.

*Vide Cant. ii. 11.

2 When the vesper-star is beaming
In the coronet of even;

And the lake and river gleaming,
With the ruddy hues of heaven;
When a thousand notes are blending
In the forest and the grove;
Be thy gratitude ascending

Unto Him whose name is LOVE.

3 When the stars appear in millions
In the portals of the west,
Brightly spangling the pavilions
Where the blessed are at rest;
When the milky-way is glowing
In the cope of heaven above;
Let thy gratitude be flowing
Unto Him whose name is LOVE.




Lauded be Thy Name forever.

TUNE-See the "Psaltery," p. 252.

1 LAUDED be Thy name forever,
Thou of life the Guard and Giver!
Thou who slumberest not, nor sleepest,
Blest are they Thou kindly keepest;
God of stillness and of motion,
Of the rainbow and the ocean,
Of the mountain, rock and river,
Lauded be Thy name forever!

2 God of evening's yellow ray,
God of yonder dawning day,
Rising from the azure sea,
Like breathings of eternity,-

Thine the flaming spheres of light -
Thine the darkness of the night;
God of life that fadeth never,
Lauded be Thy name forever!



[8s & 79.]

An Autumnal Song.

TUNE-"Ball." "Greenville."

1 SEE the leaves around us falling,
Dry and withered to the ground;
Thus to thoughtless mortals calling,
In a sad and solemn sound:

2 "Youth, on length of days presuming,
Who the path of pleasure tread,
View us, late in beauty blooming,
Numbered now among the dead.

3 "What though yet no losses grieve you—
Gay with health and many a grace;
Let not cloudless skies deceive you,
Summer gives to Autumn place."

4 On the tree of life eternal

Let our highest hopes be stayed.
This alone, forever vernal,
Bears a leaf that shall not fade.




Parting Hymn at School.*


1 ONCE more to thee, O God of love and power, In whom alone all creatures live and move,

*Composed and sung at an Anniversary of Bradford Female Seminary.

We come together, in this parting hour,
Thine aid to ask-Thy soothing grace to prove.

2 Soon must we turn our tearful eyes away

From scenes to faithful memory well endeared By record fair of many a happy day,

Of loved companions, and of guides revered.

3 Conflicting thoughts, in strong and rapid tide,
At once constrain us to rejoice and grieve;
Hope and regret our struggling hearts divide,
The homes we long for, and the friends we leave.

4 Father! accept our grateful song of praise,

For the pure pleasure we have tasted here;
And shine Thou now on our divergent ways,
Our steps to guide, our drooping souls to cheer.

5 On swift, though soft and silent, pinions borne,
The fair and fragrant morn of life departs;
Nor shall its brilliant visions e'er return
To soothe the pain of disappointed hearts!

6 Yet there's one hope shall never fail

One spring of comfort that shall never dry! That hope is anchored fast," within the vail”— That spring is flowing from the throne on high.

7 O, be that heavenly hope, that comfort, ours!
Here at Thy footstool, as we humbly bend,
We yield our souls with all their deathless powers,
And choose Thee as our Guardian and our Friend.

8 Through all the untried scenes of future years,
Aid us this high and solemn vow to pay;
Till, far beyond this shadowy vail of tears,
We meet to "LIVE and LOVE" in endless day!

[blocks in formation]

TUNE-"Phillips." "Howard."

1 WHEN morning's first and hallowed ray
Breaks with its trembling light,
To chase the pearly dews away,
Bright tear-drops of the night,-

2 My heart, O Lord, forgets to rove,
But rises gladly free

On wings of everlasting love,
And finds its home in Thee.

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